Nam Em's boyfriend promoted the MV by having "1-0-2", supporting the couple leaving each other

Hoa TuyếtMar 21, 2024 at 14:53

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After the "broken mirror healed" with Nam Em, businessman Bui Huu Cuong continued to be criticized by people for saying that couples who want to break up should listen to his girlfriend's new song.

Having just released a new MV, Nam Em has received dozens of criticisms from netizens. Many people think that she intentionally caused drama for the purpose of PR for her music product. Because before, the beauty had declared to stay away from social networks, but a short time later she reappeared, then released the MV and advertised the upcoming album.

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 1

Amid the noise, a statement from Bui Huu Cuong - Miss Mekong Delta's boyfriend was suddenly dug up. Specifically, the male businessman thinks that Nam Em's song is very good and very meaningful. Couples who want to break up should listen to this song.

Not stopping there, he also confidently affirmed that his girlfriend is very popular with the audience, as evidenced by the fact that the new MV reached more than 3,000 views, attracting about 100 comments within 1 hour.

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 2

I don't know if Bui Huu Cuong regularly updates information or not, but he confidently says this number is "successful", because in fact there are many Vietnamese artists who have achieved several million views just after the MV was released. practice 1 day.

On social networks, the audience reacted quite harshly to Nam Em's fiancé's share. Many people emphasized that they are now fed up with the drama caused by the beauty queen and her boyfriend. At the same time, she expressed her opinion that if she wants to release a MV, she should do it properly, don't cause a scandal and make a statement and when she gets a reaction, act like she's the victim.

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 3

In addition, the audience also advised Nam Em to take his job seriously, to see his own mistakes, not to try to play the role of a weak person and post more than 10 stories a day to argue with the audience.

The story still shows no signs of cooling down, but last night (March 20), the livestream of the beauty born in 1996 and her fiancé continued to s.hock the public by the loss of control in their statements.

It all started when Nam Em tried to explain not promoting the MV with dirty tricks. After that, she mentioned that the audience had declared that they were "turning away" and would no longer support her music products because she was getting back together with her boyfriend.

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 4

Without any hesitation, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 blamed everyone. At the same time, she said that it was because of the audience that she forgave Bui Huu Cuong.

Specifically, Nam Em said the audience always expected her to stand on stage and sing, and even requested to continuously release new songs. So she pleases everyone, sometimes releasing MVs like 2 products/week. The production amount can sometimes be up to 100 million/MV.

Meanwhile, when he went to sing in a tea room, the salary Nam Em received was not high. Except for the costs of accommodation, travel, and makeup, the amount of m.oney earned is not much. After that, the beauty from Tien Giang gave reasons for returning to Bui Huu Cuong because she was saving m.oney... to make the MV.

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 5

She said that her husband-to-be also holds jobs such as manager, accountant, driver and housekeeper. If I keep you by my side, Nam Em will save about 100 million/month. That amount of m.oney compensates for the investment in music.

And yet, when it came to the c.limax, she suddenly loudly scolded the audience for leading her by the nose, placing excessive demands, forcing herself to do this and that. When she complied, she drifted in another direction, eventually losing control.

The c.limax of this "classroom" performance was when Nam Em appeared to teach the audience: "During that time I was sick, I couldn't sing and breathe but the audience couldn't see, what happened? I was looking for Mr. Cuong To help manage the work, I c.ut o.ff the m.oney from the driver, housekeeper, and manager to make up the m.oney to produce products for you guys to see.

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 6

Then the brothers and sisters told me to spin everyone around. Explain to me! Who is leading whom? Just a little rude, the audience is not the mother of the world. Or do you think you are an almighty being who is rescuing you? What..." Next, Nam Em almost lost control, she spoke haphazardly, using quite harsh words. The beauty's voice tone was also not at a normal level!

In fact, it is not new for Miss Mekong Delta to scream on livestream, but blaming the audience and using harsh words to criticize the very people who spent m.oney to buy tickets to watch her sing is true. is difficult to accept! There is nothing more that can be said about Nam Em!

Nam Ems boyfriend promoted the MV by having 1-0-2, supporting the couple leaving each other - Photo 7

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