Nam Em was once "ambiguous" with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang

Nguyễn KimFeb 23, 2024 at 13:57

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Nam Em's love story always attracts a lot of attention from netizens. Because she always has many statements that cause "storms", she is not afraid to tell stories about being treated harshly and receiving "bitter consequences" when falling in love.

Nam Em is one of the beauties with impressive achievements in the domestic and international beauty arena, with many recognized talents such as singing, acting... However, what the audience always pays attention to is The beauty from Tien Giang is a love story.

One of Nam Em's "ambiguous" relationships must mention Bach Cong Khanh. Specifically, she and Bach Cong Khanh are destined to collaborate on a number of music projects, once standing on the same stage as a good duet and giving each other many emotional gestures. In a program, Nam Em made a statement that she wanted Bach Cong Khanh to become her "future husband" because he had many suitable good points. After this statement, the audience actively "pushed the boat" for the couple.

Nam Em was once ambiguous with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang - Photo 1

However, in mid-December 2022, the two's relationship was suspected of tension when netizens discovered that Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em no longer interacted as comfortably as before. Many people even noticed that Bach Cong Khanh and Nam Em unfriended each other on social networks. After that, Nam Em's FC pages were taken down and people raised rumors that Bach Cong Khanh was taking steps to oppress his colleagues.

By mid-April 2023, Nam Em said he had resumed his relationship with Bach Cong Khanh. She admitted that she had childish and immature thoughts in the past and offered to sing together in her live show.

Nam Em was once ambiguous with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang - Photo 2

In August 2023, Nam Em confirmed that she had a boyfriend after a period of living in hiding to heal. At that time, many people wondered about the identity of Nam Em's boyfriend and many people predicted that it was Bach Cong Khanh. However, the beauty from Tien Giang immediately denied it.

In October 2023, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh sang together again. It seemed that the relationship between the two was normal, but in early December 2023, when Nam Em's boyfriend was hospitalized due to food p.oisoning, Nam Em continuously posted stories mentioning the FC of male singer Bach Cong Khanh, for that she was being played badly by this group of people. "The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind doesn't stop. I've endured it many times in my life. This time I won't endure it anymore. I wanted FC Bach Cong Khanh to get along, but you deliberately wanted to stab me in the back," Nam Em wrote.

Notably, Nam Em also accused Bach Cong Khanh's side of "crossing the bridge and withdrawing" from him.

Nam Em was once ambiguous with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang - Photo 3

In response to Nam Em's posts, Bach Cong Khanh remained silent until meeting the media on the occasion of the release of his new movie, the male singer spoke up: "Bad things happen online and I know it all. However, , I determined that it is not related to me, nor does it affect me at all. Additionally, I am very busy at this time, with too much work, so I spend most of my time on work. I don't have time. care or quarrel with Nam Em.

Even this movie or my recent productions have nothing to do with her. So from now on, I won't care about things that don't affect me. I just said that's it".

Nam Em was once ambiguous with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang - Photo 4

Right after that, Nam Em immediately made a move to attract attention: "If you say you're clean, then do another PR. If I knew the movie was about to come out, I wouldn't want to mention it. Hello, are you clean yet? Get away from me. help".

Nam Em was once ambiguous with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang - Photo 5

Recently, Nam Em has been continuously livestreaming and is not afraid to talk about the noise with his colleagues. That's why netizens are constantly calling Bach Cong Khanh's name. However, the male singer did not comment and focused on work.

Nam Em was once ambiguous with a male Vbiz star, and the drama was no less controversial than Truong Giang - Photo 6

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