Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other party's assets were frozen?

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Immediately after airing in 1988, the movie "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" became a television phenomenon causing fever throughout Asia. In particular, the two characters Tieu Yen Tu and Tu Vy became national phenomena, loved and sought after by the audience.

Thanks to the movie, actresses Lam Tam Nhu and Trieu Vy had a closer relationship later.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 1

However, recently, Chinese netizens were stirred by the news that Trieu Vy's close relationship with friends in showbiz like Lam Tam Nhu or Huynh Hieu Minh were distant because she was m.urdered.

There are also many sources explaining that since being assassinated in 2021, Trieu Vy herself has also become difficult and struggled to return to showbiz.

So, her friendships are no longer the most important thing at this time or she doesn't want to involve the people around her.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 2

Previously, Trieu Vy also faced a wave of criticism from 2021 when her name and image were removed from many famous projects.

The actress had her awards revoked, her name was removed from the list of celebrities, and she disappeared from showbiz from July 2021. To date, Trieu Vy and the authorities have not yet spoken about the case of "little swallow".

This is not the first time Trieu Vy and Lam Tam Nhu have been entangled in rumors of separation.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 3

It is known that Trieu Vy is also one of the special guests attending Lam Tam Nhu's wedding with Wallace Huo. The wedding was held in Bali (Indonesia) in 2016.

According to some sources, Trieu Vy gave 100,000 yuan (more than 330 million VND) as m.oney for Lam Tam Nhu's wedding. This congratulatory amount is considered quite generous.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 4

However, the amount of m.oney Trieu Vy celebrated with her best friend Huynh Hieu Minh and Angelababy's wedding amounted to 2 million yuan.

This amount of m.oney surprised and surprised many people as it was 20 times more than Lam Tam Nhu's wedding gift. Because of the huge difference in wedding m.oney, the public questioned the friendship of Trieu Vy and Lam Tam Nhu.

In addition, it is known that Huynh Hieu Minh and Trieu Vy were excellent students at the Beijing Film Academy. They were also close friends for many years during their youth.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 5

Besides, Huynh Hieu Minh is known to have liked Trieu Vy and pursued her for a long time. However, what he received in return was only unrequited love for his best friend.

Currently, while two colleagues are temporarily freezing their careers, Lam Tam Nhu is working hard and achieving great success. Sina newspaper commented that Lam Tam Nhu's career is in a period of rapid development.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 6

At the 57th Kim Chung Awards (Taiwan's most prestigious TV series a.ward), Lam Tam Nhu was the name that was announced the most.

The movie Hoa Sen Thu Thuong, which she produced and starred in, received 11 nominations at the Kim Chung Awards and included many important awards such as Best Movie, Best Male/Female Lead, Best Supporting Male/Female, Screenplay. Best Drama, Best Music, Best Director...

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 7

Since 2009, Lam Tam Nhu has gradually become an influential name in the Taiwanese showbiz market. Some of the works that Lam Tam Nhu self-produced and invested in include Truong Ca Hanh Tu Le Giang Son, Khuynh Thi Hoang Phi, Sister Moves On, 16 Summers... all created great resonance.

In September 2022, Taiwanese media reported that Lam Tam Nhu first took on the role of producer of the entertainment show Camping Is Busy.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 8

The participants in this show are famous faces, her colleagues in the recent very successful TV series - First Flower.

At the age of U50, Lam Tam Nhu is still praised for her beauty. She likes light makeup, rustic and simple looks.

Lam Tam Nhu coldly treated Trieu Vy after hearing that the other partys assets were frozen? - Photo 9

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