Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry."

Nam PhươngMar 13, 2022 at 22:22

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Netizens shook their heads and advised Xuan Bac's wife to be calm in how to raise children.

The family of Meritorious Artist Xuan Bac is considered a model home of Vietnamese showbiz when the couple both have stable careers, lovely children and very good academic records. However, contrary to her husband's thrifty personality. On social networks, Ms. Hong Nhung often expresses her views on events that are of public interest. There are also many times when she meets the market from her own statement.

Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry." - Photo 1

Recently, the actress's wife "Waves at the bottom of the river" suddenly warned parents to regularly check their children's phones. Especially at a time when children learn online and use the internet freely. Specifically, when accidentally entering the message section, Ms. Hong Nhung discovered many bad guys pretending to be friends and then set up a chat group with "adult" content. Here, strange components continuously send sensitive and manipulative images that affect the learning process as well as the cognitive changes in puberty. Under the comment, Ms. Hong Nhung expressed concern that if she did not intervene soon, it is possible for her children to be manipulated and f.orced to do dangerous tricks.

Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry." - Photo 2

To prevent this, Xuan Bac's wife chose to destroy 2 phones and log out of her Facebook account.

She confided: "Please check your children's Facebook accounts. Oh, what a surprise. I gave them all out, 2 phones are also broken. A lot of bad actors drag me into bad groups."

Besides the comments, she agreed with Hong Nhung's decisive and strong solution. Some parents are cautious because they think the mother is too hasty. The way to read messages and interfere too deeply in your c.hild's personal life is considered unsophisticated. Importantly, when the comedian's wife published those messages on social networks, the story did not stop at the family level but spread throughout the country. On average, Hong Nhung's posts range from a few hundred to thousands of interactive likes. Many people also wonder, how will the children face their friends and teachers tomorrow?

Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry." - Photo 3

Some Netizen comments:

This puberty is also a curious age, especially in an era like today, there is no shortage of things to learn, if you don't teach it, it's natural to find out on its own, and then the current issue of s.ex education. very common, you can't teach in the safe zone, it goes beyond to learn those things, why should you ignore it? If Miss Nhung did this, the c.hild would not have time to be taken advantage of and commit s.uicide as she said, but she also committed s.uicide because of losing face and being bullied.

Wrong! Posting like this, the c.hild will be greatly affected by the psychology of the online community, friends, teachers, words in and out, teenagers are often curious about what 18 is normal, what should be done is s.ex education and tell me what's not right. But that house sees small and big things and posts it online for other people to laugh at.

As a mother, there's nothing to say. And put it up for the world to see. Is it because her parents don't give her s.ex education properly

It is true that a husband will spoil his wife, as much as Mr. Bac is smart, he will touch his wife. Before that, it also affected her husband's work more or less, this time it was heavier than destroying the honor and self-respect of the guy. When he encountered a weak mentality, he committed s.uicide, but it had to be simple. At that age, I don't dare leave the room, let alone school

Then his son was mentally affected by the public and then blamed the public first

Uncle Xuan Bac's master's wife has a very good treatment, the foolish c.hild closes the door and teaches here to post it on social media to let the whole country know and be proud of the achievement of checking the c.hild's behavioral history. After this incident, the son knows where to hide his face, now the whole country knows, it's in the newspapers, how will he face his friends and people around?

After receiving a negative response, Xuan Bac's wife has now locked her personal account and has not made any new statements.

Not long ago, the time CEO Phuong Hang had a conflict with former model Trang Tran. Xuan Bac's wife publicly stood up to defend and support the female giant to "handle" long legs from the North: In addition, on her personal page, Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung also praised Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang's actions. when exposing the truth of the true face of the medical god Vo Hoang Yen.

Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry." - Photo 4

Specifically, on April 24, 2021, Ms. Nguyen Hong Nhung also posted a warning to Trang Tran: "This personal opinion: If you meet me on the street, I will also bury this c.hild. Lie to me more than 3 years ago does not count. ". Attached is an article link with the content that Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang announced that she would "break her face" Trang Tran.

In 2017, public opinion was stirred when the wife of artist Xuan Bac, lecturer Nguyen Hong Nhung, publicly "accused" People's Artist Anh Tu of oppressing her to get her out of the 2016-2017 examination board at the College. Hanoi Art - where she works.

Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry." - Photo 5

On the side of People's Artist Anh Tu, he affirmed that he did not pressurize the wife of artist Xuan Bac. Moreover, People's Artist Anh Tu is only a long-time collaborator of the school and does not have the right to decide on the examination board. Continuing to respond, Hong Nhung still insists that she has written evidence that People's Artist Anh Tu pressured her to "harm" her.

Xuan Bac's wife caused controversy when she posted an "adult" message on her phone on MXH: "I'm so angry." - Photo 6

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