Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to "heal" after his love affair with Truong Giang?

Phương ThảoJan 19, 2024 at 10:35

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After many years of being questioned by the online community about having surgery, Nam Em has now admitted it. However, she also regretted her past decision because she realized that her face before was more beautiful than it is now.

Recently, Nam Em and her husband had a livestream to interact with the audience on their personal page. Notably, for the first time, the beauty made a public move and admitted that she had undergone cosmetic surgery in the past, but that is something that Nam Em extremely regrets until now.

Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to heal after his love affair with Truong Giang? - Photo 1

Accordingly, when a netizen commented: "Nam Em's eyes used to be beautiful", she also nodded in recognition: "It's true that my eyes used to be beautiful, it's sad to talk about it, but who knows, I can't change it anymore. . In the past, I was afraid of looking bad, but now I'm no longer afraid, so I feel less sad. In the past, with this face, I was depressed, I couldn't bear it. Since I fixed my damaged eyes, I vowed never to go under the knife again. . I began to feel that the harmful effects were terrible, so I accepted that I was ugly. Opening the corners of my eyes too wide was the worst mistake...".

Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to heal after his love affair with Truong Giang? - Photo 2

Using herself as a typical example, Nam Em advises fans: "Aesthetics were beautiful at that point, but later it started to decline very badly. When I saw that my eyes were uneven, I immediately went to improve them, at first they were very beautiful, beautiful." I don't always see who I am, but as time goes on, my shortcomings become more apparent."

Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to heal after his love affair with Truong Giang? - Photo 3

Previously, in 2018, after just escaping a series of love scandals with a famous comedian, Nam Em continuously made the public worried about her condition. Accordingly, the beauty was suspected of having depression after a series of strange actions such as spoon dancing, massaging dogs, confiding in birds... She also made people panic when she "struggled" like c.razy as if she wanted to blow the roof off. Even cars are circulating on the road.

Not only that, she was also 'studied' for a strange feature that was said to have undergone 'plastic surgery'.

At that time, when Nam Em shared a new photo on Instagram and asked idly: "Do you still recognize me?", everyone immediately noticed. Looking at Nam Em's strange face, sharp-eyed people immediately discovered that she had just pressed her eyelids and opened the corners of her eyes.

Instead of receiving compliments, Nam Em was criticized and looked more "evil". At that time, some people said that Nam Em listened to someone's advice and went for cosmetic surgery to change his luck. Some people, more bitterly, said that they would no longer recognize him after having a wife.

Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to heal after his love affair with Truong Giang? - Photo 4

After many years, the Miss Mekong Delta spoke up to confirm the "cutlery" incident.

Nam Em's full name is Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em, born in 1996 in Tien Giang. She was crowned Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and placed her name in the top 8 of Miss Earth 2016.

In 2022, the beauty from Tien Giang attracted the audience's attention when she returned to the beauty race at Miss World Vietnam, but luck was not yet on her side.

After ending her beauty contest journey, Nam Em's life has changed a lot. The beauty born in 1996 mainly focuses on the music industry with a tight schedule of performing in tea rooms and singing venues.

Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to heal after his love affair with Truong Giang? - Photo 5

Recently, Nam Em's love story has received great attention from the online community. Regarding the noise surrounding her husband-to-be, she shared: "Maybe you only hear and see baseless rumors on social networks with virtual accounts. And everyone is sure enough to be her friend. I am the way everyone is portraying myself. I myself am an insider. I understand best."

Despite being caught up in a lot of noise about her love life, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 still continues to sing at many big events. She was cared for and stayed by her husband, making the public touched by the couple's love. It is known that Nam Em and her husband plan to get married in 2024. Netizens predict that the couple's wedding will become one of the hottest events in the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

Nam Em admits cosmetic surgery to heal after his love affair with Truong Giang? - Photo 6

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