To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming

Hoàng PhúcJun 08, 2024 at 12:53

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Few people know that, not only has artistic talent, To Huu Bang also has a "not medium" education. The academic achievements of "Ngu A Ca" once made fans extremely proud.

Recently, Chinese netizens "dug up" the information that To Huu Bang used to be a genuine student. Specifically, in grades 10-11, the male artist did not focus much on his studies because he was busy with work in the entertainment industry, then only used one year of grade 12 to supplement all the knowledge of all 3 years of high school.

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 1

On the day of the university exam, the media came to the exam room to film To Huu Bang's entire process for the audience to see, making him the first and perhaps only Chinese to both livestream and take the university exam.

Under the pressure of the exam and the camera lens, To Huu Bang still excellently achieved the 5th highest result in the province. However, the actor said that if it wasn't for the livestream, perhaps the exam results would not be "so bad" as "bad".

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 2

Before being a cult actor, To Huu Bang was famous to the audience thanks to his time as a singer. He and Ngo Ky Long and Tran Chi Bang formed the music group Tieu Ho Doi, which was once famous. But later, Tran Chi Bang enlisted in the army, causing the Little Tiger Team to disintegrate, each person going in a direction.

In the 90s, To Huu Bang began to change his direction to act. However, it wasn't until he joined Hoan Chau Cach Cach as Ngu A Singer Vinh Ky that To Huu Bang officially exploded in fame throughout Asia.

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 3

Also thanks to the movie, he became close to Trieu Vy and Lam Tam Nhu, then reunited with 2 beauties in Tan Song Song Farewell. This continues to be a successful film, contributing to bringing To Huu Bang's name to the top.

To Huu Bang later participated in many other film projects such as Teenager Truong Tam Phong, Y Thien Do Long Ky... even got acquainted with cinema thanks to Phong Thanh or Dong Tuoc Dai. However, understanding that he has limitations in appearance (due to his gentle and literary face), To Huu Bang gradually limited acting, switching to other fields.

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 4

After that, he retired to train as a director and film producer instead of sticking to acting. The movie Left Ear directed by him was a great success, helping stars such as Duong Duong, Tran Do Linh, Ma Tu Thuan... is known.

In recent years, To Huu Bang has mainly participated in TV shows and concerts. The singer said that the liveshow is a gift for herself when she turns 50.

In terms of personal life, at the age of U50, To Huu Bang is not married and has never made his love affair public with the public. The Chinese-language media once rumored about To Huu Bang's unrequited but sincere love for his good co-star, actress Trieu Vy. He fell in love with Trieu Vy when collaborating with her in Hoan Chau Gap.

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 5

To Huu Bang once admitted: "I have long developed feelings for Trieu Vy. I like Trieu Vy. I admit that I have more affection for her than a normal friendship, but it doesn't help. She already has a boyfriend. How dare I pursue it?"

Until now, after more than 20 years of knowing Trieu Vy, To Huu Bang still gives her a special place in her heart: "She is a wonderful, energetic and aspirational woman. She's also a talented director."

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 6

Explaining the reason why he didn't dare to confess his feelings to the "little swallow", To Huu Bang once said: "Her personality is strong. Although I like her very much, I can't manage her. If we openly confess our love but she rejects us, maybe we will no longer be able to maintain a close friendship in the future."

Many people think that, because he is too in love with Trieu Vy, To Huu Bang has remained single for many years. When it comes to getting married, To Huu Bang said he doesn't really feel interested because he sees too many friends suffering because of marriage.

To Huu Bang used to do something that no one dared to, both taking the university exam and livestreaming - Photo 7

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