Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused

Minh LợiApr 17, 2024 at 14:04

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On April 16, Sohu reported that the Beijing court (China) had just decided to freeze Trieu Vy's assets at Hop Bao entertainment company. The estimated value of this actress's assets is up to 5 million yuan (17.4 billion VND).

It is known that at the peak of her career, Trieu Vy invested in 17 companies in the fields of film and television, entertainment, investment, technology, real estate...

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 1

According to Tianyancha, among the actress companies that are legal entities, only Zhao Zhao Film and Television Culture Studio (Shanghai) still exists, the remaining companies have been canceled or withdrawn.

Data also shows that Trieu Vy participated in a total of 270 judicial cases, in which she appeared as a defendant, and 99% of the cases involved securities.

Sina said many artists in showbiz have withdrawn their shares and ended investment cooperation with the actress. Trieu Vy and her businessman husband also faced many lawsuits for breach of contract after manipulating the stock market and evading debt from partners. According to iFeng, Trieu Vy is currently in court constantly with 500 lawsuits. She was defeated by 102 plaintiffs for m.oney f.raud and compensated nearly 12 million USD (303 billion VND).

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 2

Trieu Vy used to be a leading actress in the Chinese entertainment industry. In 2021, she was suddenly and inexplicably "banned" and listed as a "Bad Artist", causing many speculations.

Trieu Vy's "evaporation" from the Chinese entertainment industry is an incident that shocked Cbiz. The star Painted Skin was assassinated after the artist under his management, Truong Triet Han, was caught up in a political scandal. She was removed from the works that made her famous such as Hoan Chau Cach, Farewell New River, Painted Skin, Mother Tiger, Father Cat, Kinh Hoa Yen etc... and at the same time her prestigious title and a.ward were revoked. ever received.

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 3

Some colleagues in the entertainment industry such as Duong Tu, Huynh Hieu Minh, Duong Mich... all unfollowed and removed posts with names and images related to "little swallow".

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 4

The brands also silently canceled the contract, deleted the actress's photos in the media and then found a replacement.

The house in the school area was originally a project that marked the return of "Little Swallow" on television after 6 years, since Mom, Tiger, Dad, Cat (2015), but the film was f.orced to replace Trieu Vy with Tuong Han thanks to her work. AI technology, changed name to Small Life. The reason Trieu Vy was almost wiped out has not yet been given by the cultural management agency.

By mid-March this year, Trieu Vy's social network account was suddenly no longer blocked. Some of the actress's typical works also reappeared on many platforms. This has sparked rumors that this once famous celebrity is about to re-appear in showbiz after 3 years of being "assassinated". However, up to now, Trieu Vy still r.emains hidden, her whereabouts unknown and there have been no moves to show that she is about to return to the entertainment industry.

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 5

Trieu Vy was born in 1976 and is one of the "four great flowers" of Chinese screen. She acted in her first movie Hoa when she was 17 years old. In 1998, the beauty became famous in many Asian countries for her role as Tieu Yen Tu in Hoan Chau Cach Cach.

After that, she participated in many movies such as Painted Skin, New River Farewell, Tiger Mom Dad Cat... In addition to acting, Trieu Vy was successful as a singer, with the hits Remember Me, Ben Ly Ly special...

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 6

She also directed many movies and television series, and is a famous star in China and abroad.

After more than 20 years working in the entertainment, investment and business world, her fortune is overwhelming. Of which, her and her husband's real estate is worth 660 million yuan (91.1 million USD).

Trieu Vy had her assets frozen, 300 billion in compensation, sisters turned away, Cbiz refused - Photo 7

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