Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of "bewitching" Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families

Thảo MaiJun 18, 2024 at 19:16

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Accompanying famous male Youtubers with a large number of followers on social networks are women who "share the same hardships". Among them is Trang Mixi - the wife of the Do Mixi patriarch.

Do Mixi (real name: Phung Thanh Do, born in 1989) is the streamer with the most fulfilling life today. Do Mixi is a member of the "four king streamers" group including 4 famous names in the streaming world: Do Mixi, Pew Pew, ViruSs, Xemesis.

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 1

Not only is he successful in his career, he also has an extremely happy small family. It is known that Do Mixi's wife is named Nguyen Trang, commonly known as Trang Mixi. She has a simple appearance but is still sharp and attractive. Trang Mixi used to work at a Japanese study abroad consulting company and sell online snacks.

On social networks, she rarely talks about herself but mainly posts pictures related to her husband and children. Occasionally, Trang Mixi also appears on her husband's stream, making people extremely excited.

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 2

On Instagram, Do only follows his wife - this action is enough to show how much he loves and cherishes his wife!

Page Mixi once revealed that she and her husband met through Zalo. During a time of heartbreak, Trang Mixi accidentally saw Do so she took the initiative to text him and get acquainted. After 2 weeks, they had their first date at West Lake and Do confessed his love to his wife. This couple moved into the same house in 2014. At this time, Do was only an office worker with a monthly salary of 6 million but they were still very happy and happy.

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 3

Trang Mixi shared: "That day I went on zalo to search and saw a face with very bright and handsome eyes, so I texted and flirted. At that time, I was just flirting and passing by. We talked for a while. Then he said he was going to take a nap because he was tired from work and would text back in the afternoon. But by afternoon he was gone, and at night I was still angry because I had never talked to someone so rude , feeling despised. And then I decided to come back and talk, flirt and see each other again two weeks later."

During a livestream, Do Mixi also shared about the love story of the couple when they first met.

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 4

According to this streamer, at first he had no impression of Trang Mixi. Even hate her, because she "uses every trick to get her". However, with Trang's persistence, the two had their first date at West Lake.

Right at this first meeting, Do Mixi confessed his feelings for Trang Mixi. Even though I had no impression of her before. When she confessed her love, she seemed quite indifferent and just said "yes" to get it over with. When asked "do you like me?". Trang Mixi boldly answered yes, but not because she really liked it, but because she was afraid that Mr. Do would be rude!

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 5

Although she initially had no serious intentions, facing Do Mixi's sincerity, she agreed to open her heart and accept him.

Recently, the owner of Trang Mixi channel also shared a status from 10 years ago, r.evealing interesting details about her first date with her husband. Accordingly, Trang Mixi shared her feelings of being so nervous and excited before the date that she couldn't even eat rice. A few hours later, she had another "La la la" status full of love. This must be the post that represents the perfect "first date".

After sending memories from 10 years ago to her husband, Trang Mixi immediately received a flirty text message from Do Mixi: "So infatuated with your beauty." This is definitely Do Mixi who teases the way he teases the FA on livestream.

Although they have been married for a long time, Trang and Do are still very passionate. Do looks like a "national husband" when he always tries to help his wife take care of their two sons. Mixi page revealed that he is also a sweet husband because when texting, he never forgets to say he loves his wife!

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 6

In addition, Trang Mixi is known for her ingenuity in taking care of children and family. She also makes many women jealous. Because I have a mother-in-law who is thoughtful and loves her children and grandchildren.

Up to now, conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law do not exist in Trang Mixi's family.

However, few people know that her mother had a bad impression of this son-in-law. Because when he came to the house to take Trang Mixi out, he was wearing black clothes, a necklace, a chain accessory... So his mother-in-law called him into the house to talk.

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 7

During a conversation between mother and daughter, Trang mixi's mother thought her daughter was bewitched by this Tay guy because in a short time she fell deeply in love. However, due to Do Mixi's sincerity, her mother trusted this b.oy with her daughter.

Even though Trang Mixi has her own job, she still doesn't forget to take care of her children. She also helps her husband with a few things. She is known as "The happiest wife in the Gulf of Tonkin". The reason is that it's not just the psychological mother-in-law or the rich husband.

Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of bewitching Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families - Photo 8

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