Quang Ngai: Trapped by a "beautiful woman", two men lost 4.7 billion VND

Thanh PhúcJun 14, 2024 at 16:33

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On June 13, Quang Ngai Provincial Police said they had just received reports from two people about being scammed when participating in an online dating application with an amount of nearly 4.7 billion VND.

The first victim was Mr. NQT (Quang Ngai city). He said that while using social networks, he saw information about an online dating application. Curious, he researched and was directed to a website to download a dating app.

Joining the application, Mr. T. got to chat with many beautiful girls. After back and forth messages, a woman invited Mr. T. to join in opening a VIP card so he could use more amenities. To open a VIP card, you must deposit m.oney into the designated account.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 1

Many people were scammed out of hundreds of millions when they believed sweet lures through dating apps.

This person said that the m.oney Mr. T. paid would accumulate and pay interest. Believing the attractive introduction, he transferred 300 million VND to the application to become a VIP member.

After paying, Mr. T. was contacted by a g.irl named Phuong Ngoc with instructions to withdraw his interest. The first time, Mr. T. withdrew 1 million VND. He then continued to withdraw m.oney, but the system reported that his account was frozen.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 2

Phuong Ngoc asked him to pay nearly 400 million VND to reactivate his account. Believing the secret, Mr. T. continued to pay. Once they had taken all of the victim's m.oney, the scammers c.ut o.ff contact. At that time, Mr. T. realized he had been deceived.

Another victim is Mr. NQP (Duc Pho town, Quang Ngai). The scammers also used tricks to ask him to make a membership card to deposit m.oney, accumulate points and then get paid interest. Believing the words of "beautiful women" online, Mr. P was defrauded of nearly 4 billion VND.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 3

According to Lieutenant Colonel Tran Thanh Tung, Deputy Head of the Criminal Police Department of Quang Ngai Police, there are many online dating applications online, including applications created by scammers.

Through these applications, scammers will find ways to appropriate the property of unsuspecting and gullible people.

After joining the application, members will be tricked into making friends and chatting. Some time later, these subjects introduced many forms of online investment with attractive profits to trick app users.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 4

"Fraudsters offer very attractive investment invitations. However, this information is fabricated, with the aim of defrauding and appropriating assets. Therefore, users of applications need to be wary of scams. information inviting investment through social networks," Lieutenant Colonel Tung recommended.

Previously in Long An, there were also cases of being scammed when dating online. Specifically, a subject named Q used the dating function of the social network Facebook to get to know many women, including Ms. H. When getting acquainted, Q used a fake name and information that he was working at Hanoi City Police. Some time later, Ms. H agreed to get to know each other and fell in love.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 5

During the period March 2023-April 2024, Q frequently gave out a lot of information such as having to go on business trips to remote areas and dangerous borders, needing m.oney to pay land taxes, compensation for damages and car repairs due to Had an accident while on a business trip and needed m.oney to apply for a job transfer to facilitate marriage.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 6

From there, the subject created trust and appropriated Ms. H's assets totaling more than 242 million VND to pay debts and personal expenses. In April, Ms. H discovered that Q was not a police officer, so she reported it to the local police.

In fact, this person works as an electrical appliance repairer. Since the end of 2022, Q has ordered costumes, number 8 handcuffs and many other items via social networks to impersonate a police officer to carry out his actions.

Quang Ngai: Trapped by a beautiful woman, two men lost 4.7 billion VND - Photo 7

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