Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven

Phi YếnMar 04, 2024 at 13:45

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After paying a fine of nearly 40 million VND for a speech error, Nam Em continued to open livestreams to chat with fans. Most recently, her impromptu cover has piqued interest from fans!

Recently, Nam Em is a name that attracts special attention from the public because this beauty often holds livestreams on her personal page. During her livestreams, she constantly had unusual expressions as well as shocking statements that caused many people to stir.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 1

On March 1, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 was officially sanctioned for administrative violations in the amount of VND 37.5 million. This is a lesson to help her control her speech on social networks in the future.

Recently, the online community shared a clip of Nam Em covering a song on a livestream to give to the audience. Accordingly, the beauty improvisedly performed the song "Love a Dreamer", although she did not perform on stage, it can be seen that the beauty of Tien Giang origin still puts all her emotions into each lyric singing on live air.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 2

The aforementioned cover has attracted great attention from the online community, many opinions have suggested that if the miss had only livestreamed singing and interacting with the audience, perhaps the outcome would have been different. She won't get mixed reviews for her statements, not even being administratively sanctioned.

Below the clip, netizens all praised and commented positively for Nam Em's gentle, emotionally "healing" voice. The majority expressed their desire for the beauty to listen to the audience, focus on honing and perfecting her voice as well as appear more on the music stage. Because of this, she will gradually regain the hearts of the public.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 3

Earlier, the online community widely shared the clip cut from a livestream of Nam Em. In addition to the attention-grabbing statements, the beauty also pleased fans by showing off her singing skills on live air.

She sang the song "Floating Floating" - a healing song, loved by many audiences. However, while passionately displaying her voice, Nam Em suddenly turned her face in the other direction, the sound showed that the beauty seemed to be vomiting, for unknown reasons.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 4

Underneath the shared clip, the online community was constantly abuzz with Nam Em's expression while singing. Some people think that the miss has "good news", but there are also many people who express the high possibility that because she has been stressed and stressed all the time, leading to unsafe physical condition.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 5

Until the afternoon of March 3, while chatting and interacting with the audience, Nam Em suddenly mentioned that he was singing but suddenly stopped to vomit whether he was pregnant as rumored or not.

Accordingly, she frankly said that her health was quite weak, sometimes when she was singing, she had to stop vomiting due to stomach problems. When someone mentioned the pregnancy, she immediately denied it. Listening to Nam Em's sharing, the audience advised her to try treating stomach diseases by drinking turmeric.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 6

Not long ago, in the same livestream, the miss once affirmed that her health was not good, so the doctor advised not to get pregnant. "The doctor advised not to get pregnant, wait until you are stable before getting pregnant. Having a c.hild when you're not okay, you're not going to be healthy.

There are many women who take advantage of men with their children. Many people also advised me that the big couple go and have children so that the big man can eat for the rest of his life. It's not that good, it's a single mom and suffering for life," she said.

Nam Em after being fined, do this on livestream to be forgiven - Photo 7

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