Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried"

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Miss, Singer Nam Em has just had interesting shares, revealing that she is not close to anyone in showbiz, all of them "take care of themselves", making everyone's heart flutter.

Nam Em is an artist's face that has always received a lot of attention and attention from the audience recently. Starting from a beautiful woman, when she was crowned Miss Mekong Delta 2015 and represented Vietnam in Miss Earth 2016. The name Nam Em at that time was considered one of the characters. caused explosion and received a lot of love.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 1

Up to now, after spending nearly a decade rolling in showbiz, the name Nam Em is still a lot of people's attention and love. Especially when she started moving into the singing field. Thanks to her sweet, endowed voice, Nam Em is now an extremely expensive female singer at the tea room stages, where the audience comes to enjoy and more importantly, the singing part is more than the visual part. The beauty's vocal technique is also highly appreciated, which is understandable when Nam Em used to have time to study in a military art school.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 2

Despite having a career that has left a lot of buzz, Nam Em's private life is extremely complicated, especially in love affairs. The biggest noise in her career, it is impossible not to mention the love story with comedian Truong Giang. At that time, there were many conflicting opinions, but most of them focused on her, because Nam Em was the one who was trying to separate and break the happiness of Truong Giang and Nha Phuong.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 3

After the drama that year, Nam Em's name and career seemed to go downhill. She gradually retreated into hiding and rarely appeared in public. Nam Em's health was also severely weakened, mentally unstable when she said that she had experienced a period of depression, or had low b.lood sugar every time she worked too hard. In the past few years, returning with a new voice has made her name gradually go up again.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 4

Nam Em is also considered one of the queens of showbiz, when every statement of a beautiful woman causes fierce controversy, creating a big wave of criticism for the audience. The most recent uproar that Nam Em has been involved in is with her musical lover - male artist Bach Cong Khanh. The smoldering story lasted for many months, causing the names of both to encounter many ups and downs.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 5

Accordingly, in an interview with the media, Nam Em casually said that she had feelings for Bach Cong Khanh and wanted to find a boyfriend with the same model as the male artist. However, on Bach Cong Khanh's side, he flatly refused and affirmed that he only considered Nam Em as friends and colleagues, working together only for work. This noise also caused a lot of controversy on social networks, leading to that, both Nam Em and Bach Cong Khanh gradually lost their interaction, no longer singing together on stage.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 6

It can be seen that Nam Em's career has never been called flat. Many viewers also made comments, saying that with these things, it is rare to see Nam Em having close friends in showbiz, unlike other artists, usually there will be a friend who is all famous to play together. . Recently, appearing in an exchange talkshow, Nam Em also had a frank sharing on this issue.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 7

Specifically, she identifies herself as a person with few friends, almost no one in showbiz. Confiding to the media, Nam Em said: "I am not close to anyone in the profession, everyone is worried, but I am quite satisfied and think it is beautiful. But in the future, I think if there is a certain team, or there are friends in showbiz who share the same frequency with me, I think my life will be more sublimated.Those who share the same frequency but also do art, talking will suit their taste and fun. life experience will also become richer."

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 8

The beauty of Tien Giang origin also mentioned a single relative in her showbiz, which is Nam Anh. However, she said it was a family member, as her twin sister, it was not correct to say that it was a close friend.

It can be seen that with Nam Em's sharing, the audience also understood and recognized the problem, answered questions about the fact that beautiful people often do not have friends and rarely appear to hang out with other artists in showbiz. However, with such a life, many fans also rate it as good, because Nam Em is an artist who is often involved in marketing, so having few friends is also an opportunity to help her stay away from unnecessary noise.

Nam Em made a shocking statement about the two words "friendship" in showbiz: "Everybody's worried" - Photo 9

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