To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about

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According to Sina, the Ngao Phong Group scandal is considered the largest financial f.raud in Taiwan (China) to date. And To Huu Bang is one of the victims of the above scam.

Specifically, Zhongshi news network said that the Ngao Phong group case involved 13,000 investors. Although the amount of m.oney involved in the incident has not yet been clarified, this fund's investment threshold starts at 100,000 USD, so the estimated loss is more than 76 trillion VND. This group has announced virtual projects and interest rates of up to 8% to attract investors.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 1

The announced list of victims includes famous actor To Huu Bang. He suffered heavy losses in this financial scandal.

Before being involved in a financial scandal, To Huu Bang had an admirable fortune.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 2

Fans of Chinese cinema have long been familiar with the name To Huu Bang. The actor's reputation is associated with a series of classic Chinese films, most notably his role as Ngu A Ca in Hoan Chau Cach.

Born and raised in Taiwan, entered the entertainment industry at the age of 15 as a member of the b.oy band Little Tigers along with Ngo Ky Long and Tran Chi Bang. However, later, he chose to develop his career in Mainland China and achieved a lot of success.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 3

To Huu Bang was built the image of an "obedient Tiger" as he was both gentle and good at studying. With their handsome appearance, they quickly became the most popular group in Taiwan at that time, being interviewed by Japanese media. The Little Tigers once held a "10,000 People Signing Session" event, showing the huge fan base they have.

In 1998, To Huu Bang became famous throughout Asia thanks to the movie Hoan Chau Chap, followed by New River's Separation, Duong Mon Tiger General, Tuyet Dai Song Kieu.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 4

The movie Hoan Chau Cach Cach was the launching pad for a series of famous Chinese names such as Trieu Vy, Lam Tam Nhu, Chau Kiet, To Huu Bang, Pham Bang Bang... However, after many years, the cast became famous. This celebrity is almost always involved in serious scandals such as tax evasion, securities f.raud, or personality scandals to the point of having to withdraw from showbiz.

Up to now, "Ngu A Ca" To Huu Bang is the person with the most peaceful life. At the age of 49, To Huu Bang owns a fortune of about 200 million yuan (31 million USD) from his income from filming and being a representative. He is currently single and has a free and leisurely life. It is known that in his youth, "Ngu A Ca" had extremely good academic achievements.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 5

However, when he turned 40, To Huu Bang chose to retire to a behind-the-scenes position, producing and directing movies. Once again, he proved that he is a multi-talented star when he released two film adaptations that achieved impressive box office results, Left Ear and Behind Suspect X.

In recent years, To Huu Bang's career has slowed down a bit. Each year he only participates in a few entertainment shows, and the frequency of appearing on television is gradually decreasing. It is known that his position in the entertainment world is not being lost, but because the actor wants to work and enjoy life at the same time.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 6

With a series of admirable successes, To Huu Bang is also an underground giant of the Chinese entertainment industry. According to Chinese media statistics, To Huu Bang is a real estate tycoon with dozens of expensive villas spread out everywhere, from China, Taiwan, Singapore to the US... To Huu himself Bang also openly admitted this when sharing: "I bought so many houses because of my parents and younger brother. I always try to make a lot of m.oney."

In addition, To Huu Bang was once questioned about his gender because he did not disclose his lover and lived alone throughout his career for decades.

To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about - Photo 7

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