Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, 'over the drawbridge', close was just fun

Thanh PhúcDec 02, 2023 at 08:21

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Nam Em caused a stir when there was a post accusing actor and singer Bach Cong Khanh of being from the LGBT community, the previously rumored romance was completely bogus, saying that Bach Cong Khanh was a person who 'crossed the drawbridge'.

The name of Hoa Khoi, singer Nam Em, in recent days can be said to be the topic that netizens are searching for and talking about the most across the internet. A series of dramas related to Nam Em were shared rampantly, many conflicting opinions began to be made, the critic defended, causing her story to be pushed further and further.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 1

Accordingly, the fuss regarding her fiancé's past has not completely cooled, but on the evening of December 1, Nam Em made a post accusing an anti fan, who pretended to be her fan to show harm. The Tien Giang native said that this person gave her food, saying it was cockle porridge, but actually when she ate it, she realized that it was dirty, deliberately harming her so that she could eat.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 2

And yet, Nam Em also posted a forum saying that she will sue to the end of those who deliberately harm and smear her honor, even naming people in Bach Cong Khanh's FC. Specifically, Nam Em has also encountered many noises related to male artists. Netizens said that the two often go on tour together and Nam Em has a special affection for Bach Cong Khanh, being close and interacting too much.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 3

Although he chose to remain silent for a long time, up to now, he may not be able to forbear, so Nam Em has spoken out directly in Bai Gongqing's face, once stating the truth to protect his name. Accordingly, netizens were shocked, when she said that Bach Cong Khanh is a "purple" person, that is, in the LGBT community, love is never happened. Moreover, intimate moments are purely about making the audience happy.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 4

Specifically, writing on his personal story, Nam Em shared: "I was the one who invited Bach Cong Khanh to sing together. From the early days of singing, I always wanted to be with you for a long time and be kind. But in the end, what do I get? That friend is seen by everyone. The fact that I had fun with her on stage was to make the audience happy. Because an artist's job is to make the audience happy.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 5

After the promises of preparing to film a new film and shoot with Bach Cong Khanh. With psychological manipulation, I received a talk show praising Bach Cong Khanh. What do I get then? Over the plank drawbridge. I wanted to be quiet so I could keep my peace to myself.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 6

How many times did Bach Gongqing psychologically manipulate me, saying that now he doesn't sing anymore, he wants to die. So I believe. I continued to humble myself, but in the end I was wrong. Now that I am no longer eager for this work, I will stand up and wash myself. There is a saying that people are not for me, heaven and earth are destroyed."

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 7

Nam Em's post about Bai Gongqing quickly caused a stir online. The people were simultaneously shocked by this too tough move of Nam Em. However, he also showed understanding, suggesting that perhaps this was an act of water breaking the bank of the beauty. Although it was just subjective words from Nam Em, netizens were extremely shocked.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 8

Currently, the online community is also waiting for an official statement from Bach Cong Khanh, clarifying the accusations from Nam Em to the artist.

Nam Em said Bach Cong Khanh was LGBT, over the drawbridge, close was just fun - Photo 9

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