Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse

SnowFeb 26, 2024 at 17:37

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After shocking statements on social networks, many people believe that Nam Em's psychology is unstable. The beauty herself also admitted that she once had to see a doctor for a neurological examination.

In recent days, Nam Em has become the center of discussion on social networks as he continuously makes many confusing statements and "unusual" actions. This made many viewers feel bored, some even thought that she seemed to be having psychological problems.

Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse - Photo 1

In fact, Nam Em does not deny that he always has many mental problems. She also confessed about her health and psychological situation on television: "I'm really c.razy and sometimes lose control, that's why my life is like this."

Regarding the reason for this "crazy" personality, Nam Em confided that since he was young, he did not have a happy family, went to school and was shunned, and when he came home he only made friends and talked to the pigs. Her memories from when she was 3 years old were of not seeing her parents, only biting ants around, cold and lonely, no one in sight.

Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse - Photo 2

Every day, the beauty queen goes to the door to wait for her mother. Every time a car passed by, she was happy because she thought she was home, but then disappointed because it wasn't. Every time I write an essay and encounter a question describing my mother, I get a bad grade because in Nam Em's memory, there is no mother.

"I am the product of an unhappy family, so no matter how hard I try and have the success I have now, I still feel lonely and hurt. People often say I'm c.razy.

In fact, my madness is a process, not something that just broke out now. People thought I was c.razy so they scolded me. But if people knew my reproductive and living history, they would sympathize," she said on the Sao Voice program.

Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse - Photo 3

One of the big reasons leading to Nam Em's unstable mental state is emotional problems. She admitted about her psychological weakness when falling in love at the show Decoding Talent:

"I'm stupid and stubborn. I keep falling in love, then find someone to fill that gap and then fall in love again. I've been in love hundreds of times now and only get the pain, making it worse and worse." Just make me weaker.

I love with more soul and mind. Many people don't believe it when I say it, but I have never had physical contact with anyone. Many times, I just need a handsome person that I like to come out and ask me out, and I immediately fall in love. In my life, the love I remember the most is also the love the audience remembers the most."

Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse - Photo 4

Miss Mekong Delta 2015 further revealed that she likes tricks, but tricks to make love better. Whenever she loves someone, she often likes to give them flowers. In life, beauty is very simple, only when love is complicated.

"People keep saying that I'm acting because they think I'm overdoing it. When I'm not in love, I'm very cute. But once I'm in love, I often do c.razy things, creating drama like in the movies," she said. speak.

Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse - Photo 5

Nam Em also did not hesitate to r.eveal his illness. The beauty said she had seen many doctors to check her nerves, but all she received in return was a shake of the head: I had to see many good doctors to check my nerves, but the doctors all gave up. I gave medicine but it didn't help, it got worse. I have to change so many types of medicine but it just keeps getting worse and worse."

It can be said that the opinions about Nam Em being mentally unstable so he behaved like he did in recent days are completely well-founded. Many viewers hope that the beauty queen will meet a good person who can stay by her side to take care of her throughout the coming time, helping her become mentally stronger.

Thanks to the above confessions, the audience somewhat better understood Nam Em as a person and sympathized with her more. They no longer hate or scold beauties like before.

Nam Em treated her nerves many times to no avail. Every time I changed the medicine, the disease got worse - Photo 6

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