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Nam Em reveals valuable things and learns lessons after the noise of selling pork in Da Lat

Bút Màu07:42:42 25/05/2024
Nam Em's above move shows that she is gradually returning to a more positive image. Currently, her posts on social networks are receiving many positive comments from the audience.

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Nam I liquidate clothes, husband sells meat, Nathan Lee is upset, wants to treat his juniors nicely?

Minh Lợi14:43:55 22/05/2024
Since the series of bad noises, Nam Em stopped all entertainment-related activities. The female model chose to return to her hometown to live with her boyfriend and assistant. On her personal page, she regularly updates everyday moments to interact with fans.

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Goo Hye Sun went on TV to talk about her suffering, eating and sleeping in the car, and fans were fed up calling Nam Em's name

Bút Mực17:45:34 17/05/2024
Goo Hye Sun appeared on a TV show and said she was busy studying. Therefore, to save time, she ate and slept in the car. However, the actress surprised fans once again when she revealed that she is building a house near the school and is not poor...

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Bao Anh: Bang Cuong's 12 years younger wife, Bao Tran's younger sister, once accused Nam Em of stealing her boyfriend

Phúc Sen17:12:30 13/05/2024
Bao Anh is a female singer known as the wife of singer-songwriter Bang Cuong. This love story of a wife losing to her husband of a zodiac animal is of interest to many people. She also has a twin sister, Bao Tran, both of whom are currently active in a 2-member band named Gemini.

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Nam Em makes a condition with the antifan, she will accept to leave her husband if anyone helps with this!

Đình Như15:29:32 13/05/2024
The love story between Nam Em and her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong is still a topic that receives a lot of attention from the public. Recently, Miss Mekong Delta attracted attention when mentioning the issue of breaking up with her boyfriend on livestream.

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Ngan 98 clarified information about weight loss products containing banned substances, posted on VTV news

Khánh Huyền17:21:55 10/05/2024
Recently, netizens buzzed with information that the product is identical to the weight loss jars sold by Ngan 98 and Luong Bang Quang and regularly advertised appearing in VTV's news with the headline: Seizing large quantities of counterfeit weight loss foods containing banned substances in Hanoi.

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Nam Em revealed his regret after being arrested by the HCMC Department of Information and Communications. HCM proposes to block social media

Bút Chì13:48:24 10/05/2024
HCMC Department of Information & Communications HCMC has proposed to consider applying measures to prevent violations of the law on social media against Nam Em. Soon after, the beauty also made a remarkable move on social media.

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Heather Shu has pity on the Fat Cat, Nam Em shares the same as the elder but is stoned

Keng16:16:21 08/05/2024
In recent days, the story of a 21-year-old Chinese b.oy nicknamed Fat Cat has shaken the online community. Many expressed their sorrow at the actions of the Fat Cat and also reminded each other to love wholeheartedly but not to be blind.

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Nam Em was suddenly asked to marry, the owner himself said that he was f.orced to pass a "stage"

An Nhi10:20:00 08/05/2024
Nam Em is still a name that catches the attention on social media, especially in terms of romance. In a livestream, the Tien Giang beauty was suddenly asked to marry from fans because of her cute way of talking.

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Nam Em declares his ability to repay debts, pushing all responsibility to his fiancé

Keng07:53:03 08/05/2024
Despite turning to business, Nam Em said she could no longer afford to repay her debts and this responsibility would fall to her guardian, her fiancé Bui Huu Cuong.

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The Fat Cat Affair: Nam Em empathizes, borrows a story begging antifans to let go

Keng16:05:52 07/05/2024
Recently, the Vietnamese online community has been touched by the love story of a 21-year-old man named Fat Cat in China. In particular, Nam Em has also recently voiced sympathy for the ill-fated b.oy.

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Nam Em's boyfriend provoked Ngan 98 despite being spared the lawsuit, the female DJ "broke the rules" to please

Kim Lâm10:36:54 07/05/2024
After Ngan 98 said that her side was pausing the lawsuit against Nam Em, the boyfriend of Tien Giang origin made provocative statements against the female DJ. The tree wanted to be quiet and the wind would not stop, Ngan 98 declared that he would break the rules, and was content to do it to the end.

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Nam Em's husband faked poverty to test his wife's heart, suspects malfunction because of 1 detail!

JLO19:40:58 06/05/2024
Nam Em and her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong appeared on the livestream. Here, the beauty Tien Giang suddenly revealed specifically about her current life. 1 detail that led people to suspect the couple of problems.

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Nam Em "scolded" netizens when he was criticized, sang badly, wanted to shave his head after a series of events

Châu Anh16:47:33 04/05/2024
Nam Em's emaciated appearance not long ago was the talk of netizens. In the face of many disparaging words, the beauty is not afraid to respond frankly on the livestream. Many people also expressed concern when she opened up about her intention to shave her head.

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Ngan 98 was accused of "exploding" by his assistant Page Nemo, selling badly, and immediately responded

Đình Như15:09:46 04/05/2024
Over the past time, Ngan 98 has become a name that has received a lot of attention from the public when she was constantly called by the close sisters Que Van - Nam Em on social networks, denounced about the huge amount of assets that she showed off on social networks.

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Nam Em emaciated to mix the lake like a "skilled worker", r.evealing the story of spending 1 billion / month

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:21:26 04/05/2024
After packing up to live in Dalat, every move of Nam Em and her boyfriend is interested by everyone. Recently, she caused anxiety with her emaciated appearance, not only that, but the image of the beauty sitting mixed with cement also attracted a lot of attention.

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Nam Em frustratingly sued because anti-fans finished buying goods, business was turbulent

Trí Nhi11:32:16 03/05/2024
Miss Nam Em continues to mess around on social media despite only recently begging to be spared the way of life. Accordingly, the beauty claims to have sued those who disrupted her business, for constantly disrupting business matters.

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Nam Em was suspected of being pregnant again, immediately corrected, said 1 lamentable sentence

JLO09:28:42 02/05/2024
From the beginning of 2024 until now, the relationship between Nam Em and her businessman boyfriend has not stopped cooling down as the two continuously encounter many events in their lives. Recently, the couple moved permanently to Da Lat to live and heal.

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Nam Em's fiancé was criticized for being inferior to her boyfriend Ngan 98, he needs to learn this

Uyển Đình10:45:01 30/04/2024
Recently, Ngan 98 received attention after the spinning kick of Que Van and Nam Em. Not stopping there, Bui Huu Cuong - Nam Em's boyfriend was also dragged into the fray, compared to Luong Bang Quang - Ngan 98's boyfriend.

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Nam Em begged to be spared his life after Ngan 98 sued and bowed his head to admit his mistake

Thanh Phúc09:05:52 29/04/2024
Miss Nam Em surprisingly just posted a post pleading with anti-fans, bowing her head to admit her mistakes, hoping to be spared a way to live, after a series of noisy lawsuits and war of words with Ngan 98. She hopes everything ends here. to live peacefully with her husband.

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After suing Nam Em, Ngan 98 revealed her parents' attitude and wanted to cry when she heard this sentence

Hoàng Phúc21:41:41 27/04/2024
Recently, Ngan 98 and Luong Bang Quang went to the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City to work related to the Nam Em startup event. After the work session, the hotgirl revealed her parents' attitude when their daughter gets noisy.

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When news broke that Le Nam was competing in Miss Grand Vietnam 2024, how did people react?

Chitshere21:32:50 27/04/2024
Recently, Le Nam caused a stir in the online community when she posted a transformation video on TikTok music. Fans expressed their desire to see this beauty born in 1999 continue to conquer the beauty crown, especially at Miss Grand Vietnam 2024.

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Ngan 98: From runner-up who "abandoned" her crown to "queen of gossip" on social networks

Diệu Anh17:31:29 27/04/2024
Ngan 98, a name that is no longer strange to the Vietnamese online community. Famous for her s.exy images, bold style and controversial statements, Ngan 98 is known as the gossip queen of Vietnamese showbiz.

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Nam Em showed a strange attitude, Que Van locked her personal page while being sued by Ngan 98

Bình Minh11:44:13 27/04/2024
It seemed that living in Da Lat would be peaceful, but who would have thought that Nam Em would continue to become a name that people called him. Because recently, she and Que Van were sued by Ngan 98.

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