Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry

Hoàng PhúcSep 30, 2022 at 16:51

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Although more than 20 years have passed, the behind-the-scenes stories of "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" have never ceased to be h.ot. Recently, a few small stories about the actors have been revealed that have attracted the attention of the audience.

Hoan Chau Cach Cach 1997 is a historical drama that is not only familiar to Chinese audiences but also has a large fan base throughout Asia.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 1

In the process of casting and making the film, there are many interesting behind-the-scenes stories that few people know.

Here are 4 interesting things about the behind-the-scenes of Hoan Chau movie, surely you will be surprised to know.

Trieu Vy hires people... to sleep

The film was filmed many years ago, so the facilities are quite limited. All activities of the film crew are carried out together, the service personnel are not many, so the actors have to take advantage of their time.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 2

The whole group of several hundred people but only two washing machines, that's why people have to queue to wait for their turn to do laundry. Not only that, the actors also had to get up very early, from 2 to 3 am, to line up for makeup because the makeup artist only had one person.

In the situation of having little time to rest but still having to queue not knowing when it's her turn, Trieu Vy thought of a way, which is to hire staff in the group to queue for her while she took advantage of that time to return. room to sleep.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants

Before the situation of having to queue to do laundry and share the washing machine, there have been many incidents of "wrong" holding each other's clothes.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 3

Once, everyone on the set was startled when they heard the voiceless scream of "Ngu A Ca": "Who took my three jeans?" Trieu Vy at that time was extremely aggressive to help "lovers" find things, then "fire" discovered To Huu Bang's jeans lying on his inventory.

It turned out that Tieu Yen Tu was nearsighted, so the "wrong" thing happened, crying and laughing, making everyone "laugh out loud".

Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry

When deciding to choose a certain actress to participate in his film, the condition that writer Quynh Dao sets is to know how to cry and cry to be beautiful.

Lam Tam Nhu confessed, she had a hard time playing Ha Tu Vy because this role is a weak and tearful beauty, in stark contrast to her real-life personality. That's why, the actress born in 1976 almost lost her role because she couldn't cry.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 4

Even with eye drops, she couldn't cry, making Quynh Dao angry and demanding to change actors. Fortunately, the famous female artist only "blatantly threatened" but did not perform. Lam Tam Nhu then also tried to complete her character well.

Truong Thiet Lam "claims" to cut the audience

In the scene where Dung Ma Ma was beaten, the weather was very cold at that time, but the film crew more than 10 times and still could not complete it because there were many spectators who gathered around and made a lot of noise. Truong Thiet Lam was extremely angry and shouted: "Who dares to cause trouble in front of me, pull out and cut". Unexpectedly, "King Qianlong" just finished speaking, the whole studio fell into silence, the scene was quickly completed smoothly.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 5

Few people know, Truong Thiet Lam is not Quynh Dao's first choice. According to QQ, the author of "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" invited Luu Duc Khai to play the role of "Royal Horse" Qian Long, but the actor refused to participate in the movie "Blue sky sheds tears". The opportunity came to Truong Thiet Lam when the daughter-in-law of female writer and producer Ha Tu Quynh accidentally met him while shopping, and Truong Thiet Lam got a classic role for life.

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 6

The 2-minute scene "costs" 800 mass actors

The scene of the Empress Dowager Lao Phat Gia returning from Ngu Dai Son only appeared on the screen for exactly 2 minutes, but the crew had to shoot for 3 days in a row, hiring more than 800 public actors, the rental cost alone cost up to 60,000 RMB (more than 200 million VND).

Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry - Photo 7

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