Deep - Tuan Tran's character: the real loser in Tran Thanh's film

Phi ĐứcFeb 20, 2024 at 13:28

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Although the character Deep receives a happy ending, it is impossible to deny this character's failure. Thanks to the ending of the film being so quick, the audience was surprised and realized that Deep seemed to leave no meaning to the film.

Even though it is dominating the box office with huge revenue and receiving many compliments from the public, for many people, Tran Thanh's Mai still contains many holes, making the overall film disjointed and disappointing after watching it.

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 1

Not only that, after nearly 2 hours of sitting in front of the big screen, with continuous twists, the pace of the film was fast and slow, the audience still had to "wince" when Tuan Tran's role in the end did not leave any impression. What is the practical meaning?

Many questions have been raised about whether the film can convey humane and realistic meanings when the image of the character Sau (Tuan Tran) is built in a pragmatic way and has an ending that makes many people click their tongues. "?

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 2

It can be said that the first 45 minutes of Mai bring the audience a great deal of boredom, because of the interaction of the characters, too much detailed explanation of the story... It is this lengthiness that leads to the The rush and compression of the second half of the film, causing the audience to fall into a state of overeating with "face-turns" that take place continuously.

It wasn't until the character Sau said the line to Mai, that since falling in love with you, he had changed a lot, that the audience was startled to realize that Tuan Tran's Deep was very superficial in his way of life, without any special highlights. especially in recognizing the value of love (in addition to deleting a few girlfriend names or dating apps...).

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Before meeting Mai, Sau was a freeloader of his mother. Although he patted his chest and claimed to want to live his life freely, the things he ate, where he lived, and the job he had all came from his heart. Mom's bank card.

At the age of 30, Sau has a natural beauty and "hidden" artistic talent. He is uneducated, unemployed, living as if he doesn't know where his tomorrow will go. When I open my eyes, it's all girls, when I turn it off, it's just women. His boring life revolves around the word woman.

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 4

Until meeting Mai, people thought he had completely changed. But if you look into real eyes, has he really changed? Perhaps just for a moment with Mai in my life.

Since falling in love with Mai, Sau has given up the habit of flirting with girls day and night. He seems to have learned how to love sincerely and receive sincere love.

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 5

Thanks to the "specialness" of Mai's situation, thanks to her family's prohibition on her love, Sau for the first time bravely left the "ATM" that he had diligently "scrambled" for 30 years. via. Even though he told his mother that he wanted to live on his own, it was so that the "worm" could turn into a "butterfly". But that worm still remained in his shell, when the only job that helped him earn a living was at the place his mother managed.

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 6

4 years later, what viewers see is a more mature character with a more dignified outfit and a less awkward demeanor. He cried when he saw his 30-year-old love after 4 years of not seeing her. Although there will be people who think that Deep not keeping his promise is too bad. But the reality is that, "no one can live without anyone", the fact that Deep has to grow up, has to leave behind the love that seemed to make him die and come back to life in the past, is a very normal thing.

Because the ending was too hasty and too disappointing, viewers couldn't help but ask questions about "Is Caterpillar still a parasite?", "Has Caterpillar become a butterfly?".

Even though they know that after 4 years, he has become a husband and a father, but no one can be sure whether the nature of a man who used to play around and only knew how to give m.oney to girls, has changed or not?

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 7

These are the things that have made many people suddenly feel extremely disappointed after leaving the theater because they don't know what they just watched? It seems that the character Deep has had a happy ending, has changed positively to have the reality of a warm family, a full and prosperous life. In fact, no one can be sure about that, or whether Mai's presence has no impact on the character Sau. All in all, perhaps what made Sau feel at peace was his mother's "fall", not Mai's love.

Regarding this character, perhaps we can't blame Tran Thanh for building a meaningless character, just blame the film's duration for not being enough for the audience to "untie" the knots about the character Deep.

Deep - Tuan Trans character: the real loser in Tran Thanhs film - Photo 8

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