33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy

Minh LợiJun 17, 2024 at 17:23

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Despite the 13-year age difference, the love between the groom Tieu Luu, 33 years old, and his bride, Tieu Vuong, 46 years old, made everyone present at the wedding feel sweet and warm.

Accordingly, at the wedding, the man Tieu Luu gave warm eyes and loving gestures to his wife. The bride wore a red traditional outfit with light makeup and the groom wore an elegant suit, his face could not hide his boundless happiness. This shows that the man feels very satisfied with this age-gap marriage.

33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy - Photo 1

According to Sohu newspaper, the couple met at a friend's party. They were impressed with each other at their first meeting. Mr. Tieu Luu impressed Ms. Tieu Vuong as a dignified, modest woman who takes care of everyone around her.

The woman impressed Tieu Luu as a polite and courteous man. It is known that Miss Tieu Vuong only asked for a bride price of more than 200 million VND, a modest amount compared to other common weddings in China.

Despite the age difference, the couple still understands and tolerates each other, and their personalities are a harmonious complement to each other. That's why they decided to go home together after a period of getting to know each other, despite people's objections.

According to traditional beliefs, marriages with a large age gap are often doubted and condemned by everyone, but Tieu Luu and his wife believe that true love has nothing to do with age and they bravely feel like pursuing your own happiness.

At the wedding, Mr. Tieu Luu said he really appreciated this marriage and he would work hard to give his wife the happiest life.

33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy - Photo 2

Ms. Tieu Vuong also emotionally said during the wedding: "I believe that true love can overcome all obstacles and we will spend the happiest times together."

Many internet users sarcastically and satirically wished the couple to have a b.aby soon because the bride is old. In response to those harsh words, the couple said they would consider having children at the appropriate time.

They affirmed that currently they both want to focus on building a home and working hard to have a better life. The couple is not in a hurry to have children because they want to enjoy their married life together.

For them, only when the family's economy is stable will they consider having a new member.

Tieu Luu and his wife also hope that their story can bring confidence and courage to many people so they can boldly pursue their own happiness.

33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy - Photo 3

Everyone has the right to choose their own happiness without having to depend on the opinions of others.

A part of online users also spoke up to wish this couple a happy life together. They were also very touched when they saw the groom's love and affection for his elderly wife. This is what any woman wants to have.

Previously, a 50-year-old uncle married a 30-year-old wife with a bride price of 300 million VND also caused a storm on Chinese social networks.

Accordingly, the groom's name is Ly Minh, 50 years old this year, a former fired worker, and his current living situation is quite difficult.

33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy - Photo 4

Meanwhile, the bride's name is Tieu Phuong, a 30-year-old woman who has had one husband. It is known that the reason this woman divorced was because her ex-husband secretly had an affair. Luckily, they didn't have any children together, so going their separate ways happened very quickly.

33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy - Photo 5

Despite difficult circumstances, Ly Minh is determined to find his own happiness. According to Chinese media, this man spent 90,000 yuan (more than 300 million VND) as a bride price to marry Tieu Phuong, 20 years younger than him. Many people gathered to watch this special wedding and were surprised when the groom paid such a price.

33-year-old groom marries U50 bride, still has to give 200 million dowry, fans go c.razy - Photo 6

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