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Nam Em reveals valuable things and learns lessons after the noise of selling pork in Da Lat

Bút Màu07:42:42 25/05/2024
Nam Em's above move shows that she is gradually returning to a more positive image. Currently, her posts on social networks are receiving many positive comments from the audience.

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Nam Em revealed his regret after being arrested by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications. HCM proposes to block social media

Bút Chì13:48:24 10/05/2024
HCMC Department of Information & Communications HCMC has proposed to consider applying measures to prevent violations of the law on social media against Nam Em. Soon after, the beauty also made a remarkable move on social media.

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Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesn't dare go out because of this!

Hoa Tuyết15:04:40 24/04/2024
After the events, Nam Em chose to leave the bustling city to live in Da Lat with her boyfriend. However, the beauty's condition in the new land is not very positive, making fans worried.

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Nam Em's billion-dollar YouTube channel was "discolored" and the identity of the person who did this was surprising

Hướng Dương13:26:05 13/04/2024
Nam Em, after being administratively fined, continuously encountered misfortunes, with his social network accounts being defaced one after another. The latest is a YouTube channel with dozens of MVs that suddenly disappeared without a trace.

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Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests

Hướng Dương14:02:30 09/04/2024
Nam Em continues to become a controversial name in recent days. Out of the audience, she turned to join forces with Gui Yun to f.ight Ngan 98 to the point of receiving a summons for the 2nd time.

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Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the "rice bowl", confirming one thing!

Phi Yến16:26:17 22/03/2024
After the broken mirror healed with her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong, Nam Em continued to share things that made many people upset. Worth mentioning, after the anti-fan chat, she suddenly announced to block the channel.

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Nam Em's boyfriend promoted the MV by having "1-0-2", supporting the couple leaving each other

Hoa Tuyết14:53:52 21/03/2024
After Nam Em's broken mirror healed, businessman Bui Huu Cuong continued to be criticized by people for saying that couples who want to break up should listen to his girlfriend's new song.

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Nam Em and her boyfriend have a new "trick": The audience is frustrated "still don't know wrong"

Đông Nguyên14:28:25 05/03/2024
In addition to comments from fans expressing concern over Nam Em's recent image, many netizens expressed outrage because they thought this was a new trick made up by her and her boyfriend.

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Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven

Phi Yến13:45:12 04/03/2024
After paying a fine of nearly 40 million VND for a speech error, Nam Em continued to open livestreams to chat with fans. Most recently, her impromptu cover has piqued interest from fans!

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Nam Em is suspected of being pregnant with his first c.hild: Constantly vomiting on livestream

Mỹ Hoàng10:05:24 04/03/2024
In response to rumors about being pregnant with her first c.hild when constantly acting strange on the livestream, Nam Em has officially spoken out and clarified about her current health condition.

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Fiancé insists on opening a company, Nam Em says "stand still"

Hoa Tuyết13:18:05 03/03/2024
After hearing her fiancé come up with the idea of starting a new company, Nam Em bluntly criticized the multi-level breed. This sentence made the guy stand right on the livestream.

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The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em

Phi Đức19:26:21 02/03/2024
On the livestream sharing about the incident of Nam Em being stripped of his companionship by the Miss Mekong Delta Organizer, her fiancé also accidentally revealed the special affection that the head of the pageant organizer had for his girlfriend.

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Nam Em acted "strangely" after being fined 37.5 million VND: What again?

Đông Nguyên07:41:04 02/03/2024
Nam Em's series of strange moves on social networks after being sanctioned by the Department of Information and Communications is receiving a lot of attention and questions from the public. Many people are worried about what the beauty is going through.

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Boyfriend admits to forbidding Nam Em to socialize with friends, Nam Anh misunderstands brother-in-law

Phương Thảo17:05:18 01/03/2024
After being accused by Nam Em's sister of forcing and controlling his fiancée's relationships, Bui Huu Cuong officially admitted it, besides explaining the reason for this action.

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Nam Em's boyfriend urgently accused the organizers of taking advantage and demanding a lawsuit when he was deprived of his companionship

Phương Thảo09:45:28 01/03/2024
After the press release depriving Nam Em of her companionship with the Miss Mekong Delta pageant was published, her boyfriend was extremely angry and frankly exposed all the facts, not even afraid to file a lawsuit.

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Nam Em was invited to the station and the criminal police interrogated him for 7 hours

Mẫn Nhi17:05:30 29/02/2024
In a livestream on February 27, Miss Mekong Delta shared about being invited to the police station and spending 7 hours being questioned by criminal police. According to her, this working day is really stressful, instead of the working session with the Department of Information and Communications.

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Nam Em's husband brought up the story of being hospitalized to livestream: Hidden meaning of the trick to attract views

Nhật Duy15:50:09 29/02/2024
Up to now, the controversy surrounding Miss Nam Em still receives a lot of attention from the public. The beauty's husband continued to have a livestream that shocked social networks.

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The boyfriend talked about Nam Em's health condition and the meeting with the Department, hoping for one thing

Nguyễn Tuyết09:40:41 29/02/2024
Recently, Nam Em's boyfriend and representative shared the current health status of the beauty queen on her personal page. At the same time, the beauty's next working session with the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City was revealed.

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Nam Em's husband was mentioned by his name and praised by junior gangster Hai Banh as 'most brave' on TikTok!

Vân Anh16:55:31 28/02/2024
Recently, Nam Em's fiancé has made many statements that have attracted attention. Many people must think that he is really a famous person when he constantly mentions his name and clashes with many prominent people.

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Trang Khan felt sorry for Nam Em because she met her husband-to-be and advised her to go to the mountains to practice

Khánh Huyền11:32:46 28/02/2024
Trang Khan has extremely harsh and harsh statements about her boyfriend Nam Em. She thinks that he is adding fuel to the fire, constantly going online to talk about relationships and pretending to be netizens, but in reality he is not helping his girlfriend at all.

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Nam Em's boyfriend once said he was very busy at work, but now his girlfriend exposed him as a parasitic

Minh Ngọc07:19:18 27/02/2024
Recently, the couple Nam Em and her husband-to-be were constantly livestreaming arguments, demanding to break up, and scandalizing each other, making many online communities extremely concerned. From here, many people dug up his first post when he appeared in public.

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Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse

Snow17:37:26 26/02/2024
After shocking statements on social networks, many people believe that Nam Em's psychology is unstable. The beauty herself also admitted that she once had to see a doctor for a neurological examination.

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Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her

Mẫn Nhi11:12:32 26/02/2024
The person Nam Em used to love thought she had mental problems, and her current boyfriend even wanted to break up with her right on the livestream. Only Bach Cong Khanh, never once spoke up despite all the controversies surrounding him, never made a statement that hurt Nam Em.

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Nam Em pretended to be c.razy when he was "touched" by the Department of Information and Communications, different from when he exposed showbiz?

Minh Ngọc09:24:02 26/02/2024
In recent days, Nam Em has continuously broadcast livestreams on social networks. During the livestream, she often mentioned her noisy love story in the past with a famous male artist who had a wife and children and was said to be scandalizing this man.

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