The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident

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Every morning before 5 p.m., all visitors at China's Palace are forced to leave. Many people wonder why this attraction closed so early.

The Forbidden City, also known as the Old Palace, is one of the famous attractions in the Chinese capital Beijing. The massive architectural block of about 720,000 square meters is divided into several parts.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 1

Through fierce wars, the Forbidden City still stands and is considered a special relic protected by the government of billions of people. On average, each year, the Palace welcomes 14 million visitors to visit and explore this mysterious ruin.

However, visitors to the Palace should note that this place has a special rule of closing at 5pm. Before 5:00 p.m., security guards here will go around to notify visitors to leave the attraction and there is no exception. This makes many people wonder why the Forbidden City closed so early?

There are 4 theories about the Forbidden City asking visitors to leave before 5pm. The first is too much yin. Anecdotally speaking, the Forbidden City was the site of many crimes, the consequences of the palaces, many concubines, palace maidens and eunuchs were harmed. Many people even claim that in the evening there is often strange music coming from inside the palaces.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 2

Second, the Forbidden City has no guards. Another oral story about the monument is that after 5 p.m. it will be closed, making it illegal for the interior to enter the country. People trained a lot of dogs to guard here from evening to morning.

Third, related to an incident that happened 64 years ago. Accordingly, on August 16, 1959, when the staff went on patrol as usual, when they arrived at the place where the treasures were displayed, they found that the windows were broken, some ancient relics were stolen, including a precious book of Empress Ren'er in the 20th year of Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty.

Moreover, the engagement items, the letters of the Qianlong Emperor, everything is gilded with precious gold and does not fly. Immediately, the police entered the investigation and arrested the culprit through fingerprint identification, which is a man named Vu Khanh Huy.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 3

According to his testimony, he believed that the relics in the ruins, if sold out, would help him earn a large amount of m.oney and live comfortably all his life. After learning the time of operation of the Palace, the thief silently hid in the toilet, waiting until the place closed, the inspection staff completed and no longer walking on the premises, he proceeded to steal the relic he had previously learned.

When Wuqing Hui traveled to Tianjin by train, he was arrested by the police. In 1960, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for stealing national relics from the Palace. The sister who aided Khanh Huy in this mission was also jailed for 15 years in prison.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 4

Fourth, the deterioration of the Forbidden City. The Forbidden City has a total area of up to 720,000 m2 with more than 70 large and small palaces. In this palace system there are 9,999 rooms.

Some places have deteriorated and have not been repaired, so visitors entering without a guide can put them in danger. Therefore, in order to protect cultural monuments and tourists, the historical site makes it a rule to close at 5 pm daily.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 5

In addition, much of the architecture in the Forbidden City is made from wood, so it is easy to catch fire. Therefore, this place is not installed too much electrical system to limit fires. The lack of a light source makes it almost impossible to visit in the evening.

Moreover, inside the Palace is the Palace Museum with many nationally preserved artifacts. Therefore, the early closure at 5 p.m. will facilitate cleaning staff as well as help staff keep an inventory of the items, preventing theft or damage.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 6

If unfortunately someone lacks the sense of graffiti or causes the building to be scratched, the staff also has a quick fix so that the next day does not affect the sense of tourists.

On the other hand, some claim that the early closure is related to folk rumors about the former Forbidden City. One day in 1992, the sky over Beijing was filled with dark clouds that showed signs of impending rain. However, there are still many visitors to visit the Palace. Not long after, it started raining. Everyone came under the eaves to shelter from the rain.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 7

In the midst of everyone sitting under the eaves to admire the amazing architecture, a flash of lightning s.lashed across the sky. At that time, several visitors saw a row of people dressed in Qing court costumes, including palace ladies and eunuchs, passing through the palace walls.

This scene terrified everyone at the scene, some immediately took out their cameras. However, after investigation, it was found that the reason for this phenomenon is because the walls of the Forbidden City are red and contain large amounts of iron oxide in them.

Lightning conducts electricity into the wall, creating a chemical reaction. At that time, the eunuch and the palace lady passed by, the wall of which functioned as a videotape, capturing their images. When such lightning rains and winds occur, this image is re-projected. However, the real reason for deciding the closing hours of the Forbidden City was not so.

The 5 p.m. Forbidden City is an eviction, which is related to the shocking incident - Photo 8

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