Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue

Kim LâmJan 10, 2024 at 15:38

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Tuan Tran is an actor who appears in most of Tran Thanh's films. Many people also think that he is Tran Thanh's "favorite chicken" so he is favored. In response to this opinion, Tran Thanh answered frankly at the recent film press conference.

The press conference to announce the film project Mai directed by Tran Thanh took place today, January 9. Here, in addition to behind-the-scenes images and trailers being revealed, Tran Thanh also answered many questions surrounding the film's cast. Accordingly, many audiences expressed their wonder about why Tran Thanh continues to cooperate with familiar names, one of which is Tuan Tran. To this question, the male artist gave a straightforward answer.

Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue - Photo 1

Tran Thanh frankly said that with his relationships in the entertainment industry, if he just wanted to attract audiences to theaters and sell a lot of tickets, he could absolutely invite rising names with a large fan base. such as HIEUTHUHAI or MONO. However, the male director still firmly chose Tuan Tran on the grounds that this actor was suitable for the role of Duong in the film.

" I have a lot of friends and know a lot of people who can sell tickets. But in the end, I have to be suitable to invite. No matter how close I am, if I don't fit the role, even my wife won't invite me... And Tuan Tran, handsome, handsome, suitable for the role, I invited him ," Tran Thanh shared.

Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue - Photo 2

As for Tuan Tuan, the actor expressed his gratitude to his senior for being trusted by Tran Thanh to give him many acting opportunities in big projects. Regarding the mixed comments that he is Tran Thanh's "favorite" and should be favored, Tuan Tran said he used to be sad but will now make efforts to confirm that he may not be a good actor but will prove himself. As an actress, I tried my best through Mai this time.

Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue - Photo 3

At the event, Tran Thanh revealed that Mai has many differences compared to the movie Nha Ba Nu , typically the balance between humor, optimism, emotion, romance, and a realistic, thorny story. about life: "My films never lack inner acting, because I really like to exploit human psychology, but they also do not lack humor. No matter what, it must let people breathe easily." , it's like a spice in life, helping to balance things. Everyone can rest assured that this Tet coming to theaters, Mai will experience many different emotions from psychology, family, actions... I don't know No matter what genre this movie is called, I believe that the audience will experience a full range of colors."

Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue - Photo 4

Mai revolves around the story of the life of a woman with a special fate of the same name as the movie. The film continuously reveals the past and present of the character Mai (Phuong Anh Dao) when faced with happy love with Duong (Tuan Tran). At the same time, Mai and Duong's love also faces many concerns.

This is a project that Tran Thanh has put a lot of enthusiasm and investment into after Ba Nu House. Mai is Tran Thanh's passionate movie and is expected to hit theaters on Lunar New Year. The film belongs to the psychological and emotional genre, revolving around the troubled and traumatized life of a g.irl. This project stars Phuong Anh Dao and Tuan Tran. In addition, the film also has the participation of People's Artist Ngoc Giau, People's Artist Viet Anh, Kha Nhu, Uyen An...

Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue - Photo 5

During the production process, the crew recreated part of the setting of the An Binh apartment complex (District 5) on the set with a 1:1 ratio. In particular, the director also installed a skylight in the female protagonist's apartment, recreating typical features of Vietnamese living culture. The "Mai" project is expected to stir up the box office during Tet, especially in a context where there are few competing Vietnamese films.

Tran Thanh said the reason why he always invited Tuan Tran to act in movies, after listening, no one could argue - Photo 6

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