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Mai Davika was praised for her trendy fashion sense, surpassing Ho Ngoc Ha and Thu Ky

Bút Máy21:45:58 28/05/2024
When talking about see-through fashion, fashionistas often think of being picky about the wearer. However, Mai Davika's case is quite an exception. Every time she wears see-through clothes, her beauty and figure seem to explode.

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How beautiful is Anh Duc's fiancée r.evealing everyday and beautiful photos that are likened to the Vietnamese YoonA?

Phi Yến15:19:44 05/04/2024
After Anh Duc shared the proposal photo, information about his fiancée immediately became the focus of attention of the online community. It is known that this g.irl is also a member of Zhencheng's friends.

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British actor German proposes to rumored girlfriend "Diem massage", wedding preparations?

Phương Thảo15:22:30 04/04/2024
The British actor and his rumored girlfriend suddenly made a move regarding the preparation of going home together after dating questions surfaced. Accordingly, Zhencheng's best friend officially proposed to his girlfriend and received a yes.

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Zhencheng again made the public bored by showing off her talent in singing Mai soundtrack in the US

Khánh Huyền07:24:23 04/04/2024
Zhencheng, despite coming to the US, still made the public at home boo, bored by the controversial display of her voice at the performance stage to promote the film Mai. The series of opinions surrounding this issue is still ongoing after the clip of Zhencheng singing was posted.

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Baolin Legion beats Hari Won in the middle of the street, nearly being taken back to the station by the American police

Nguyễn Tuyết14:27:42 01/04/2024
This trip to the US of Bao Lam and Le Giang caused many troubles for Tran Thanh and his wife. After badmouthing their colleagues, the couple continued to make skits that misled the American people.

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Tran Thanh's film Mai made m.oney overseas, with an unprecedented record high revenue

T.P13:46:02 29/03/2024
Movie fans are extremely proud of the influence of the work that created history for Vietnamese films, Tran Thanh's Mai. After bombarding the domestic market and now going overseas, Mai continues to create new records.

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Tran Thanh "got into trouble" while touring in the US, and Hari Won could not avoid it

Hướng Dương21:14:11 28/03/2024
Currently, Tran Thanh is known as Vietnam's rare trillion-dollar director after the success of the movie Mai. He is touring with his wife and colleagues in the US, including Le Giang - Duong Lam.

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Kha Nhu was suddenly accused of "stealing her role" by her juniors in the profession, saying her personality was "so evil".

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:32:08 23/03/2024
Kha Nhu once made an impression with her role as a massage g.irl in the movie Hundred Billion Mai. However, recently the actress was suddenly accused of stealing the role by her close colleague, Le Duong Bao Lam. The actor's share quickly attracted attention.

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Tran Thanh's sister's film has not been released yet and has already encountered problems, suspected of plagiarism of the Oscar masterpiece

Tuyết Ngọc17:08:35 20/03/2024
The film crew of The Price of Happiness has just released the official poster to attract the attention of fans. However, the work featuring Tran Thanh's younger sister was accused of plagiarizing the Oscar-winning film.

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Tran Thanh affirmed that he did not make the movie 'Mai' because of his ex-lover, explaining the character's name

Phong Trần20:35:31 14/03/2024
Continuously criticized by netizens that the movie Mai was born thanks to inspiration from his ex-girlfriend, Tran Thanh for the first time corrected the speculations from the audience. He is not afraid to look straight at the problem and answer all questions.

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HH Kim Anh commented: Tran Thanh film is a charitable way for people to live well"

Hoàng Trang15:18:37 14/03/2024
Miss Kim Anh's latest share about Tran Thanh's movie is causing a lot of controversy on social networks, because the beauty believes that the male MC is doing charity to help people through movies.

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Tran Thanh responded to the "overwhelming" noise: "Stone" those who like to draw stories

Minh Phúc15:45:35 13/03/2024
This is the first time Tran Thanh has responded to the incident of incorrect spelling and semantics when naming a character in Mai. The male artist also did not forget to use hidden words to slander anti-fans.

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The film Mai - Tran Thanh was exported to the US and Europe after earning 500 billion in Vietnam

Minh Phúc16:06:06 12/03/2024
After continuously setting box office records and earning a huge amount of revenue, Tran Thanh continued to receive good news when his brainchild was exported to many countries around the world.

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Cat Phuong was 'shocked' in response when she was criticized for singing poorly and destroying the soundtrack of Tran Thanh's film Mai

Thanh Phúc16:29:30 11/03/2024
Actress Cat Phuong had a super harsh response when anti-fans publicly criticized her voice, saying she ruined Tran Thanh's Mai soundtrack, showing off her cover skills and showing off on social networks.

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Zhencheng corrects Mai's film revenue, giving conflicting figures right in the tax period

Đức Trí13:38:28 05/03/2024
Male director and actor Zhencheng suddenly announced that Mai's film revenue is not as high as online statistics. He said that the most accurate revenue is sent to mail daily, notably the figure he gives is less than tens of billions.

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The movie "Mai" pocketed 500 billion, the news that the male and female leads received more than 1 billion VND?

Bảo Nam17:03:35 04/03/2024
In recent years, Vietnam's film industry has witnessed the continuous breaking of many box office records. In particular, the most successful projects are a series of three films directed by Tran Thanh.

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Zhencheng Unveils Hari Won Filmmaking: Predicted to Continue Setting Box Office Records

Hương Duy16:34:56 02/03/2024
After the great success and many records that Mai film brings, Zhencheng continued to admit victory, did not hesitate to r.eveal about the film project related to his wife Hari Won that he has cherished for a long time.

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Hong Tao commented on Zhencheng's way of working, what did he say?

Bình Minh10:43:09 02/03/2024
Having collaborated with generations of actors in the entertainment industry through film projects, Zhencheng was recently commented on by a veteran female star during the process of working together.

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Underage people watch Mai, who gets fined: Audience, cinema or NSX?

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:21:53 01/03/2024
Mai Movie is a work labeled T18 (for audiences aged 18 and over), but there are many theater clusters that still let underage people into the movie to attract attention. So in this matter, who will be responsible?

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Tran Thanh's 'Mai' released behind the scenes, r.evealing 7 special scenes that no one knew about

Phúc Sen17:07:04 29/02/2024
Tran Thanh's movie Mai caused a storm among Vietnamese audiences when it announced the behind-the-scenes episode, a series of interesting and difficult details, and the efforts of the actors and the entire crew were clearly portrayed, taking viewers from One surprise after another.

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Tran Thanh is the next "victim" of Nam Em, accusing the movie Mai of causing psychological impact

Uyển Đình06:49:08 29/02/2024
Nam Em is a h.ot name on social networks. Her series of statements during this time made public opinion restless. During a livestream, Nam Em suddenly mentioned Tran Thanh and said that it was because he watched the movie that he directed that the livestream was so chaotic.

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Police and ward officials conduct a surprise inspection at the movie theater "Mai"

Phương Thảo17:22:05 28/02/2024
Recently, on social networks, a video of authorities suddenly entering the theater to check the age of audiences watching the movie Mai - a work labeled T18 (for audiences over 18 years old) was spread.

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The noodle shop in the movie Mai 'broke its nest' because of the large number of customers, reaching a record for the first time in 40 years

Phúc Sen15:58:12 28/02/2024
Thanks to the influence of the movie Mai, the noodle shop appearing in the movie quickly attracted a huge number of customers. Selling more than a hundred bowls every day, the service was so tiring that the shop owner was surprised and couldn't believe it was true.

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Hoang Nguyen Vu 'punched and rubbed' Tran Thanh, loudly making a pun in Mai

Trí Nhi14:44:24 28/02/2024
Regarding the explanation of the name of the character Trung Duong, played by actor Tuan Tran in the movie Mai, journalist Hoang Nguyen Vu recently had a post that attracted a lot of attention, both defending and full of Tran Thanh's sarcasm.

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