Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests

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Nam Em continues to become a controversial name in recent days. After "chatting" with the audience, she turned to join forces with Gui Yun Ngan 98 to the point that she had to receive a summons for the 2nd time.

After a series of scandalous statements on social media, the name Nam Em is now associated with notoriety. Once praised for her beauty, clear and attractive voice, but now Miss Mekong Delta 2015 makes many people bored when mentioning.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 1

It is known that in high school, Nam Em used to study at Thu Khoa Huan High School. She is one of the outstanding students when she regularly participates and contributes musical performances to the school.

At the time of graduating from high school, Nam Em had a desire to study Pedagogy, but by chance on the closing day of the school, the Head of the 9th Military Region Van Cong Corps discovered her talent for performing and singing. This created the opportunity for her to become a student of the 35th Vocal Intermediate class of the Military University of Culture and Arts (Hanoi).

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 2

The vocal class that Nam Em attended for 7 years only opened once, the military quota, the whole country only has 15 seats (ie 15 people), the whole southern region has only the beauty of Tien Giang village.

When he went to Hanoi to study, Nam Em used to feel lost but then encouraged himself to try to study because he felt he was luckier than many others. The 9x beauty once shared, teachers and friends have always created conditions for her throughout the learning process.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 3

The images of Nam Em wearing a military uniform when he was studying at the Military University of Culture and Arts (Hanoi) caused a fever on social networks because he was so beautiful and outstanding.

At the present time, many fans express regret with the beautiful images in Nam Em's past. However, few people know that, while studying at the military school, an event happened, causing the beauty born in 1996 to decide a new path.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 4

Accordingly, a few years ago, when appearing in the first episode of "Facing Emotions" on HTV7, the miss surprised the audience and the mentors by sharing about her past stumbles.

Specifically, when Nam Em returned from the Miss Earth 2016 pageant, she had to return to school to continue her studies. Knowing the rules that military personnel are not allowed to go abroad, but she violated it, so she was severely disciplined. According to the beauty, it was because of that discipline that led to her decision to go out to pursue her dream of singing.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 5

In order to ensure that life after leaving the army is "safe", financially solid as well as peace of mind to dedicate to art, Nam Em decided to open a restaurant. However, the beauty then made a loss from half a billion to 1 billion within 6 months.

Through this difficult time, Nam Em put aside his business to pursue his passion for singing. At her peak, she was loved by many audiences for her emotional voice as well as friendly personality.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 6

However, since publicizing the back-and-forth and love drama with Truong Giang, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 has gradually lost sympathy in the public eye. In the past half a year, she began to lose control of her speech, causing the audience to be extremely bored.

After the speech, Nam Em no longer went singing. Most shows don't invite beauties because of their eyesights. Not stopping there, her product advertising, going to events during this time did not take place.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 7

Even the livestream singing as before, Nam Em is difficult to do, the reason is because after moving from Ho Chi Minh City to Dalat, she did not have enough sound equipment to sing.

Today (9/4), the HCMC Department of Information and Communications will work with Nam Em for the 2nd time on the noisy statements of the past time.

Nam Em in school was severely disciplined, related to beauty contests - Photo 8

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