Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered

Phi YếnFeb 21, 2024 at 15:01

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After Nam Em's series of statements about the beauty queen spread widely across the internet, a clip of her competing at Miss World Vietnam was suddenly dug up by people.

Nam Em is currently a name receiving a lot of criticism for a series of actions that cause frustration on social networks. In recent livestreams, she continuously "scandalized" a series of Vbiz stars anonymously even though there was no real evidence. In addition, the beauty also made a shocking statement, for example about girls in beauty contests.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 1

"A beauty queen dresses beautifully, stands and smiles, takes pretty pictures, and after a few days, has a house and a car, then when she's happy, she takes a few bags of cakes to take pictures and post them saying this is her mission. That's what a beauty queen is. , and I don't have the need to be a Miss, I don't have the need to become someone that people wear on their head," Nam Em said.

This sharing by the 9X model immediately caused a stir in the community in general and beauty fans in particular. Before the incident, some netizens quickly "dug up" the clip of her competing in the competition at Miss World Vietnam 2022.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 2

At that time, Nam Em shared his story about managing his own emotions and gave advice to women not to be controlled by their emotions. However, many people believe that what she said 2 years ago is contrary to what she has done recently.

Besides, the beauty born in 1996 has competed in many beauty contests but now has a negative statement about the Miss, making many people lose faith because of her inconsistent words.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 3

In the comments section below the clip, many netizens criticized Nam Em's increasingly excessive statements, contradictory thoughts and actions to attract attention.

Many opinions say that Miss Mekong Delta 2015's accusation of showbiz lacks basis, is "all in all", not positive and the message has a negative impact on young people.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 4

In the midst of Nam Em's series of dramas, on the evening of February 20, Nathan Lee suddenly went live on his personal page. This is a rare time the male singer appears after a long time of absence from livestreams.

During this live session, Nathan Lee was asked by netizens what he thought about the extremely dramatic incident between the Tien Giang beauty and Que Van recently. At this time, the male singer's attitude is very calm and is considered quite different from his image a few years ago.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 5

"Please allow me not to say anything about her, I don't know her at all. I just hope she's okay. From the way she talks, she's not doing very well. I hope you'll be okay, calm down. I hope the people around her really love her," Nathan Lee said.

When asked by netizens to livestream with Nam Em, the 8X singer immediately refused and said that whoever had the drama would accept it. He himself doesn't want to get involved in other people's gossip: "It has nothing to do with me, I'm very peaceful. Actually, when I see someone else having problems, I also feel guilty, even if I don't know it, I hope it's him." will be fine".

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 6

Nathan Lee only feels sorry when many people equate all artists in showbiz: "I feel sad because there are people like this and that person everywhere. People who are straightforward, hot-tempered, and uncompromising, most of them will lose." and can't work in showbiz. I personally feel that way."

According to the male singer, each person is born to experience and overcome challenges in life. No one can force others to live according to a certain pattern.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 7

"Sometimes you will find life good, sometimes you will be mercilessly crushed. The important thing is that after those experiences, I learned many lessons. Me too. Last year was a very difficult year. It was a terrible period for me. I got over it and I'm fine now," Nathan Lee confided.

He also shared that during that period, he felt that life had many bad problems, bringing negative energy to him and those around him. So the male star took a break for a while to change his mood. And now he has returned to meet his beloved fans.

Nathan Lee encouraged Nam Em, the h.ot c.lip from 2 years ago was suddenly rediscovered - Photo 8

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