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Tu Hanh - "Mother" Trieu Vy: Famous for exactly one role, "clean" life, extremely mysterious marriage

Keng16:58:20 12/04/2024
In addition to the main roles, the supporting cast of the movie New Song Farewell also left a deep impression on the audience. But perhaps the role of Pho Van Boi - Y Binh's mother, played by Tu Hanh, left the deepest impression.

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"Brother Overcoming All Obstacles" helps Su Huu Bang, Lin Zhiying revive his reputation

Bảo Nam10:42:44 11/02/2024
Brother Overcoming All Obstacles is one of the top audience watching gamesshows in China. Remembering to participate in the program, many male actors received public attention, reviving their reputation after many years of working in the profession.

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Fan Bingbing mentioned that he used to be a 'servant', what kind of attitude surprised netizens?

Phúc Sen13:46:35 07/12/2023
Although she is already a great star, but Fan Bingbing's past, few people know that she had to take on a landless role as a servant. Talking about this, the goddess of China caused a stir when she said she was very proud of this.

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To Huu Bang is the victim of the biggest f.raud in Taiwan, a horrifying number that no one dares to think about

JLO17:46:54 24/11/2023
According to Sina, the Ngao Phong Group scandal is considered the largest financial f.raud in Taiwan (China) to date. And To Huu Bang is one of the victims of the above scam.

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Lin Chen laughed at himself, criticized himself for being incompetent, and played badly in 'The Perfect Way'

Juni Nguyễn16:08:45 07/11/2023
Although the role of Xia Zizhi in 1998 was the role of Lin Tam Nhu's life, in retrospect, the actress judged herself at that stage to be immature.

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Lam Tam Nhu announced that she would not participate in the program with Yang Zi even though she was paid a high salary

Thư Kỳ15:10:40 30/10/2023
With the statement that no matter how high the salary, Lam Tam Nhu still decided not to participate in the program with Duong Tu's presence, many people were shocked and surprised. When Lam Tam Nhu said the reason, everyone acknowledged it.

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Lam Tam Nhu was heavily criticized by netizens for her lack of respect for people, and a series of scandals were exposed

Yaya15:55:12 28/10/2023
After many years of returning to Taiwan to m.ake m.oney, Lam Tam Nhu recently returned to the Mainland to participate in a variety show. Instead of being accepted, she was harshly criticized.

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Truong Due: Being indebted to Trieu Le Dinh for life, but being turned away by fans, what is life like now?

Hoàng Phúc16:01:16 13/07/2023
In the versions of Hoan Chau, the way it was released, the 3 actors playing Ngu A Ca, To Huu Bang, Co Cu Co, and Truong Due all made their own impressions. However, everyone's career is different. In which, Truong Due is the most regrettable.

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To Huu Bang revealed a photo of his wife hidden for many years, more beautiful than Lam Tam Nhu - Trieu Vy?

Hoàng Phúc15:42:15 29/06/2023
A monumental career, billions of dollars in assets, but until now To Huu Bang has not announced his marriage. At the age of 50, many people are worried because he will never settle down with his family. Recently, however, MXH suddenly spread the image of the actor's wife.

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To Huu Bang made a shocking move after the news about his secret wife was spread

Xuka10:10:31 26/05/2023
Recently, To Huu Bang shared on his personal page his latest series of photos and quickly attracted the attention of fans. In the photo, To Huu Bang wears a dashing vest, showing off his extremely scholarly appearance. Immediately after To Huu Bang published the article, her...

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To Huu Bang officially announced his wife: The identity made Trieu Vy, Lam Tam Nhu also scared

Xuka12:38:42 18/04/2023
As a famous star in the Chinese entertainment industry, To Huu Bang's private life is quite private. Some celebrities like to o.ff, and some like to be discreet. Many celebrities have been harassed by the public and media after their family affairs were exposed. Therefore...

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To Huu Bang did not want to meet Ngo Ky Long, Luu Thi Thi revealed why everyone was shocked after hearing it!

Hoàng Phúc14:42:10 11/11/2022
On November 11, 163 reported that Luu Thi Thi shared about the relationship of her husband Ngo Ky Long and To Huu Bang. Before that, both were members of the group Tieu Ho Doi, along with Tran Chi Bang. According to Luu Thi Thi, she and Ngo Ky Long have always watched and...

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To Huu Bang: Secretly in love with Trieu Vy, painful in life that few people know after rumors about gender

Nắng14:38:22 27/10/2022
To Huu Bang was born in 1973 in Taiwan. He joined the entertainment industry at the age of 15 as a member of the group The Little Tigers, along with Ngo Ky Long and Tran Chi Bang. With good looks, they quickly became the most popular group in Taiwan at that time, being...

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Trieu Vy "stole" To Huu Bang's pants, Lam Tam Nhu almost lost her shoulder because she couldn't cry

Hoàng Phúc16:51:30 30/09/2022
Although more than 20 years have passed, the behind-the-scenes stories of "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" have never ceased to be h.ot. Recently, a few small stories about the actors have been revealed that have attracted the attention of the audience. Hoan Chau Cach Cach 1997 is a...

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Lam Tam Nhu became the most complete person in Hoan Chau's star cast a few days ago

Hoàng Anh09:04:37 09/09/2022
Although Hoan Chau Cach Cach has passed for more than 25 years, the film's imprint on a generation of Asian audiences has never seemed to fade. Names like Trieu Vy - Lam Tam Nhu - Pham Bang Bang - To Huu Bang - Chau Kiet - Vuong Diem are still remembered by many people as part...

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Trieu Vy "rejected" the feelings of To Huu Bang and Huynh Xiaoming because colleagues revealed their true nature?

Hoàng Phúc19:57:01 03/09/2022
Since filming "Hoan Chau Cach", Trieu Vy's name has become more and more known. At this time, she was pursued by many boys, including To Huu Bang and Huynh Xiaoming. However, she "small swallow" refused the love of two colleagues for a very unexpected reason. Trieu Vy is one of...

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To Huu Bang rarely reappears, the beauty of the U50 age is surprising

An Nhi10:52:58 21/08/2022
The latest image of actor To Huu Bang quickly attracted the attention of netizens. Accordingly, although it has almost reached the threshold of 50, "Ngu A Ca" of "Hoan Chau Cach Cach" is still very young. On August 20, Sina reported that To Huu Bang participated in the TV show...

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"Princess Trai A" Truong Hang: Studying in a prestigious school, a career is flat, eating Trieu Vy for 1 thing

Hoàng Phúc16:09:17 16/08/2022
Hoan Chau Cach Cach is a "launch pad" for a series of famous names such as Trieu Vy, Lam Tam Nhu, Pham Bang Bang, To Huu Bang. In addition, Princess Trai A played by Truong Hang is also an equally successful role. The character of Trai A princess is a mysterious beauty who is...

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Trieu Vy dressed young, relaxed spirit appeared at the airport after a year of being banned

Hoàng Phúc10:53:29 02/08/2022
Trieu Vy was seen by paparazzi when appearing at Beijing airport. The actress has a youthful style and a relaxed mood. Tieu Yen Tu's latest move caused a stir in the online community and the media. Specifically, on August 2, Sohu reported that Zhao Wei appeared at Beijing...

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Cao Ham "The New River of Separation": Leaving the glory of fame, the opportunity to change his life to take care of his paralyzed girlfriend

Hoàng Phúc15:12:59 07/06/2022
Actor of the movie "New River Separation" Cao Ham touched many viewers and believed that, in the seductive showbiz, there are still beautiful loves when he is ready to give up his career to take care of his paralyzed wife. When it comes to showbiz love, people will immediately...

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Trieu Le Dinh went to sleep, Heat Ba had a monologue with herself and wanted a different kind of stress relief from Cbiz stars

Hoàng Phúc07:39:40 07/06/2022
The Weibo social network recently spread a compilation of a blogger talking about the ways Cbiz actors do to relieve stress. In it, some quite strange ways have been applied by the cult stars. In modern life, people are easily surrounded by pressures related to work, emotions...

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Tran Do Linh - To Huu Bang's "muse" comes from a terrible family, causing controversy about acting

An Nhi16:06:44 06/06/2022
Tran Do Linh owns a sweet beauty that is like a copy of Liu Yifei. Recently, she has been getting more and more attention after the success of the movie Beautiful Scenery, such a happy day. Tran Do Linh (born 1993) was born and raised in Fujian province, China. In elementary and...

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Ngo Ky Long lost the role of Er Khang to Chau Kiet, Lam Tam Nhu almost played a supporting role in Hoan Chau Cach Cach

Hoàng Phúc11:05:10 04/06/2022
24 years ago, Hoan Chau Cach Cach aired and immediately became a "fever" not only in China but also in Asian countries. The film has become a launching pad to bring the main actors' names to stardom. However, few people know that the original cast is far different from when the...

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Tran Do Linh: The family is as terrible as Ha Sieu Lien, being criticized for her bad acting is still supported

Hoàng Phúc12:40:48 03/06/2022
Maybe many viewers don't know, but Tran Do Linh's family background is not average. Therefore, although his acting is still limited and controversial, the actor born in 1993 is still "pushed" enthusiastically and has no shortage of films to play. In the past few days, news...

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