Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of "stabbing in the back", boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention

Quỳnh QuỳnhDec 02, 2023 at 13:54

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Nam Em is the name most mentioned in recent days because of the noise in private life. The romance with her boyfriend has not settled, Nam Em again denounced FC Bach Cong Khanh, and at the same time declared that no one would "harm" her fiancé.

Over the past few days, Nam Em has attracted attention from the public by constantly sharing private stories. After publicly portraying her fiancé, this beauty was met with mixed reactions from the audience. Soon after, to keep themselves safe, the couple announced that they would return to a private life instead of sharing their feelings on social media. She thought Nam Em's private story would quietly close like that, but yesterday she suddenly posted a series of articles telling how she was being "foul played".

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 1

Specifically, on the night of 1/12, Nam Em suddenly posted that he was harmed by 1 antifan who played badly, sent food but contained dirt. At dawn on December 2, Nam Em also called Bach Cong Khanh's FC name into the story, with extremely harsh content: "This time I will not hold back anymore. I wanted Bach Gongqing's FC side to draw with the quarters. But your side deliberately wanted to stab me in the back."

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 2

After Nam Em spoke out, her boyfriend also made a lengthy post on social media. He said he was ready to receive netizen. "As c.razy as we are, we expect you to go c.razy so that life won't be tiring. Remember that the past I spoke about before. Now you slander, color more comfortably, dirty I still play," her future husband shared. However, netizens can no longer find the post on his personal page.

Until recently, the Tien Giang beauty also revealed that her boyfriend has also been harmed. Nam Em wrote: "You guys play me, I can stop and skip it. You put the medicine in your vegetarian noodles, acute d.iarrhea is life-threatening. Whatever you have, I won't spare you, m.urder must pay for your life..." In addition, she posted a picture of taking her boyfriend to the emergency room, and said: " Love you, I will find the person behind this..."

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 3

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 4

A series of events happened to Nam Em, making her extremely frustrated. In the stories, she even pointed out that the person behind this whole foul play is the FC of singer Bach Cong Khanh. Nam Em vowed to ask the law to intervene to find justice for himself.

The beauty said that from now on she is not afraid but will stand up to protect herself and her loved ones. The fact that Nam Em suddenly mentioned Bai Gongqing in this "drama" made the matter even more confusing. The two used to be a good couple on the music stage, even at one point they were "pushing the boat" because they were beautiful couples. Currently, netizens are still waiting for the next developments of the story related to Nam Em this time.

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 5

In recent days, Nam Em and her future husband have continuously made moves that caused a stir on social networks. From the fact that her future husband posted about Nam Em's disappearance, until the beauty turned single on her personal page. Thinking that she had ended the affair, a few days later Nam Em came out to defend her future husband in the face of noise about his private life. The series of moves of Nam Em and her future husband made the public somewhat bored.

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 6

Nam Em was in the Top 8 of Miss Earth 2016. She possesses good looks and recently made headlines when she turned to singing. Besides, the personal life, especially the love of the beauty, has many times caused a stir in the online community.

Nam Em accused Bach Cong Khanh of s.tabbing in the back, boyfriend endangered his life, thanks to law intervention - Photo 7

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