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Trang Mixi: Once suspected by her mother-in-law of "bewitching" Do Mixi, now she is loved by both families

Thảo Mai19:16:46 18/06/2024
Accompanying famous male Youtubers with a large number of followers on social networks are women who share the same suffering. Among them is Trang Mixi - the wife of the Do Mixi patriarch.

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Young mango and the "roof" of the streamer village: There is one thing in common that makes the boys fall in love

Minh Lợi11:02:48 23/01/2023
The powerful "rooftop" of streamer Do Mixi, Xemesis and Bomman are loved to the fullest, Mango Non likes to be there, and Trang Mixi is always paired with her very emotional husband. For those who love Vietnamese games, they must be no stranger to famous names such as Xemesis...

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Mixi team - Mixi page and the hottest couples in the Vietnamese game village

Hoàng Anh10:15:37 03/08/2022
In the Vietnamese gaming industry, there are many couples that make the audience admire by the harmony in their personalities, harmony in their interests, and do not hesitate to pay salaries, express sweet feelings that melt hearts. fan. Mixi Team - Mixi page If anyone has ever...

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Do Mixi's wife has an extreme handling phase when her son is busy playing "in trouble", what to say that makes fans flutter?

Duyên Trần07:20:04 27/10/2021
Joining the milk diapers association since 2016, Do Mixi is currently living a happy life with his wife and 2 boys Tung Soo, b.aby Fox Nhu Nhi. Although every time the livestream, the "patriarch" is somewhat humorous and talkative. As for his wife - Trang Mixi is a bit cold and...

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The Mixi team advises on a very harsh love story, answering why does the netizen fall back?

Duyên Trần13:53:29 18/10/2021
For those who love to watch livestream every night to relax and entertain, perhaps Team Mixi has become one of the most prominent faces today. Not only making extremely creative content about the game, "Patriarch" also often makes viewers laugh and cry with extremely funny...

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Mixi team - Mixi page: From Zalo love story to the most powerful couple in Vietnamese gaming village

Hà Hà22:45:23 16/09/2021
Do Mixi is currently one of the most successful and famous streamers in Vietnam. Thanks to his charismatic talking style, maturity and maturity, as well as extensive experience in the industry because of his senior generation, Do Mixi has a strong fan base. However, he never...

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Mixi team used to be so poor that they sold their wife's wedding gold to go home to celebrate Tet

Hà Hà13:18:28 16/09/2021
So far, there have been few streamers who have received the same attention and support from the online community as Do Mixi. With more than 5.6 million YouTube subscribers, hundreds of thousands of people watching each livestream, it is clear that "Patriarch" is the most...

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