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Nam Em was corrected by Hong Wan's spokesperson for touching seniors

Phúc Sen14:39:11 05/03/2024
After a series of noises and touching statements, recently once again made many people dissatisfied, the representative of Vu Linh's daughter - Ms. Hong Loan, Hong Ni directly corrected.

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Bach Cong Khanh is always the most kind to Nam Em, never once criticizing her

Mẫn Nhi11:12:32 26/02/2024
The person Nam Em used to love thought she had mental problems, and her current boyfriend even wanted to break up with her right on the livestream. Only Bach Cong Khanh, never once spoke up despite all the controversies surrounding him, never made a statement that hurt Nam Em.

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Nam Em was once "ambiguous" with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang

Nguyễn Kim13:57:32 23/02/2024
Nam Em's love story always attracts a lot of attention from netizens. Because she always has many stormy statements and is not afraid to tell stories about being treated harshly and receiving bitter consequences when in love.

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Bai Gongqing could bear all the Southern Em, and responded bitterly when he was repeatedly called out

Nguyễn Kim10:25:21 01/02/2024
After being repeatedly mentioned by Nam Em's name and bad sharing, Bach Cong Khanh spoke out in response, attracting the attention of the online community. The current relationship of the two artists is also of interest to many viewers.

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Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of "playing badly"

Nguyễn Tuyết11:34:34 31/01/2024
During a recent livestream interacting with fans, Nam Em continued to share about Bach Cong Khanh, causing people to constantly stir. In addition, she also attracted attention when r.evealing her love story for a rich man.

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Bach Cong Khanh revealed his relationship with the noisy queen Nam Em, harshly responding to accusations of deceit and lies.

T.P13:34:18 18/12/2023
Male singer and actor Bach Cong Khanh recently shared some information surrounding the noisy conflicts at work with Nam Em. R.evealing their relationship for the first time and whether they can still sing together or not. Responding to being lied to by the audience.

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Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of "stabbing in the back", boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention

Quỳnh Quỳnh13:54:18 02/12/2023
Nam Em is the name most mentioned in recent days because of the noise in private life. The romance with her boyfriend has not settled, Nam Em again denounced FC Bach Cong Khanh, and at the same time declared that no one would harm her fiancé.

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Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, 'over the drawbridge', close was just fun

Thanh Phúc08:21:28 02/12/2023
Nam Em caused a stir when there was a post accusing actor and singer Bach Cong Khanh of being from the LGBT community, the previously rumored romance was completely bogus, saying that Bach Cong Khanh was the one who crossed the drawbridge.

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Nam Em wanted to chant sutras when he heard that he was going to sing with Bach Cong Khanh, an attitude that made everyone bored

JLO10:07:49 28/09/2023
Nam Em is a singer, actor, and model known to a wide audience. Even though she has dabbled in many fields, she is considered the best in singing because of her sweet and heartwarming voice.

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Nam Em was pitifully "shamed" by Bach Cong Khanh, refused to get involved, and asked to "let it go" when mentioning one thing.

Quỳnh Quỳnh10:52:31 21/09/2023
Once a very good duet couple, Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh no longer appear together. Even on stage, both of them refrained from mentioning each other or re-singing songs they had duet together.

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Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless

Uyển Đình12:01:34 23/08/2023
The recent image of Nam Em has many fans worried and lamented. Her b.ody is much thinner than before with bruises, r.evealing an alarming state of health.

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Nan Em angrily called out Bai Gongqing's name: "If you don't like it, it's next. Don't be so toxic."

Minh Lợi13:36:47 21/08/2023
A few days ago, Nam Em caused a stir when he suddenly posted a moment r.evealing a corner of a hidden man. As can be seen, this person wears a white shirt, r.evealing a rather stylish figure.

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Nam Em appeared full of instability, haggard face, swollen eyes, related to the upcoming reunion with Bach Cong Khanh?

JLO18:44:02 29/06/2023
Since stopping at the Top 10 position of Miss World Vietnam 2022, Nam Em has always been a h.ot name for the entertainment industry Vbiz thanks to her sweet voice and clear, salty beauty.

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Bach Cong Khanh revealed evidence that he was still "attached" to Nam Em, accepting risks for the other party?

Keng17:08:51 12/05/2023
Recently, the online community shared a clip recording Bach Cong Khanh's performance at a music night in Da Lat. Appearing on stage, the male singer surprised many people when there was a big change in dressing style. Specifically, unlike the elegant suits like always, on this...

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Nam Em hinted that he was about to "retire" after asking to "reunite" Bach Cong Khanh, suspected of being rejected by the other party?

JLO11:01:33 25/04/2023
Nam Em is a multi-talented "pink ball" in the Vietnamese entertainment industry. Not only has she won many titles at beauty contests, but she also "encroached" into the field of acting and singing. After participating in the music contest on television, Nam Em took some time to...

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Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried"

T.P07:11:12 18/04/2023
Miss, Singer Nam Em has just had interesting shares, r.evealing that she is not close to anyone in showbiz, all of them "take care of themselves", making everyone's heart flutter. Nam Em is an artist's face that has always received a lot of attention and attention from the...

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Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls"

T.P13:32:57 13/04/2023
Nam Em once again stirred up the online community with a statement full of meaning in the middle of the night, sending a statement to those who were trying to bring down and even "destroy" her, netizens were confused at the same time. what is happening. Miss, Singer Nam Em is...

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Nam Em - Bach Cong Khanh "falls in love from the beginning" after being noisy and openly posting pictures of the other party?

Chi Chu14:14:44 25/03/2023
Despite a lot of controversy, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh are always a couple that is loved by the audience. Recently, the female singer made a move that surprised many people when she publicly posted Bach Cong Khanh's photo on her personal page, Specifically, recently, Nam Em...

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Nam Em admitted the mistake, revealed the reason for "taking a break" Bach Cong Khanh, shocked about being a "single mom"

Hoàng Phúc10:39:39 04/03/2023
In the past few years, besides modeling, Nam Em has also entered the music field and achieved many successes. Most recently in an interview, the beauty of Tien Giang origin shared about her musical path. Accordingly, Nam Em said that compared to solo on stage, she felt that...

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Nam Em talks about the association of ex-lovers, claiming to be afraid of loving one person too much, "reminding" Bach Cong Khanh?

Hoàng Phúc11:34:53 02/02/2023
The noisy story between Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh seemed to have fallen into silence, but recently, what did Nam Em say that made many people think that she was referring to the "rumored boyfriend" for a while? Specifically, Nam Em recently released a video of the lyrics of the...

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Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude?

KiKo10:05:29 04/01/2023
Hoai Lam's recent revelation about the love story of Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em surprised many fans. They had feelings for each other, but for unknown reasons, they both cracked and separated from each other. Recently, the online community shared a clip recording the performance...

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Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged

KENG07:18:41 04/01/2023
After the emotional uproar, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh both found new co-stars. While the beauty received compliments for the new combinations, the male singer was not popular with the audience. As a prominent beauty in beauty contests, recently Nam Em has impressed the audience...

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Nam Em publicly "new person" after being bullied by Bach Cong Khanh, love to dress up together

N.P13:22:28 02/01/2023
Used to be a good duet with Bach Cong Khanh, but after the noise, perhaps Nam Em has found a new co-star. The "new person" of the female singer caused a fever when she was extremely handsome, the two even wore couple outfits on stage. On the evening of December 31, Nam Em had a...

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Nam Em has just been comforted by a male showbiz god, Bach Cong Khanh immediately hinted at the "reunion"

Hoàng Phúc09:46:51 29/12/2022
In Vietnamese showbiz, Nam Em is not a strange name to the public. She is praised for her beautiful beauty, good singing and acting skills. However, long legs are also involved in many market failures. Recently, Thuan Nguyen did not hesitate to share about the noise of his...

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