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Excavating Ham Huong's grave uncovers a secret that could cause history to be rewritten?

Keng18:27:07 14/04/2024
In the movie Hoan Chau Cach Cach, Ham Huong is a princess with a seductive scent. However, in Chinese history there is no record of a woman named Ham Huong.

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The real-life status of Ham Huong - Concubine was greatly favored by the Qianlong King

Nguyễn Tuyết17:02:28 01/03/2024
Ham Huong, also known as Huong Fei, is a beautiful concubine who emits an attractive scent, is greatly favored by King Qing Cao Tong Qianlong and is his rare unrequited love.

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Cao Tu Ky: Was betrayed by Trieu Le Dinh, married Chae Rim and then divorced because of adultery

Keng17:16:34 20/01/2024
Cao Tu Ky is a famous Chinese actor. He was once rumored to be in a fake love movie with Trieu Le Dinh. Later, he married Chae Rim. However, the couple divorced after 6 years together.

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To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about

JLO17:46:54 24/11/2023
According to Sina, the Ngao Phong Group scandal is considered the largest financial f.raud in Taiwan (China) to date. And To Huu Bang is one of the victims of the above scam.

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Tran Oanh: The beauty "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" claims to be more beautiful than Lam Tam Nhu, living a fulfilling life for more than 20 years

An Nhi16:23:12 14/11/2023
Tran Oanh became famous from the movie Hoan Chau Cach Cach. Even though she only played a supporting role, her sincere performance as Lieu Hong attracted the audience's attention. Currently, the actress is also admired for her perfect family life.

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Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in 'The Perfect Way'

Juni Nguyễn16:08:45 07/11/2023
Although the role of Xia Zizhi in 1998 was the role of Lin Tam Nhu's life, in retrospect, the actress judged herself at that stage to be immature.

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Lam Tam Nhu was heavily criticized by netizens for her lack of respect for people, and a series of scandals were exposed

Yaya15:55:12 28/10/2023
After many years of returning to Taiwan to m.ake m.oney, Lam Tam Nhu recently returned to the Mainland to participate in a variety show. Instead of being accepted, she was harshly criticized.

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Chau Duong - Student Dam Vinh Hung: Muse refreshes the soundtrack of the movie "New Farewell River"

Bình Minh22:03:45 21/10/2023
Chau Duong is one of the prominent faces of the Vietnamese music industry today. With her sweet voice, diverse performance styles and many popular songs, she has attracted the attention of a large audience.

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Huynh Hai Bang: Once dominated Huynh Hieu Minh, refused to act in movies 4 times Quynh Dao, 50 years old, in decline

JLO16:38:04 16/09/2023
Refusing to participate in Hoan Chau in the manner of female artist Quynh Dao is considered the biggest regret in Huynh Hai Bang's career. Currently, the life of the once famous actor is somewhat quiet.

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Lin Chen said that the Seventh Day was a demonic feast, and was about to b.e k.illed like Zhao Ying?

Keng18:23:37 23/08/2023
Actress Hoan Chau Cach met mixed opinions on social media, did not attach importance to traditional culture when likening the holiday associated with the touching story Niu Lang - Zhi Nu to the devil's feast.

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Li Tingyi: Hatred for being "trapped" by Lin Chen, having children with her boyfriend but refusing to marry

Hoàng Phúc19:09:06 21/08/2023
In the fiercely competitive entertainment industry, one wrong move can send a lifetime downhill. Some actors have the opportunity to become stars, but for some reason miss out on roles. A typical proof of that is the beauty Li Dinh Yi.

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Lin Tam As pregnant for the 2nd time, had to wear slippers backstage because her belly was too big?

JLO16:49:55 11/08/2023
The image of Lin Tam Nhu being stolen backstage in the commercial revealing her tummy made many people think that she was pregnant for the 2nd time with her husband Huo Jianhua. However, the actress's side has denied it.

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Lin Chen's face changed sharply when he heard Fan Bingbing's name, Zhao Yu had been treated the same way!

Hoàng Phúc10:42:16 07/08/2023
He used to be close after co-starring in Huanzhou, but Lin Tam Nhu and Fan Bingbing's relationship after that was said to be not very smooth. Even recently, Huo Jianhua's wife showed a strange attitude when talking about her best friend.

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Truong Due: Being indebted to Trieu Le Dinh for life, but being turned away by fans, what is life like now?

Hoàng Phúc16:01:16 13/07/2023
In the versions of Hoan Chau, the way it was released, the 3 actors playing Ngu A Ca, To Huu Bang, Co Cu Co, and Truong Due all made their own impressions. However, everyone's career is different. In which, Truong Due is the most regrettable.

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To Huu Bang revealed a photo of his wife hidden for many years, more beautiful than Lam Tam Nhu - Trieu Vy?

Hoàng Phúc15:42:15 29/06/2023
A monumental career, billions of dollars in assets, but until now To Huu Bang has not announced his marriage. At the age of 50, many people are worried because he will never settle down with his family. Recently, however, MXH suddenly spread the image of the actor's wife.

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Lam Tam Nhu talked about being f.orced to kiss by Chau Kiet, accused of 'fake', pretending to be a saint after 20 years

Yang Mi09:01:50 20/06/2023
After 2 decades, the story of Lam Tam Nhu accused Chau Kiet of abusing the scene to play the wrong game, recently, Ha Tu Vi once again mentioned this story that made the Chinese online community teach life.

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Princess Ham Huong: The smell of a b.ody part scared the Qianlong, only loved it for 1 night and then abandoned it.

Gia19:51:13 18/06/2023
Ham Huong is known as a beautiful princess who always emits a flower-like fragrance, wherever she goes, butterflies follow her. But this beauty has a defect that makes King Qian Long only love 1 night.

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Lam Tam Nhu dressed offensively in front of small children, revealing the sensitive part that made netizens 'embarrassed' to help

Thư Kỳ10:34:13 02/06/2023
Appearing at a commercial event, Lam Tam Nhu embarrassed many people when her wife Hoac Kien Hoa revealed her sensitive part, which is suspected that the actress was loose in the first round, leading to this incident. . Recently, Lam Tam Nhu appeared at an event of the mother...

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Lam Tam Nhu's mouth is faster than her brain, revealing the marriage contract with Huo Jianhua

Yang Mi16:10:44 17/04/2023
The marriage of Lam Tam Nhu - Huo Kien Hoa has always been a topic of interest to the media and the online community more than anyone else. Recently, Lam Tam Nhu has shared about the dark corners of her marriage as well as the difficulties her husband encountered. Lam Tam Nhu -...

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Trieu Vy suffered humiliation to get into showbiz: F.orced to drink horse dung when playing Hoan Chau

JLO15:40:41 10/04/2023
How Hoan Chau is adapted from the novel of the same name by female artist Quynh Dao. The first season aired in April 1998 and became an Asian drama phenomenon at that time. However, few people know that behind the success of the role of Tieu Yen Tu is the relentless efforts of...

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Trieu Vy struggled to live after the blockade order, must ask you to send a message to the fans?

Đại Mạc09:53:45 25/03/2023
Trieu Vy has long been no longer a strange name to Chinese screen fans. The former actor's life is said to have changed a lot, since he was caught in trouble. In a recent development, the "Little Swallow" Trieu Vy was seen reappearing at Beijing airport, with a simple and...

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Lam Tam Nhu decided to r.eveal the fact that Huo Kien Hoa "clings to the skirt" of his wife, not wanting to act in movies

Jennie09:45:53 29/12/2022
Sharing about her husband, Lam Tam Nhu admitted that in recent years, Hoac Kien Hoa is "unemployed" but also quickly vindicated her husband that now. Amidst the rumor of "clinging to his wife's skirt", this is probably the strongest answer. From 2021, Lam Tam Nhu shifted her...

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Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Kien Hoa have a marriage agreement but still can't hold on to happiness?

Rosé08:13:42 27/12/2022
More and more people doubt the happiness of the couple. People rely on very small excuses to exaggerate the contradictions of Lam Tam Nhu - Huo Kien Hoa. If they show affection for each other, even if it is very private, this behavior is also considered a move to ease the...

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Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Kien Hoa are completing the divorce procedure, gaining custody of the children?

Rosé08:20:32 22/12/2022
Recently, according to Hong Kong media reports, Lam Tam Nhu and Huo Kien Hoa and his wife broke up as rumored, the reason for their separation has also been revealed. The two were very much in love when they first got married, but their relationship did not last long. Since Lam...

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