Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie

Quỳnh QuỳnhDec 23, 2023 at 15:01

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After the success of "The Lady's House" in Tet 2023, Tran Thanh constantly proves his creativity and diversity in the film industry. "Mai" promises to be an artistic psychological and emotional work worth watching during Tet 2024.

On November 28, Tran Thanh officially announced a new film project called "Mai". This work marks the return of famous couple Phuong Anh Dao and Tuan Tran in romantic films. "Mai" is expected to "land" at the box office right on Lunar New Year 2024.

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 1

Tran Thanh not only takes on the role of producer and director but is also the main actor. He desires to bring the audience a more beautiful, more professional cinematic experience and expand its scope to more countries than "The Godfather". In addition, Tran Thanh also expressed his intention to take "Mai" to participate in prestigious film festivals such as Busan and Sundance.

On December 19, the movie Mai directed by Tran Thanh aired the first official BTS episode, providing a panoramic view of the project's preparation and production process.

In the BTS episode "The Making of", one of the most important contexts - the old apartment building where Mai (Phuong Anh Dao) and Duong (Tuan Tran) live is revealed with its unique and posed architecture. many challenges for the film crew.

Through BTS "The Making of", we can see Tran Thanh's large investment in the Mai project from the appearance of a majestic equipment set, with modern machinery, providing quality and precise images. best for the movie. DOP Diep The Vinh - Photography director who worked with Tran Thanh in the movie The Godfather continues to return in Mai. Accompanying Tran Thanh, DOP Diep The Vinh "realized" each page of the script into a creative angle, fully reflecting the character's psychology as well as the story that the director wanted to convey to the audience.

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 2

As a director who loves to exploit intimate contexts, bringing the authentic atmosphere of everyday life to the big screen, An Binh apartment building (District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) with its unique architecture, brings The ancient colors caught the "eyes" of director Tran Thanh and photography director Diep The Vinh. To get panoramic footage at the apartment, Mai's film crew had to install a long crane, transport the camera up the stairs to the upper floors, and stretch a tarp to cover the entire living area. to ensure the best lighting conditions.

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 3

However, the apartment setting was still quite cramped, not suitable for close-up shots inside the house, so director Tran Thanh decided to rebuild the entire apartment with a 1:1 ratio in the studio. Art director Thai Hoang Anh Dung and his crew recreated the hallway area, 6 apartment facades and 2 fully furnished houses of Duong and Mai.

Materials with high accuracy compared to reality were also diligently searched and arranged by the team to convey different intentions. Duong's classic house has warm tones, along with items such as a piano, bookshelves, picture frames, and bird cages to show an artistic, romantic soul.

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 4

On the contrary, Mai's house has bright and minimalist tones, but has a high level of neatness, showing the image of a skillful woman who knows how to manage life. Director Tran Thanh also created a skylight in Mai's house - a feature he observed from Vietnamese living culture.

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 5

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 6

Mai is the project that Tran Thanh has devoted the most effort and enthusiasm up to this point. Refined from the script to heavy investment in techniques, machinery, exploitation and restoration of special scenes, Mai's movie promises to meet the audience's expectations of precision and quality. After 3 years of "eating and sleeping" with the project, spending 47 days of filming and careful post-production, director Tran Thanh could not hide his excitement as he prepared to introduce his new work to the audience during the Lunar New Year. 2024.

Tran Thanh went big, building an old apartment in the studio to film for the Tet movie - Photo 7

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