Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold

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Recently, the news of Karina (aespa) and Lee Jae Wook breaking up after 5 weeks of publicly dating has made netizens regret. The couple received many blessings from fans when they officially confirmed their relationship in February 2024.

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 1

A representative of Lee Jae Wook's agency stated, "Lee Jae Wook decided to break up to focus on his work, specifically the drama that is being filmed. They will still be colleagues, always supporting and helping each other."

He added: "In the future, they will do well in their positions. We look forward to your warm interest and support for them."

According to Tenasia, the reason for the breakup was allegedly due to public pressure and malicious comments directed at their relationship. They both felt hurt and sorry for their fans, so they decided to end their relationship.

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 2

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 3

Karina and Lee Jae Wook first met while starring together on a TV show in 2023. The couple developed feelings at first sight while attending Prada's Milan Fashion Week show on January 1 this year. 1 insider said: "2 artists fall in love at first sight. They fell in love from the moment they met at International Fashion Week."

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 4

On Feb. 27, they began dating secretly and only went public with their relationship after Dispatch broke the news. Soon after, Chinese fans rented trucks to the front of SM Entertainment headquarters to protest against this.

To make matters worse, investors blamed Karina's dating for a 67 billion won ($50 million) drop in SM's stock price. The controversy over the affair went on for a long time, so much so that Karina had to write a handwritten letter apologizing.

The letter read: "I know for sure how disappointed and saddened fans have been to learn of the things he and I share together. I'm sorry for that feeling. I am writing this letter in hopes of alleviating negative feelings in some small way."

Karina and Lee Jae Wook's love affair received a lot of attention from the public because they are both talented and famous young stars. Karina is the leader of aespa, one of the most successful K-Pop g.irl groups today. Lee Jae Wook is the favorite young actor after the success of the movie "Perfect Soul."

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 5

Karina was born in 2000 and is a member of the aespa group. The group has 3 consecutive albums, My World, Girls, Drama all surpassed 1 million copies in the first week. This is a rare album sales in a Korean g.irl group. The group has two consecutive albums that reached the top 10 of the Billboard 200. In the group, Karina is famous for her sharp beauty, which is often compared to computer graphics.

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 6

Lee Jae Wook began acting in the sci-fi thriller "Memories of the Alhambra" and rose to fame after starring in the melodrama "Search: WWW." After that, he participated in many film projects such as The Battle of Jangsari, Extra Extra You, When The Weather Is Fine, Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, Alchemy of Souls ...

However, besides the blessings, the couple also faced many malicious comments from antifans. Many people think that they are not compatible, and Karina only uses Lee Jae Wook to enhance her reputation.

The onslaught of public opinion is said to be the main reason for Karina and Lee Jae Wook's breakup. They both felt pressure and hurt, so they decided to end the relationship to protect themselves and their fans.

Karina and Lee Jae Wook's breakup made many fans regret. However, they also respect the couple's decision and hope they both find their own happiness soon.

Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold - Photo 7

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