The man carries a "pregnant" belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg "baby"

Phi ĐứcFeb 12, 2024 at 11:17

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In 2003, a man in Chongqing (China) was always teased for his big belly, but did not expect that when he arrived at the hospital, he actually gave birth to a 9kg "baby" by caesarean section!

In 1951, Bo Deqiang's parents, Bo Yonggang and Li Guihua, met and married in a small mountain village in Dongxi Ancient Town in Chongqing.

In 1972, Bo Duc Cuong's first c.hild was born. As soon as he was born, the belly of this b.oy was larger than that of a normal c.hild, but the parents did not care, only assumed that he was eager to breastfeed.

The man carries a pregnant belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg b.aby - Photo 1

Unexpectedly, as Bo Deqiang grew, his belly grew bigger and bigger. Although he realized that this was extremely unusual, the medical conditions in the village had not improved, so he just "turned a blind eye".

Because of this big belly, from the age of 6, Bo Duc Cuong became the target of bullying by children in the village. Later, he was again pointed out by his detractors. Everything caused the hurt young man to be physically embarrassed and then become withdrawn and introverted.

The man carries a pregnant belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg b.aby - Photo 2

When Bo Duc Cuong was 24 years old, his parents were anxious to find someone to ask him to marry him. Eventually, they found a g.irl named Zhao Mingliang in the next village who agreed to marry Bo Deqiang.

The Zhao family is also disobedient, they have an intellectually disabled son. In order to earn more m.oney for their son's marriage ceremony, they had to sacrifice their daughter's happiness.

The man carries a pregnant belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg b.aby - Photo 3

At the beginning of their marriage, Zhao Mingliang was quite disgusted with this marriage. She could not proudly hold her husband's hand and walk around the village like other brides because his belly was bigger than a pregnant woman's, always attracting discriminatory glances.

However, after being by Bo Deqiang's side for a long time, Zhao Mingliang found him to be honest, gentle, and diligent, and gradually fell sincerely in love with him. Two years later, Zhao Mingliang became pregnant, and the family's life was on track.

In early 2003, Bo Duc Cuong was suddenly unwell with symptoms such as nausea and loss of appetite. The scariest thing is that his belly gets bigger as if he is 7-8 months pregnant.

At this time, rumors were rampant in the village, all speculating whether Bo Deqiang was really pregnant with the b.aby or not. Zhao Mingliang was extremely worried, constantly begging her husband to go to the hospital to check it out, but he always refused, partly out of embarrassment, partly due to the expensive medical expenses.

The man carries a pregnant belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg b.aby - Photo 4

In September 2003, Bo Duc Cuong was on his way home when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his abdomen. The pain caused him to faint on the spot, and the villagers found out and took him to the hospital.

The first time he saw the slender man with an unusually large belly, the Doctor in charge of Yang Yao was also very confused. The doctor performed a CT scan, which showed that he really had a "baby" in his abdomen, so he recommended surgery as soon as possible.

On October 6, 2003, after an 8-hour operation, doctors finally removed a 9kg deformed "baby" from Bo Duc Cuong's abdomen. The strange thing is that it has limbs, torso, head and even a female reproductive organ that is not fully developed. The only thing is that this b.aby has no breathing, no heartbeat and no b.lood pressure.

The man carries a pregnant belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg b.aby - Photo 5

In the end, experts consulted information, analyzed Bo Duc Cuong's specific situation and came to the conclusion that he had a monster tumor in his stomach.

After the operation, Bo Duc Cuong's b.ody was greatly relieved, but the rumors about him in the village not only did not stop, but also became more serious.

It was those same words that pushed him into the end. Half a year after the surgery, Bo Duc Cuong, less than 32 years old, chose to say goodbye to this c.ruel world.

A person who should have returned to a normal life after a "violent illness", but died because of a bitter mouth.

The man carries a pregnant belly from birth, after many years gives birth to a 9 kg b.aby - Photo 6

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