Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her

Mẫn NhiFeb 26, 2024 at 11:12

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The person Nam Em used to love thought she had "mental problems", and her current boyfriend even wanted to break up with her right on the livestream. Only Bach Cong Khanh, never once spoke up despite all the controversies surrounding him, never made a statement that hurt Nam Em.

Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh were once a very good duet couple, they were also very sweet in acting, and were very close in real life, so they were enthusiastically "pushed" by the audience.

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 1

It was thought that the two would become closer and closer, but at the end of 2022, both Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh announced that they would stop collaborating and not continue dueting even though they were popular. This decision of the couple made the audience extremely regretful and tried to find the reason why the two people who were in harmony suddenly had conflicts.

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 2

Since then, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh have almost stopped interacting with each other. Occasionally, when they appear at the same music night, they just pass each other. Just when the audience thought there was no more chance to see the two duet, the duo decided to sing together again. Even though they were quite "awkward" when facing each other after all the noise, the two still showed respect and affection for each other, and the audience believed that a beautiful friendship still existed between them.

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 3

On December 13, 2023, netizens suddenly discovered that Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em had unfriended. To this day, no one knows the reason why the couple broke up, then broke up again, and then broke up again.

By the end of 2023, Nam Em once again mentioned Bach Cong Khanh's name on her story and said that his FC had "masterminded" her and her fiancé. She kept mentioning his name and seemed extremely annoyed.

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 4

In response to accusations from once close colleagues, Bach Cong Khanh chose to remain silent, never once speaking up to f.ight, argue or correct anything. Not only that, even though his fan community was constantly called out, they still respected their idol by ignoring Nam Em's every statement whether it touched them or not.

Until early 2024, during a movie premiere, the actor for the first time hinted at the old scandal with his colleagues:

"As a public figure, that is required. Through the ups and downs of life, I rely on them to grow and become more steadfast. I do not let the impact of the present shake or discourage me. will".

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 5

When asked about his willingness to "say it all once and for all" about his personal noise, Bach Cong Khanh shared: "At this point, that is more than enough. What I care about is still expertise. I believe my audience will want to hear more meaningful things."

Regarding his own feelings when the noise happened, Bach Cong Khanh shared , "If I say I'm not upset, it's not true because I'm also human, with joy, anger, and sadness." He confided: "What do I live for? I'm an artist, I live based on images, so my mission is to create beautiful images. I have to be conscious of appearing neat and speaking skillfully in public." to avoid affecting anyone. Even if I am disadvantaged or upset, I keep it to myself and do not affect others."

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 6

It can be seen that Bach Cong Khanh did not directly mention Nam Em's name, nor did he say a bad word about his old friend in front of the media. After all, the person whose name she had repeatedly called out in the middle of her quarrels was the kindest person to her. If the person she once loved thought she had "mental problems", her current boyfriend even wanted to break up with her right on the livestream. Looking back, no matter how things were, Bach Cong Khanh always acted very macho, not noisy, not arguing, not insulting, not hurting her.

Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her - Photo 7

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