Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker "talks blankly to the elderly" but gets compliments a lot

Thảo MaiMay 19, 2024 at 12:41

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Tina Thao Thi (real name Nguyen Tien Thinh, born in 1998) is a famous TikToker known to many people through her catchphrase "Peek A Boo". Thanks to his charming acting, he increasingly won the hearts of the audience.

If you follow this h.ot TikToker long enough, many people are probably familiar with the "Review idol" series, which includes a series of clips filmed with many different artists, attracting a large amount of interaction. As a content creator, Tina Thao Thi many times received questions about why she was able to invite famous singers and actors to film together.

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 1

Answering questions from the audience for a long time, Tina Thao Thi frankly said: "Currently I am working in Mr. BB Tran's management company. One day, I was at the company and pretended to complain to Mr. Mr. BB Tran is so sad, he has no new content to create. Mr. BB Tran just suggested that I should review celebrities.

At first, I was complaining because I didn't know how to meet them and let them accept my invitation to review. However, the next day, I made an appointment with Mr. BB Tran to film the first video for this series. Unexpectedly, after the video was posted, it has now reached more than ten million views on the Tiktok platform, 1 million. heart.

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 2

'Overcoming victory', I started to take this series more seriously. Actually, in the beginning, I was rejected a lot by artists because artists also had their own worries. Luckily, there were a few artists that I had played with before, everyone already knew about me so they were very ready when I sent them an invitation.

From the initial celebrity review videos, I uploaded them and received constant suggestions. The good news spread far and wide, so later, when I sent emails to invite artists, I gradually gained trust. and agreed to let me review them.

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 3

So clearly, there is no 'power' behind me at all. It's just that I tried, worked hard and everything paid off exactly as I wanted."

In addition to the idol review series, recently, Tina Thao Thi also attracted attention when making a series of conversation clips with the elderly street vendor of TikToker Tina Thao Thi.

It is known that these clips were recorded spontaneously, without any previous script. What is worth mentioning is that in the clips, Tina talks to the elders in a "blank" manner.

This TikToker often greets and chats like: "Oh my God, you're so old and your muscles are so strong?"; "How many years have we sold this year?"; "Is it sold every day or is it a holiday day, love?"; "Do you have any children at home?"; "What time do you usually get up in the morning to get ready?"; "Is there anything sad in life you want to talk about?"...

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 4

Even though they were all questions without a subject, it didn't sound polite at all, but the ladies happily answered them. Surprisingly, netizens did not criticize Tina but also praised and defended her, saying that Tina's way of starting a conversation, asking questions, and confiding in her was very cute and friendly.

- "It's fun, the ladies responded enthusiastically, without yelling or scolding anything?".

- "It's just simple questions and intimate conversations like friends."

- "A way of talking that creates a feeling of closeness without insulting or disparaging the women's situation, which is commendable."

- "Seems cute, like friends."

- "It's fun to be busy, ladies sometimes get tired of hearing yes and yes."

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 5

In the clips, Tina Thao Thi often chooses a series of roadside restaurants with elderly people cooking, rustic dishes such as banana cake, dumplings, banh to, beef cake, mixed rice paper... and then chats with the customers. grandma. The guy talked about all kinds of things in life, from asking about sales experience, name, family situation... to create a close atmosphere.

Another plus point for Tina Thao Thi is that every time she gives m.oney or gifts, the ladies and men make the number public, and do not r.eveal it in front of the camera. Tina Thao Thi explained: "I don't want to make people feel pitied. Lucky m.oney can only help women once, what I aim for is to hope that people will know about the shops I filmed and support. more and more so that people can sell more."

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 6

As a young man, he always admires women who are hard-working, older but still hardworking and resilient in making a living. That's why he often asks for hugs and kisses, as a way to express his admiration for the elderly, "asking for their strength". Tina Thao Thi shared that that is also the way he "recharges" his positive energy.

Explaining the occasional empty talk with the elderly, the TikToker explained: "You only have to be a b.aby twice in your life, so Tina talks to the elderly like a b.aby, caressing and close. Tina hopes everyone Please love the "older children" and spend more time talking to them."

It's true that he said random sentences to the ladies, but the way Tina Thao Thi opened the story sounded extremely cute. What's even more commendable is that every time Tina Thao Thi "recognizes" the seller as her mother, helps sell, advertises for her, stirs up the atmosphere for a while before paying and leaving.

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 7

The guy also left his address and called on people to come and buy. When leaving, Tina always gave the ladies a little extra m.oney and asked for a hug, wishing them luck in their business. This TikToker's energetic interactions brought smiles to the sellers and the audience.

Tina Thao Thi: Tiktoker talks blankly to the elderly but gets compliments a lot - Photo 8

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