The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em

Phi ĐứcMar 02, 2024 at 19:26

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On the livestream sharing about the incident of Nam Em being stripped of his companionship by the Miss Mekong Delta Organizer, her fiancé also accidentally revealed the special affection that the head of the pageant organizer had for his girlfriend.

Recently, the case of Nam Em being disqualified from accompanying Miss Mekong Delta is becoming a h.ot topic of extremely heated discussion. Accordingly, on the afternoon of February 29, the head of the Miss Mekong Delta Organizing Committee confirmed that Nam Em will not accompany the pageant despite being in office. The reason given by the organizers is that Nam Em's image is no longer true to the criteria and goals that the contest wants to aim for.

The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em - Photo 1

The organizers of this contest said: "With the criteria of honoring the beauty of personality - intellect - beauty, as well as training the bravery, thinking and talents of Mekong Delta women in particular and Vietnamese women in general, the organizers of Miss Mekong Delta 2024 find the reigning Miss Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em not suitable With the criteria and image that the contest wants to aim for, it will not accompany the contest throughout the contest process".

This unit also emphasized that Nam Em has repeatedly refused to participate in the activities of Miss Mekong Delta despite still being in office.

After the press release was posted, Nam Em's boyfriend immediately responded on the livestream.

The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em - Photo 2

Accordingly, Mr. Bui Huu Cuong, Nam Em's fiancé and manager, said that she has supported the organizers with love, working without pay, taking relationships to exchange. He further revealed that once Nam Em did not even have time to agree, the organizers posted a poster, confirming the presence of the beauty at the event.

Not only that, he also frankly mentioned the name of the head of the contest organizer, affirming that this guy has special feelings for his girlfriend. However, Bui Huu Cuong also said that Nam Em, on the contrary, felt that he did not like the guy and often deliberately avoided interactions, only keeping the relationship at work.

The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em - Photo 3

Although the beauty Tien Giang caused a lot of controversy about her statement, it is undeniable that her beauty, gentle and lovely personality, especially at the time when Nam Em's health and psychology are stable. So it's no surprise that she is cared for and loved by many people.

No matter how good the previous relationship between the two was, this incident also caused great trouble, and it was difficult for both sides to mend.

The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em - Photo 4

Bui Huu Cuong said that the beauty of Tien Giang has not signed a working contract or accepted the invitation to accompany Miss Mekong Delta (Viet News company) in 2024. He thought that the organizers were trying to do this to cling to Nam Em's name, using her for their own purposes, even though Nam Em had treated the organizers very kindly before.

"The organizer of the Miss Mekong Delta pageant used Nam Em's image, but bluntly announced the deprivation of her companionship. The actions of this unit have damaged Nam Em's honor and reputation, causing her image to be affected when working with other partners", Mr. Cuong shared.

The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em - Photo 5

Nam Em requested the organizers of Miss Mekong Delta to issue a written apology for the incident in the next few days, otherwise they will file a lawsuit.

Currently, with Nam Em's new move, the contest organizers are still silent, there has not been any voice after that.

The boyfriend of the organizers of the Miss Mekong Delta contest secretly loves Nam Em - Photo 6

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