Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the "rice bowl", confirming one thing!

Phi YếnMar 22, 2024 at 16:26

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After "broken and healed" with her boyfriend Bui Huu Cuong, Nam Em continued to share things that made many people upset. Worth mentioning, after "chatting" with anti-fans, she suddenly announced to block the channel.

After the noise on social networks, Nam Em continues to have livestreams that cause a stir. During her latest live with her fiancé, she had harsh words related to the audience and fans who once supported her.

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 1

Specifically, in a clip cut from the above live broadcast, Nam Em loudly said: "Who leads who? Tell me? If I lead everyone, what do I get? Is the audience leading me?" What's the point of letting me eat and then kicking over my rice bowl?

Come back to your senses. There is no such thing as an unruly audience. It's an anti, there are no fans. Only antis lead like that. But fans are people who silently, quietly help, give and don't need anything in return. And this one gives 1 but asks for 1000".

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 2

Nam Em's statement is said to stem from the fact that recently, many members of Four-Leaf FC have declared "turning their backs" on her. On social networking sites as well as the beauty queen's personal page, many fans have also expressed disappointment and even criticized her for the recent noise.

Also during the live broadcast, Nam Em was extremely unstable as he continuously made a series of controversial statements. In it, she said she wanted to quit her job, did not want to sing and did not use the name Nguyen Thi Le Nam Em.

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 3

Specifically, the beauty queen said: "Actually, I quit my job last year. I don't do anything anymore. I just want to live a different life. Anyone who calls me Nam is always angry. When I go out, no one will say anything." "You look like Nam Em so much, I immediately said no, you're wrong, I'm Tam Uyen. My name is Tam Uyen."

On the evening of March 21, Nam Em posted a new photo on his personal page. Continuously causing noise over the past time, the actions of the Tien Giang beauty made the audience bored.

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 4

Accordingly, she said she would temporarily lock the channel because of the current noise: "Social networks are complicated. Lock the channel to find peace." Along with that, the beauty born in 1996 posted a photo of her TikTok account that has been set to a private account.

However, netizens seem to have lost faith, shaking their heads in frustration, wondering how long Nam Em will lock his account. Her recent tricks with her boyfriend are many and constantly receive criticism from netizens.

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 5

Previously, Miss Mekong Delta 2015 made many people stir when she "subjugated" her fiancé. Specifically, she cried and said: "He's not as bad as everyone thinks, so Cuong please go home. It's just the pressure of life so I have to. Cuong please come back, I beg you." Mr. Cuong. Turn around and see Cuong's shore."

After that, many of Nam Em's fans felt she was hopeless and decided to stop supporting her. One person in the FC shared: "I would like to unfollow you immediately. Even if you sell anything, I will never support it. Leading everyone who loves you around because of a worthless guy is Nam I don't deserve it."

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 6

Under this post, many fans said they would no longer support Nam Em because he was now "out of help". It can be said that after the recent noise on social networks, especially the relationship with her fiancé, the image of the beauty queen in the eyes of fans has been greatly affected.

Because of her shocking statements recently, on March 1, Nam Em had to pay the price when the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications announced the decision to punish her. Miss Mekong Delta 2015 was fined 37.5 million, and was reminded that if she repeats the offense, a higher fine will be imposed.

Nam Em looked hurt, saying the audience kicked over the rice bowl, confirming one thing! - Photo 7

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