Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude?

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Hoai Lam's recent revelation about the love story of Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em surprised many fans. They had feelings for each other, but for unknown reasons, they both cracked and separated from each other.

Recently, the online community shared a clip recording the performance of Hoai Lam and Bach Cong Khanh in the music night in Da Lat on the last day of the year. It can be seen that around the second half of 2022, Hoai Lam has actively returned to the music stage and received a lot of love from the audience.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 1

Bach Cong Khanh is also a name that attracts the same attention as Hoai Lam when the audience has always seen Bach Cong Khanh with many stages combined with the voice of flowers blooming without color. Appearing in the music night, Hoai Lam received many compliments from the audience as he gradually regained his beauty, his handsome face and slimmer appearance helped Hoai Lam gradually regain his glory. his optics.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 2

Notably, when introducing a new performance song, Hoai Lam drew the audience's attention when he mentioned Nam Em in front of Bach Cong Khanh. Specifically, the next duet performance of the two is called "A Drunk Night" - Thinh Suy's hit is very popular with young audiences.

After introducing the name of this song, Hoai Lam also revealed: "The cabinet song of Mr. Khanh". Before Hoai Lam's statement, Bach Cong Khanh immediately denied: "What, I'm not drunk". However, Hoai Lam then suddenly "closed" the exchange by saying: "I miss you drunk Nam Em". Hoai Lam's revelation made Bach Cong Khanh unable to hide his surprise.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 3

Is this the revelation of Hoai Lam about this long-standing relationship that the audience has always speculated between Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh. However, it is not exception that because Hoai Lam did not know the noisy story of the past days between Bach Cong Khanh and the beauty of Tien Giang origin, so he spoke so carefree. In particular, when it comes to Nam Em, Bach Cong Khanh did not share anything more, but only focused on the performance.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 4

Once a good duet at music nights, Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em confused fans when revealing a series of signs of drama. At the c.limax, Nam Em revealed that he would limit singing with Bach Cong Khanh, the man also spoke up to clarify the noise and confirmed that he had not received an official apology.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 5

Previously, in a media meeting, Bach Cong Khanh shared about the reason for his disagreement with Nam Em, he said: "The main reason for the disagreement in my work and Nam Em's work is that both We all know, it's very small and we can handle it. People create a lot, from family, gender, company, ... and most of all, people slander and slander me. and the company takes action to destroy Nam Em's life, or take down all of Nam Em's FC pages, then take over everything to bring her down. of Nam Em, just speak up, I will confront.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 6

Nam Em once questioned me about this in the middle of the night and I had to set up the whole company to answer her about the FC site being down. And until Nam Em had answers to those questions, to be honest, to this day, I have not received any official apology from Nam Em. However, I know Nam Em is someone who can't keep his composure before everything, I find that I can still ignore it."

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 7

More importantly, after Bach Cong Khanh spoke up, Nam Em also shared a hidden meaning on his personal page. Accordingly, the beauty wrote: "I speak well of that man, people criticize me. That man speaks badly about me, people still criticize me. Yet saying that there is no respect for men and women, Not understand?".

Although Nam Em did not directly mention Bach Cong Khanh's name, fans simultaneously called the actor's name because they thought he was related to Nam Em's intense sharing. Currently, the insider has not yet made a specific move. To the south of Em, she canceled her friendship with Bach Cong Khanh when the noise took place.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 8

After the noise, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh no longer appear together and no longer mention each other in front of the media. While Bach Cong Khanh accompanies Hoai Lam and many other singers, Nam Em also has a "new person", recently, the female singer appeared and had extremely romantic duets next to the male god. Song Luan.

Hoai Lam asserted that Bach Cong Khanh was "drunk" by Nam Em, the insider clearly showed his attitude? - Photo 9

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