Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding?

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After the wedding and giving birth, hotgirl cover Ut Nhi continues to fascinate the audience with her sweet, deep voice. Besides, her postpartum appearance was also praised by people.

In addition to Hana Cam Tien, Ut Nhi is also a name that often stirs up TikTok because of songs that suit listeners' tastes.

There was a time when Ut Nhi appeared widely on social networks because of livestream sales and fun karaoke sessions. Currently, the female singer is married, has children and delights with her happy family life.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 1

Every song Dong Thap beauties sing becomes a hit

Ut Nhi's real name is Nguyen Thi Yen Nhi, born in 2000 in Dong Thap. Currently, Ut Nhi is a quite famous TikToker with a TikTok channel with more than 2 million followers and more than 1.73 million YouTube channel subscribers. She has proven her "not average" appeal.

Ut Nhi emerged as a cover phenomenon because every time he sang a song, it became a hit. The 10X beauty's products continuously receive positive feedback, receive millions of views and are widely shared.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 2

Regarding voice quality, many audiences commented that Ut Nhi's singing does not have too much technique, but it is the simplicity and sincerity that is the "catalyst" that helps Ut Nhi get closer to the audience.

At the end of 2023, Ut Nhi released a cover version of Ho Phi Nal's song "The Sky Makes the Wind". This cover product also marks Ut Nhi's return not long after giving birth to her first son.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 3

In the MV, she wears a Ba Ba shirt - a familiar outfit that the singer from Dong Thap often chose in many previous music products. In addition to her sweet, deep, sad voice, Ut Nhi also attracts attention for her beautiful beauty and slim figure even though she has not been "in labor" for long.

In the comments section, people praised Ut Nhi's voice a lot: "So sweet and profound, Ut", "Ut is back and better than before", "Ut's singing is still as good as before." "...

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 4

After less than 1 day of release, Ut Nhi's cover has received more than 100 thousand views, this is an impressive number for a tiktoker emerging from social networks like her.

Up to now, Ut Nhi's cover of "The Sky Makes the Wind" has reached more than 7.1 million views. This number of views is even more than some carefully invested music products of famous VBiz stars.

What's special is that when releasing any cover version, Ut Nhi does it quietly, only a few viewers who have been following Ut Nhi for a long time know the release schedule.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 5

Ut Nhi once said that she loves singing. Whether before or after giving birth, the beauty's vocal performance r.emains unchanged. Maybe it's becoming more sensitive and emotional than before.

Before that, even though her pregnant belly was huge, Ut Nhi still did not put aside her passion for singing. On her personal page, she has repeatedly posted clips showing off her heavenly voice. The beauty admitted that when she was pregnant, she often lost her breath when singing, but she was still praised by people for her characteristic sweet, clear voice.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 6

The mother is beautiful and works hard at singing

In October 2022, Ut Nhi held a jubilant wedding in his hometown. Images of the female singer being pampered by her husband, helping to shade her from the sun, or of her wearing heavy wedding gold, were shared loudly on social networks.

In 2023, Ut Nhi gave birth to her first c.hild, named Nguyen Minh Thien Khoi, often called KuMin. The b.oy is loved by many audiences because of his handsome and adorable appearance.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 7

Currently, Ut Nhi regularly updates photos of her husband and children. Whether it's going to the beach with her husband or taking her son shopping at a store for mothers and babies, Ut Nhi still makes an impression with her beautiful, energetic appearance. Most of the audience gave the female singer's family positive comments.

There was a time when Ut Nhi caused a storm on social networks because she shared that she got back into shape quickly after just 1 month of giving birth. Before b.aby Thien Khoi's full month, Ut Nhi regained her admirable 60cm waist.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 8

Currently, Ut Nhi is still diligently making singing cover clips, and also organizing livestream singing sessions and interacting with audiences on TikTok and Facebook. Without too much fuss and no need for massive media coverage, the female singer still regularly collects a series of million-view clips.

Recently, Ut Nhi released a cover of Follow me to the Central region and attracted more than 150,000 views on YouTube. Or like a month ago, Ut Nhi released a cover called Ao Rua Shoulder and also received more than 320,000 views.

Ut Nhi's covers are exactly the same as when she was not married and had children, that is, singing in front of a studio microphone, letting the camera capture close-ups of her beautiful face without any transitions or special effects.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 9

Particularly, the MV recording the whole scene of Ut Nhi's wedding, "Wedding is not final" (I will follow you) has reached more than 79 million views and has the potential to reach the milestone of 100 million views because it is still being shared by the audience. share a lot.

Simplicity makes Ut Nhi's brand. It is no exaggeration to say that this 24-year-old g.irl is one of the most prominent TikTokers - Western Singers on the TikTok market at the moment.

Ut Nhi covers which song is h.ot? How is life as a mother after a busy wedding? - Photo 10

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