The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into people's houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions

PinkyMay 24, 2024 at 10:01

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The online community is extremely excited about the story of a man and woman couple, the g.irl is a h.ot g.irl who works as a DJ but has a habit of taking risks, breaking into people's houses with her lover, causing a series of billion-dollar thefts across the world. Ho Chi Minh City area.

DJ D.NNT, 28 years old, was accused of repeatedly breaking into people's houses and stealing gold, diamonds, branded watches... worth billions of dong. On May 23, Thuong, from Quang Ninh, and his lover NVT, 33 years old, were arrested by Thu Duc City Police for property theft.

The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into peoples houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions - Photo 1

According to the investigation agency, D.NNT is a DJ (music arranger) for many bars and restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. Last year, she met T (with 3 criminal records) who had just finished serving his sentence, and they fell in love. Lacking m.oney to spend, the couple invited each other to steal.

Previously, on the evening of March 27, a young man drove a motorbike to carry a female DJ from his house on Nguyen Son Ha street (Trang Bom town, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province) to the park located between two parallel streets in the ward. Hiep Phu (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City). After that, he walked to find a house to break into and the g.irl drove to find a coffee shop to sit and wait for her boyfriend.

The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into peoples houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions - Photo 2

Next, the DJ's boyfriend walked around and discovered that Mr. T.'s house (born in 1988, living in Ho Chi Minh City) had turned off the lights, so he climbed the fence and broke into the house. Here, he rummaged for two phones worth nearly 30 million VND. At this time, people in the house discovered the house, shouting about a burglar, so he climbed down and ran into the alley. After that, the thief climbed into the house on Le Van Viet Street, hid and hid two stolen phones in the drainage ditch and on the porch of the waiting house.

The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into peoples houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions - Photo 3

Nearly 4 o'clock on March 28, he called his girlfriend to tell her to park her car at the supermarket and order a Grab car to pick her up. As soon as she came to pick him up, he got into a car to escape and was arrested by Thu Duc City Police detectives. Through work, he and the female DJ claimed that due to lack of m.oney, they had the idea of stealing.

Through verification, the young man has 3 convictions for "Theft of property" and was just released from prison a few months ago. After returning to the locality, he lived as husband and wife with his girlfriend in a rented room in Dong Nai province. His girlfriend is a female DJ who used to work at many famous venues in Ho Chi Minh City.

The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into peoples houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions - Photo 4

Using the above trick, this young man and his DJ girlfriend committed at least 4 property thefts in Thu Duc City (HCMC) from August 2023 until they were arrested. The total assets the two stole were worth more than 1 billion VND. Specifically, on the night of February 27, he broke into a house on Tran Hung Dao Street (Hiep Phu Ward, Thu Duc City) and stole 300 million VND, 1,000 USD, 500 Euro, 6 taels of 18K gold, 9 rings, 1 SJC gold piece, mobile phone. Total stolen assets were nearly 1 billion VND. He sold the gold he took for nearly 250 million VND to spend.

Similarly, in the early morning of August 26, 2023, he broke into a house on Street 4 (Linh Tay Ward, Thu Duc City) to steal a mobile phone; 1 Rolex watch; 2 Fossil and Movado watches; 1 platinum men's ring with diamonds and 4 platinum rings; 6,750 USD.

The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into peoples houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions - Photo 5

The duo admitted their actions and declared that last August they sneaked into a house in Linh Tay ward and took 3 Rolex, Fossil, Movado watches, and 5 platinum rings, including one with diamonds worth nearly 7,000 USD...

Currently, the police are expanding their investigation and asking whoever is the victim of this couple to report to Thu Duc City Police and support the investigation.

The story above is also a warning to people to be careful of personal property, especially at night when thieves take action and take advantage of loopholes to steal. Regarding the case of the male and female DJ pair above, netizens are extremely upset and hope the authorities will handle them seriously.

The female DJ lost her show and took risks, breaking into peoples houses with her lover and stealing tens of billions - Photo 6

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