Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of "playing badly"

Nguyễn TuyếtJan 31, 2024 at 11:34

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During a recent livestream interacting with fans, Nam Em continued to share about Bach Cong Khanh, causing people to constantly stir. In addition, she also attracted attention when revealing her love story for a rich man.

On January 29, Nam Em once again shared about life. In particular, she continued to mention her once close co-star - Bach Cong Khanh, causing an uproar in the online community. Specifically, the beauty revealed that when she performed together, she was "played badly" by a male actor to "degrade" her in the eyes of the audience.

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 1

"I tell everyone the story, at that time I went to sing with Bach Cong Khanh, I clearly remember that place was M. That day it was cold, he said it was ok to let him sing first, normally you two When I sing together, I split up to serve the audience together.

He said he would sing 4-5 songs and then I would come out. I waited until he sang the 3rd or 4th song, then I went out and waited, but it was not warm in Da Lat at that time, so I sat in front. It was windy so I waited, then he sang... 5 more songs, I was fine, nothing.

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 2

When I sang less than 2 songs, I thought I should change into another outfit because the outfit I was wearing wasn't warm enough. After changing clothes, I went out to sing again, but he said he would sing 4 more songs, so I waited for the third song, so I sat down and waited. Then he sang... 8 more songs.

When I came out, I saw that the show was already late, so I thought I would sing and interact with the band for a bit. I interacted with him and played drums for 2 songs and then sang about 3 or 4 more songs and that was it. she said.

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 3

Not stopping there, the beauty born in 1996 also revealed that Bach Cong Khanh sent her a message with the content: "I don't see your efforts" which made her extremely confused.

Through Nam Em's words, it seems that the actress born in 1990 took up too much of the music night, leaving her with not enough time to sing. Yet when he returned, he expressed "blame" to his juniors for not showing their full potential.

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 4

Currently, the beauty queen's statements about Bach Cong Khanh attract a lot of attention and discussion from netizens. Also in this livestream, many fans expressed their joy when they saw that her mentality was more stable than before.

Previously, the actor had an indirect response when Nam Em kept calling his name. Specifically, he said: "I don't have time to argue with Nam Em. So from now on, I won't care about things that don't affect me. I'm just saying that!".

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 5

The controversy over Bach Cong Khanh has not cooled down yet, most recently, the beauty from Tien Giang continues to attract attention when sharing her love story, especially having relationships with many rich people.

Accordingly, Nam Em said: "Think about it, a person who is both beautiful, knows how to sing, and can make others happy, think about it, if I'm willing to keep my image clean, I know rich people, I know That's a lot of people at once, but everyone you know is sincere, then think about it, it's very fast, it's very easy to get rich...".

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 6

The beauty queen of the Mekong Delta added: "If you work hard, if you lie down, you can get rich easily... But you can't do it, you can't do that. So it's better to be known as c.razy. still feel clean.

So when they met me, they couldn't conquer me and then went to the police station, saying I was c.razy, actually kind of angry. This type of g.irl gives him m.oney but he refuses to get to know me, ie. That's all, no nonsense."

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 7

Nam Em admitted that she spent some time getting to know these men. However, she determinedly refused to do things that went beyond her limits to maintain her image, despite her bad reputation.

"There's time to find out. If you're rich and want to get to know me, you'll have time to find out. If I'm willing, then I'll agree, but if not, then that's fine. It's not like asking for a price...", she confided.

Nam Em did not let go of Bach Cong Khanh and continued to accuse the other party of playing badly - Photo 8

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