Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged

KENGJan 04, 2023 at 07:18

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After the emotional uproar, Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh both found new co-stars. While the beauty received compliments for the new combinations, the male singer was not popular with the audience.

As a prominent beauty in beauty contests, recently Nam Em has impressed the audience when performing at music nights. Nam Em used to be a very good duet with Bach Cong Khanh, but the two had just encountered some unnecessary noise.

After temporarily suspending cooperation with each other, the beauty born in 1996 continued to stand side by side with a series of male showbiz gods. She is loved by all the boys, making everyone jealous.

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 1

Accordingly, an audience recently shared a video recording a conversation between male singers Vuong Anh Tu and Nam Em during a music night at the beginning of the year at the stage. At this performance, Nam Em had the first collaboration with singer-songwriter Vuong Anh Tu with many deep and emotional love songs.

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 2

At the audience exchange, Vuong Anh Tu, after finishing his performance, introduced Nam Em: "Before Vuong Anh Tu gave up the stage to the very beautiful female singer Nam Em..." , suddenly the beauty of Dong Thap spoke up to prevent the male singer from introducing himself as a singer.

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 3

After the surprise, Vuong Anh Tu quickly asked Nam Em what name should be used, the beauty answered: "Sister Nam Em". The response of the two made fans extremely excited.

Before Vuong Anh Tu, Nam Em had a very sweet collaboration with Song Luan. While Nam Em actively makes sweet gestures, Song Luan has an attitude of keeping a certain distance. However, at another angle, the male singer also had the act of wearing a scarf for Nam Em, causing people to "push the boat".

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 4

Before that, when referring to Nam Em, Song Luan once shared: "What people say on the outside, I don't care, for me, Nam Em is a very positive g.irl. Almost all the negative things she does are negative. They don't mind. So the way she stands on stage is very carefree and innocent. Even if she forgot the lyrics or sang the wrong music, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter."

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 5

In addition to Song Luan, Thuan Nguyen also gave the beauty of the Mekong Delta beautiful words. He said: "For Thuan, Nam Em is a very cute person. During the time we worked together, this g.irl was a g.irl with a lot of energy. At times, Nam Em said things that I thought. If an ordinary person looks at it, they will say it is thoughtless, but to me, it is a precious thing."

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 6

Contrary to Nam Em, after the noise, Bach Cong Khanh was cold-hearted by the audience. Specifically, Bach Cong Khanh recently had a special collaboration with Hoai Lam.

While, Hoai Lam was praised for gradually regaining the aura when his appearance became slimmer and handsome, while Bach Cong Khanh suffered many mixed comments. Netizens believe that Bach Cong Khanh deliberately limited receiving shows with Nam Em, instead often appearing with Hoai Lam.

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 7

However, besides that, there are also many opinions in favor of Bach Cong Khanh, they think that if the BTC night wants to book someone to perform, Bach Cong Khanh cannot interfere in this. It is possible that because the audience effect in every music night with Bach Cong Khanh and Hoai Lam is very good, the organizers continued to invite both of them to sing together to serve the audience, but it has nothing to do with the noise. Nam Em.

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 8

Regarding the issue of restricting receiving shows with Bach Cong Khanh recently, Nam Em explained: "Recently, I very rarely accept tea room shows because I know that if I just use health reasons to take pictures, This is also what I told Mr. Bach Cong Khanh, that I don't want to receive more shows for fear of being affected. I don't want to force other people to suffer for some reason. ".

Nam Em compared a series of noisy, well-loved male gods, Bach Cong Khanh was estranged - Photo 9

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