Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls"

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Nam Em once again stirred up the online community with a statement full of meaning in the middle of the night, sending a statement to those who were trying to bring down and even "destroy" her, netizens were confused at the same time. what is happening.

Miss, Singer Nam Em is the face of an artist who has long been no stranger to the audience who are interested in showbiz. Possessing a salty beauty, inspirational voice, Nam Em has gradually proven and captivated the audience with the prejudice of "beautiful people holding a mic". The proof is that she has successfully made "two brain children": Love Story and Love Story 2: The Phoenix Reborn. Both of the above music shows were enthusiastically responded by the audience, always in a state of sold-out tickets every time they were on sale.

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 1

She was crowned Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and represented Vietnam in the Miss Earth 2016 contest with the final Top 8 achievement. Nam Em soon immediately successfully embarked on showbiz, highly appreciated for her wobbly beauty by many viewers. However, not long after, in 2018, she got involved in a super noisy love drama with comedian Truong Giang. At that time, the name Nam Em always seemed to be the focus of netizens, taking it out as a topic of discussion and criticism.

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 2

Since that year's drama, Nam Em gradually lost her form, she weakened both mentally and physically, along with her career gradually went down, Nam Em also appeared less in public since then. they. Because of thinking and receiving too much attack, it is known that Nam Em also suffers from some mental illnesses, making her mood unstable, even falling into depression. In addition, her b.ody also became severely weakened, often unable to stand, low b.lood sugar every time she worked too hard.

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 3

In the past few years, Nam Em has gradually returned to showbiz and made a strong impression in music, along with the audience who loved her. Even the original Tien Giang beauty enrolled in another beauty contest in 2202, which was Miss World Vietnam and ended up in the top 10. However, with each statement, Nam Em makes her story sensitive and easy to cause a lot of noise and misunderstanding. Most recently, the beauty was involved in a love scandal with her music lover - Bach Cong Khanh.

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 4

Accordingly, in an interview with the media, Nam Em casually said that she had feelings for Bach Cong Khanh and wanted to find a boyfriend with the same model as the male artist. However, on Bach Cong Khanh's side, he flatly refused and affirmed that he only considered Nam Em as friends and colleagues, working together only for work. This noise also caused a lot of controversy on social networks, leading to that, both Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh gradually lost their interaction, no longer singing together on stage.


Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 5

Recently, speaking in public, Nam Em also said that the relationship between her and Bach Cong Khanh is still good. She also hopes that the two will be reunited on stage soon. And the current love story with her is no longer too salty, although there are still many people pursuing.

Amidst the attention of recent statements, on the evening of April 12, Nam Em had a strange status line in the middle of the night, which she shared on her personal page with hidden content. Specifically, Nam Em wrote specifically to those who did not like her, day and night looking for ways to bring down and "destroy" the beauty. Accordingly, Nam Em said: "At a certain stage, I only feel sorry for those who curse at me. And even want to exterminate me. Maybe they really have a lot of suffering and pain inside them. If the loss of such heavy words is enough to make people feel more peaceful, then I am very happy. If not, is it worth it to let go of harsh words, hurting yourself and those around you? ?"

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 6

At the end of the article, Nam Em further emphasized, affirming that she would still be willing to forgive those who hurt her. Because maybe they are just looking for a way to satisfy their anger, not caring and knowing a pile of broken souls inside.

Nam Em's statement quickly received a lot of attention. Most of the audience understands that maybe the beauty is directly referring to the anti fans. Those who were always waiting, watching me to knock down, cursed her. Many people who read these lines are also extremely empathetic. Given that perhaps Nam Em has suffered a lot of resentment in the past, so it is only now that he is angry to speak up.

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 7

Fans also left many comforting words, hoping Nam Em should not think and worry too much about negative things. Just focus on work and more specifically, have more quality music projects sent to the audience.

Nam Em said strangely in the middle of the night: "Pity those who are trying to destroy me, a pile of broken souls" - Photo 8

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