Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied

KengJun 17, 2024 at 16:16

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The separation announcement of Xoai Non and his wife is the focus of attention from netizens. During this time, people discovered that Xemesis had controversially ended his relationship with his ex-wife.

Accordingly, after Xoai Non's divorce confirmation post, the male streamer also quickly spoke up on the evening of June 16. He thanked Xoai Non for being by his side for the past 6 years and hoped the best things would come to her in the future.

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 1

However, netizens still left many mixed opinions about Xemesis' attitude before the marriage incident, thinking that the male streamer was the one to end the relationship first.

There is an opinion that it is unreasonable for the male streamer to let his ex-wife first announce his emotional problems, and the person who should do this should be Xemesis.

In addition, netizens also recalled the story of Xemesis hastily unfollowing his ex-wife in advance. It was this action that raised suspicions of trouble. Then, when people discovered it, the male streamer silently followed back, creating even more discussion.

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 2

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 3

In the midst of marital problems, netizens wanted to hear the official answer, but Xemesis also had a rather confusing behavior. "Vietnam's richest streamer" only focuses on answering related questions such as not being unfollowed by his wife, not paying 20 billion VND in compensation for divorce,... not mentioning the current marital status at all. .

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 4

Up to now, these moves have been discussed by netizens and they believe that Xemesis ended the relationship and only focused on explaining herself. And you, what do you think about Xemesis's behavior?

In another development, Xoai Non side also received many negative comments.

Specifically, a social network account "cha khà" said: "Someday, I'll try to learn how to cook rice," making it difficult for the h.ot g.irl to hold back and immediately respond: "Who said you guys don't know how to cook rice?" sir".

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 5

Before that, the online community discovered that cooking was one of the criteria that her ex-mother-in-law mentioned.

It can be seen that since marrying the husband of young master Xemesis, Xoai Non has repeatedly faced mixed opinions from netizens, some people even maliciously said that she was a "mine digger" and married for m.oney.

She said: "In 21 years of my life, I have never asked anyone for m.oney other than my biological parents. While I have to go to work every day to take care of myself and my family, I am always called a parasite and a traitor. mine. It's also how people are so c.ruel to each other. After reading these stories, it's just scary."

That's why Xoai Non seems to work twice or three times harder to prove that she is not dependent on her husband for m.oney.

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 6

Xoai Non has repeatedly affirmed that after marriage, the couple spends their own m.oney, no one controls the other.

However, until May 2023, when sharing with the media, she updated that from 2022, when the two plan to have a b.aby, they will begin to have a joint fund. She added that up until now she has always been afraid to spend her husband's m.oney because she was afraid of reputation and she also did not want to control her husband economically.

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 7

Currently, in addition to being a photo model, Xoai Non also does many other jobs such as acting, accepting advertisements for brands, attaching affiliate marketing links to products,... and most recently, livestreaming to close orders. In a recent livestream, Xoai Non was criticized by netizens for being superficial and lacking fire when appearing on air. She explained that because she was tired, she couldn't maintain the enthusiastic pace of a long livestream. This shows that she is also pressured to m.ake m.oney even though her health is not guaranteed.

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 8

Xoai Non said that recently she has been constantly having problems. Sharing with netizens, Xoai Non revealed that he often suffers from colds, fever, left nasal inflammation leading to abscesses, acne and weight loss. That's why she also had to get intravenous fluids and was hospitalized.

Xemesis completely broke off with Xoai Non, and his ex-wife was immediately bullied - Photo 9

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