Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesn't dare go out because of this!

Hoa TuyếtApr 24, 2024 at 15:04

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After the events, Nam Em chose to leave the bustling city to live in Da Lat with her boyfriend. However, the beauty's condition in the new land is not very positive, making fans worried.

Recently, the name Nam Em has continuously caused storms on social networks when it comes to bad news. Not only was she turned away by the audience, she was also administratively punished twice by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 1

Also since receiving the latest punishment, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 began to appear less on livestreams and live more quietly. Public opinion believes that this is the best way for her to regain a good image in the eyes of the public, as well as reconsider herself.

However, not long after, the beauty from Tien Giang once again made netizens angry because of her unique expressions. Specifically, in the clip widely shared on social networks, she continuously played "peek-a-boo" with netizens, r.evealing a series of scary expressions and innocent laughter.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 2

Even though they knew Nam Em was just trying to "play" funny, many people still couldn't be happy. A series of comments advised the 9x beauty to go see a doctor soon, or even go to the hospital for treatment: "Look at the sleepless eyes," "After a few days, she started acting c.razy again. Please stop hiding." ", "Nam, have you gone to the doctor yet? This condition is not like a normal person at all", "If everyone says this g.irl is not sick, I will accept it".

Seeing that his fiancée was constantly criticized by netizens, Nam Em's husband spoke up to defend her. Accordingly, the male businessman affirmed that the other person is an emotional person, so he is easily agitated. As for being mentally ill, it was impossible, because he was always by her side 24/7 and felt that she was completely normal.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 3

Currently, Nam Em and her future fiance have moved to Da Lat to live. Both are focusing on business to m.ake m.oney again. Until recently, the Top 8 Miss Earth 2016 shared about the current balance in their account when selling online, surprising the audience. "I tell the truth, I don't dare go out right now. Because going out requires m.oney. I only have 700 branches in my account, so I have to stay home," she shared on livestream.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 4

It is known that in recent times, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and her fiancé have encountered many financial difficulties. She lost many advertising contracts after the livestream noise. Even the beauty from Tien Giang had to compensate her partner with several hundred million.

According to Nam Em, her fiancé is the breadwinner of the family and worries about everything for both of them. The couple is trying to rebuild their finances with an online business. However, both still encounter some unnecessary criticism from the public about their product advice.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 5

Ignoring financial issues, during a livestream session a few days ago, Nam Em suddenly spoke up and said that she and her sister, Nam Anh, still love each other but occasionally have troubles.

"In general, in a family, there must be chaos from time to time to be called a family. There must be chaos back and forth for it to be ok, but a family that meets and laughs and then goes their separate ways is not okay." "If that's the case, that's the spice of life. My sister and I still love each other very much, we're still normal, we just say that from time to time but we still love each other very much," the beauty said.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 6

Those who follow this pair of philandering twins also know that Nam Anh moved out because she did not agree with Nam Em's boyfriend. Before that, both sides also had an extremely tense "denial".

Specifically, on March 9, Miss Mekong Delta livestreamed and argued with her boyfriend on air. After that, she posted a message implying freedom when looking for a new manager and Nam Anh also responded by posting a congratulatory post to his sister.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 7

Not long after, Nam Em's boyfriend immediately livestreamed Nam Anh directly and accused the beauty of scolding and abandoning her sister at the hospital. Regarding the Top 10 Miss Universe Vietnam 2023, she posted that her twin was psychologically manipulated by her boyfriend, making her no longer trust anyone, even her family. Since then, Nam Anh has no longer appeared on Nam Em's livestream.

Nam Em revealed her account balance after the incident, she doesnt dare go out because of this! - Photo 8

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