Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless

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The recent image of Nam Em has many fans worried and lamented. Her b.ody is much thinner than before with bruises, revealing an alarming state of health.

Recently, Nam Em posted a series of photos and made the online community worried. Accordingly, she shared frames of bruised photos with bruises. Not only that, Nam Em also feels very helpless when he is not recognized by everyone: "Like this, it is also called trying not to try. When will it be noted".

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 1

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 2

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 3

Although it is not clear what kind of health condition Nam Em actually has, many fans left encouraging comments: " Looking too sick to eat and drink so much loves you", "Just try your best. Don't care what others say", "We always acknowledge your efforts, be strong on you, I always support you"......

Nam Em is one of the beauties with many impressive achievements at domestic and foreign beauty contests. Popular arenas such as Miss Mekong Delta 2015, Miss Universe 2015, Miss Earth 2016 all have the imprint of the beauty born in 1996. In particular, the title of Top 8 Miss Earth 2016 became a milestone to help her beauty conquer and impress the public.

She not only participates in beauty pageants but also boldly tries her hand at acting and singing or TV shows such as Food Paradise, Thank You, Talent Challenge, Mysterious Man, Spring Smile...

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 4

Recently, Nam Em has often appeared at many events and fashion shows with her twin sister Le Nam. Besides, the sisters Le Nam - Nam Em are two faces loved by cult designers when choosing models to appear on the runway.

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 5

In addition to the beauty titles achieved, the name Nam Em is also associated with many non-emotional markets. In the past, the fuss with Changjiang made the queen receive an unsympathetic view from the public. Recently, the love questions with Bach Cong Khanh have also made Nam Em receive many eyeballs.

Not long ago, the beauty received great attention when she publicly announced that she had found a "berth" in her life. She chooses to keep her other half's identity private so that she can be happy in peace.

She said: "Surely everyone understands that after so many turbulences, what I look for is peace. I've found my berth! But I beg permission not to make my man public, I hope people will help because I don't want to get into more problems. From there, I can protect my family's happiness, as well as continue my artistic activities. Having both at the same time and having to protect work and family at the same time is really hard to fulfill."

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 6

A few days earlier, Nam Em made headlines when he denied having an affair with Bach Cong Khanh. Accordingly, Miss Miss is upset when she has publicly had a lover but is still deliberately attributed to romance by others. She and the singer used to be an extremely good duo on many stages. However, the two encountered many troubles affecting their private lives after being enthusiastically "pushed the boat" by the audience.

It is known that Nam Em has faced many diseases from depression to hypokalemia syndrome that greatly affect his health. People suffering from this syndrome have low levels of potassium in their b.lood, which prevents muscles and nerves from functioning normally.

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 7

After spending time in hiding due to her health, she received special love from the audience. Currently, she is always trying to prove that she wants to move away from scandal and focus on her passion for music.

After turning to singing, Nam Em has an increasingly stable career, enthusiastically supported by the audience. In particular, people also gave Nam Em valuable gifts. In particular, there can be mentioned a series of bouquets made of m.oney that are very valuable and enough to make many people admire.

Nam Em caused anxiety with his bruised b.ody, many bruises on his b.ody, complaining, helpless - Photo 8

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