Hang Du Muc's husband: Once hugged Quang Linh's vlog dearly, now he's jealous of his "sibling"

KengJun 16, 2024 at 15:35

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Information about the noise related to Hang Du Muc's husband's livestream demanding divorce is making netizens constantly stir. Since then, the identity of this Chinese man has become a popular search keyword on social networks.

The relationship started from the time I took the wrong taxi

Hang Du Muc's husband's name is Ton Bang (born in 1981). The two met when the g.irl's family had the opportunity to go to China to visit relatives. She was waiting for a taxi when she saw a car honking on the side of the road. Thinking it was the car she called, Hang immediately went over and reminded the driver to open the back door for her to get in the car.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 1

However, this person refused and told her to sit next to the driver's seat. And this person is none other than Mr. Ton Bang.

After chatting for a while, Hang realized she was on the wrong bus. She quickly explained and asked permission to leave, but Mr. Ton Bang suddenly offered to take her to the meeting point to avoid having to wait for a taxi.

Because he was a stranger, Hang immediately refused. However, seeing that his request was sincere and that he seemed like a good person, she later agreed to let him be her driver.

Knowing that she was Vietnamese, Mr. Bang was even more excited and freely shared his story. He said he owns 2 real estate companies and 1 travel company, so he often takes tourists to Vietnam to travel.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 2

Worth mentioning, when getting in the car, Mr. Ton Bang took Hang to the hospital instead of going for a walk or going to coffee to chat, because he had a general health check-up scheduled. Because at that time, Hang was not fluent in Chinese and the hospital was large, the 9X g.irl curiously followed the "stranger" around the hospital, all the way to the men's department. Although she was embarrassed, she did not dare to leave first for fear of getting lost. After completing the medical examination, Mr. Ton Bang took Hang home.

"It must have been someone else, they must have been running for 8 generations. But I saw his gentle face, an indescribably naive and carefree look, so I followed," Hang Du Muc recounted that once-in-a-lifetime meeting.

After that meeting, Mr. Ton Bang proactively texted Hang but she did not dare to reply because she was afraid. However, Hang and Mr. Ton Bang lived in the same apartment building, so he applied the "handsomeness is not as bad as a cold face" method to "attack" her. "I kept walking outside the apartment door and saw him parked there waiting. He kept waiting, texting," Hang said.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 3

Worth mentioning, during the flirting text message, Mr. Ton Bang called himself uncle and nephew to Hang. Or when going out, he took Hang to have a tea ceremony, the style of a middle-aged person instead of going to coffee or milk tea like young couples, even though Hang was only 21 years old at that time.

He also frankly shared that he went through a failed marriage and is currently raising two sons, Ton Mong Duong and Ton Dich Duong. Seeing that he was a gentle, humorous, honest person and had completely ended his relationship with his ex-wife, Hang agreed to love and marry Mr. Ton Bang even though he was 14 years older than her and had 2 children of his own.

Regarding this, many people think that h.ot Tiktoker 9X married an older man for m.oney. Faced with negative opinions, Hang said that during the epidemic, both her husband and her husband's companies were closed down, but they both tried to rebuild from scratch. And she herself also sells online, generating her own income and not relying on her husband.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 4

Jealous of Quang Linh

Recently, Hang Du Muc's husband went on a livestream to complain about his wife's indifference in family life, only being engrossed in livestreaming outside, surprising people. Many people hoped that Ton Bang was just joking, but many people realized that his facial expression and every word did not seem like he was happy.

Hang Du Muc's husband feels dissatisfied with his wife's closeness with some working partners. He even announced that he wanted a divorce if his wife continued to neglect the family and rush into work.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 5

He said on the livestream: "I want my wife to always be happy when live, I always support her. I just don't understand Vietnamese, so staying at home to take good care of the children is also a way to support my wife. But when you look at it, Seeing that my wife is sick and still working, I'm really upset.

Many people think they are close friends (referring to Quang Linh Vlogss - PV) but to me they are still a man and a woman. I'm jealous, because I care about her. But really, if your feelings are over, you should divorce, don't do that."

Netizens believe that because he stayed at home for a long time to take care of his children because Hang Du Muc returned to livestreaming, Ton Bang was jealous (this Hang Du Muc mentioned), so he shared such things.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 6

Hang Du Muc has taken action on his personal page. Although she did not directly answer netizens about what her husband said before, Hang Du Muc hinted, "Let everything depend on fate, let time answer everything. Hang has heard a saying that sons are blessed." from mother".

Hang Du Muc's sharing shows that she partly affirms to everyone that she is an adult, knows what is right and wrong, knows the limits in life, and especially because she is a mother, she will live responsibly. responsibility.

After causing many mixed opinions on social networks, Hang Du Muc's husband returned with another video to apologize to his wife. He admitted that he was wrong in not understanding his wife about her work and instead nagging and complaining about unnecessary things.

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 7

Specifically, Hang Du Muc's husband said: "My husband is wrong, I can do things like that for the sake of my children. I should learn to be tolerant, understand and support my wife, and not be suspicious or jealous. We We have been together for 5-6 years now, thank you for your wife's constant companionship and sacrifice for the family.

Wife, I sincerely apologize to you, I was wrong. In front of the online community, he pledged to no longer be angry with his wife. Please forgive me, for the sake of our family, and for this reluctant husband."

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 8

Before the livestream was jealous of Quang Linh, Ton Bang was close to Quang Linh. Both shook hands and hugged each other at the airport. Quang Linh even promised to go to China to visit her "siblings".

Hang Du Mucs husband: Once hugged Quang Linhs vlog dearly, now hes jealous of his sibling - Photo 9

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