To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse?

An NhiApr 07, 2022 at 22:38

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The latest image of To Huu Bang received a lot of attention from netizens.

After a period of silence, recently To Huu Bang suddenly reappeared on social networks. After the noise of close friend Trieu Vy, To Huu Bang also seemed to be quieter. It seems that To Huu Bang also does not want any of his moves to attract attention in the midst of his best friend's noise.

Although Trieu Vy is "in danger", but unlike Huynh Xiaoming who immediately unfriends, To Huu Bang is still steadfast in not making any moves. This action of To Huu Bang received a lot of attention from everyone. Many people think that after the Trieu Vy incident, they will realize who is their best friend in difficult times.

In the latest photo, the once famous actor wears a simple and youthful vest. It seems that time does not affect To Huu Bang much when at the age of 49, the famous actor is still younger than his age.

To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse? - Photo 1

Not long ago, To Huu Bang was rumored to have been secretly married for 10 years. Accordingly, his wife is the representative named Amy. Immediately after the rumor appeared, To Huu Bang quickly corrected and denied completely: "Fake, there is no hidden marriage, eating banh ú is better than eating melon".

To Huu Bang was born in Taipei and is a filial, talented son with an admirable academic record of his family. However, he decided to pursue an artistic path at the age of 20 when he participated in the selection of the program "Vengeance Youth" and succeeded.

Before becoming an actor, Huu Bang was a member of the b.oy band Little Tigers. At that time, To Huu Bang's handsome, young and innocent face made many girls fall in love. And now, after more than 25 years, To Huu Bang's face has never "aged".

To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse? - Photo 2

The role that made him famous throughout Asia is Ngu A Ka in two parts Hoan Chau Gap. From a singer, To Huu Bang turned to an actor and received the support of fans. In 2010, To Huu Bang received the Golden Rooster A.ward for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Bach Tieu Nien in the film Phong Thanh.

Two years later, he turned to become a TV producer and successfully debuted with the TV series If it's not charming, it's okay (No charm). The film received the 2013 Best Producer A.ward at the 2013 Asian Idol Awards ceremony of Anhui station (China).

Next, he challenged himself as a director with the movie "Left Ear", which was adapted from the novel of the same name. In recent years, To Huu Bang no longer acts in films, but focuses on the work of producer and director. However, the attraction of "Ngu A Ka" is still strong with fans.

To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse? - Photo 3

At the age of U50, To Huu Bang is unmarried and has never revealed his love story to the public. The Chinese media once rumored about To Huu Bang's one-sided but sincere love for his co-star, actress Trieu Vy. He fell in love with Trieu Vy when he collaborated with her in Hoan Chau Gap.

Trieu Vy's logical appearance, vivaciousness, intelligence and agility made the shy and quiet To Huu Bang young man then fascinated. However, To Huu Bang did not dare to confess because Trieu Vy had a boyfriend at that time. He decided to keep this love story a secret to protect his close friendship with the "little swallow".

To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse? - Photo 4

At the time they met, To Huu Bang was already a young star in Taiwan and Trieu Vy was still just a beautiful student who had just entered the entertainment industry. During the time working with Trieu Vy, To Huu Bang was really touched and moved and until now, when Trieu Vy is married and has children, To Huu Bang is still single.

To Huu Bang once admitted: "I have long had feelings for Trieu Vy. I like Trieu Vy. I admit that my feelings for her are more than ordinary friendships, but it doesn't help. She already have a boyfriend.How dare I pursue?".

After working together in three films, To Huu Bang and Trieu Vy both became famous. They no longer match up on screen but still occasionally meet at TV events or friends gatherings.

To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse? - Photo 5

Explaining the reason why he did not dare to confess his feelings to the "little swallow", To Huu Bang once said: "Her personality is strong. Even though I like her very much, I cannot manage her. If I openly confess my love to her, I can't control her. If she refuses, we may not be able to keep our close friendship in the future."

Now, while Trieu Vy temporarily withdrew from the entertainment industry due to a series of scandals, To Huu Bang is already a famous producer, director and television actor.

To Huu Bang rarely appeared, how was his appearance at the age of 49 after "soulmate" Trieu Vy fell from his horse? - Photo 6

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