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Jennie was defeated by Lisa "colluding" Ningning (aespa) after the smoking scandal

Châu Anh14:33:06 15/07/2024
Caught in the noise of smoking, Jennie (BLACKPINK) is facing a wave of harsh criticism from the online community. At the same time, the female idol was also criticized for being inferior to her sisters Lisa and Ningning (aespa).

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Nana (Woo!Ah!): Member who missed an asepa, SM eliminated her, was criticized for her appearance

Thanh Phúc15:49:58 30/06/2024
Nana is a female idol of the 4th generation of Kpop. Before becoming a member of the group Woo!Ah!, Nana was known as a former trainee of giant SM, her path to debut was also extremely difficult.

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Winter (aespa) made a man want to divorce his wife, netizens suddenly supported him

Châu Anh10:30:15 19/06/2024
The news that a man intends to divorce his wife because of female idol Winter from aespa group makes many people confused. Surprisingly, after hearing the story, people sided with the husband and criticized the wife.

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NewJeans - aespa "double swords", s.mashing rumors like BlackPink - Twice

Thanh Phúc12:19:24 09/06/2024
Two g.irl groups that are causing a storm in Kpop, NewJeans and aespa, have just had a surprising combination, crushing all rumors of disagreement. This move was also immediately thought of by fans in the case of BlackPink and Twice.

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NewJeans showed disrespect to LE SSERAFIM, aespa was praised for 1 thing?

Keng06:50:52 03/06/2024
It seems that there will be little turbulence after the court issued a ruling blocking HYBE's dismissal vote against Min Hee Jin, but NewJeans is still in trouble. This time it was also related to LE SSERAFIM.

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aespa confronts NewJeans, Karina shows attitude, recalls the "trampled" text message drama

Châu Anh09:10:38 28/05/2024
Once wanted to be stepped on by HYBE president Bang Shi Hyuk, aespa had a strong counterattack, causing a storm in the Kpop music industry. Besides, the current relationship between SM artists and NewJeans is a h.ot topic of discussion on forums.

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NewJeans is miserable because of "mother" Min Hee Jin, at risk of being usurped by "SM's favorite girl"

Nguyễn Kim10:22:40 27/05/2024
Right in the middle of a time when HYBE was facing a storm due to the civil war with Min Hee Jin, Aespa's release of epic music also made Kpop more exciting than ever. Many people predict that Aespa will quickly regain its position as top 1 generation 4 in the near future.

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NewJeans used tricks to win against Aespa, accused of plagiarizing BTS?

Thảo Mai07:43:59 18/05/2024
During the hearing of the legal dispute between HYBE Labels group and CEO Min Hee Jin of its subsidiary ADOR, the mother of NewJeans revealed that BTS's sister was asked to use tricks to win against aespa.

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aespa expressed intention to "challenge" Bang Si Hyuk to "step on" and return to explode and suppress Kbiz's rebellion

Nguyễn Kim15:41:27 14/05/2024
Recently, aespa released MV Supernova from their first full album Armageddon with top investment in melody and song content. From here, many people repeated the message of HYBE Labels president Bang Shi Hyuk wanting to trample on the group.

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Trieu Lo Tu caused controversy when he encountered Ningning, his styling was severely criticized

Khánh Huyền13:33:55 14/05/2024
Not only was Trieu Lo Tu compared to the same Versace dress model as Kpop idol Ningning (aespa), this time Trieu Lo Tu was also severely criticized for her confusing pose with outfits from high-end brands.

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Winter (aespa) shares dad's message on Bubble, reveals subtext about "BTS father"

Phương Thảo16:39:14 09/05/2024
According to some sources, Winter made a hidden move when she shared the content of her biological father's messages on the Bubble platform. The content shared is said to be a response from the Winter family to President HYBE.

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Trieu Lo Tu was criticized for wearing the same design as Ningning (aespa)

Phi Đức13:53:22 11/04/2024
Recently, Versace posted new promotional images and videos of global ambassador Trieu Lo Tu on social networking platforms, for the Versace Icons campaign. Notably, when this image was compared to Ningning (aespa), Trieu Lo Tu suffered...

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The group of 5 beautiful sisters LUNAS was accused of plagiarizing aespa's concept, how did netizens react?

Phương Thảo11:26:53 05/04/2024
Although only announcing the members through the first picture, the group consisting of 5 famous beautiful sisters - LUNAS was immediately compared, saying that it was too similar to aespa's previous concept.

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Karina (Aespa) broke up with Lee Jae Wook, 5 weeks before it was h.ot and cold

Chitshere17:20:11 02/04/2024
Recently, the news of Karina (aespa) and Lee Jae Wook breaking up after 5 weeks of publicly dating has made netizens regret. This talented couple has received many blessings from fans.

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Kpop and "toxic" culture: Ready to sink idols to the bottom if they dare to fall in love

Hương Duy14:24:22 13/03/2024
Many people are confused and even dumbfounded when they witness the apologies of Kpop idols just because their love stories were exposed. Even though we are in the modern era, accepting idols dating seems to be very difficult for Kpop fans.

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Jennie suddenly receives "bricks" for Karina's dating news, absurd reason for outrage

Quỳnh Quỳnh15:46:45 08/03/2024
The fact that Jennie suddenly sat without bullets in the middle of Karina's (aespa) dating news with actor Lee Jae Wook made many fans angry. Currently on forums, netizens are fiercely arguing about this story.

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IU's boyfriend Jisoo faces pressure every day when he has a girlfriend who is a K-pop idol

Hương Duy13:31:37 06/03/2024
Despite being famous actors, Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jong Suk and Ahn Bo Hyun still have to endure many gossip and difficulties because of romances with girlfriends who are K-pop stars.

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Karina's new boyfriend (Aespa) is exposed to a complicated relationship: Changing boyfriends is like changing clothes

Nhật Duy14:34:06 29/02/2024
Having their dating story revealed by Dispatch, Karina (Aespa) - Lee Jae Wook always receives special attention from the media and the public. In particular, the female idol's new boyfriend was also "dug up" by netizens about her past love affairs and views on marriage.

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Karina (aespa) and the male lead "Revived" were discovered by Dispatch to be dating, the company confirmed

Phong Trần13:36:46 27/02/2024
On the morning of February 27, Dispatch caused a stir on social networks when it published a series of secret dating photos of AI goddess Karina (aespa) and famous actor Lee Jae Wook (Hoan Hon). Netizens were extremely surprised but also showed support for this relationship.

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Female idols possess the most standard b.ody, the YG goddess is difficult to match

Phong Trần08:51:57 11/02/2024
Although Korea releases dozens of g.irl groups every year, beauty associated with popularity is not something all idols can do. The current female idols possess the most desirable standard bodies called idols of the BIG 3.

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Was Rosé mocked by SM's rookie for her voice, or was it just "good interaction"?

Vân Anh17:30:17 19/01/2024
RIIZE - rookie SM caused controversy when he supported an account that mocked senior BLACKPINK Rosé's voice. Netizens were angry with this action of the boys.

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Jennie (BLACKPINK) is intimate with a stranger, the leader of BTS and her "rumored lover" Karina (aespa) are revealed

Snow14:55:47 26/11/2023
After V (BTS) confirmed his enlistment this year, Jennie was suddenly caught interacting extremely closely with the HYBE male idol. At the event, the moves of other famous idols also attracted equally attention.

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aespa attended BLACKPINK's finale concert, netizens "asked": Did the copy come to learn from the original?

Nhật Hân07:20:12 20/09/2023
Being present to support their seniors at the last leg of the concert in their hometown, aespa members accidentally caused controversy between the two fandoms. It is known that since their debut, aespa has always been considered a copy of BLACKPINK.

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Karina - "older sister" aespa turned tycoon lady, her beauty caused a storm because she was "beautiful as a painting" despite the usual orange

An Nhi10:15:47 07/07/2023
Karina suddenly became a h.ot character, being actively hunted by many netizens when appearing with the standard image of a lady when attending a show within the framework of Paris Fashion Week.

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