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Xie Hien revealed himself after the 'first d.eath', regretting not having Zhang Cezhi

Thư Kỳ10:30:10 06/09/2023
The image of Xie Hien exposed in public after the news that actor Shen Bai had a stroke admitted to the emergency hospital made netizens breathe a sigh of relief. At the same time, Ta Hien also revealed about her two daughters-in-law.

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Ta Dinh Phong fainted at Xie Hien's hospital bedside, revealing his relationship with Cecilia Zhang

Thư Kỳ16:11:03 23/08/2023
After his biological father was hospitalized for treatment for a stroke, Ta Dinh Phong was deeply shocked, knelt by the hospital bed, cried because he felt that he was not worried and cared about Ta Hien, which touched many people.

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Truong Ba Chi suddenly made a move before rumors of love with 'father-in-law' Ta Hien

Thư Kỳ10:19:36 04/10/2022
In the face of false rumors about openly falling in love with veteran actor Ta Hien's father-in-law, recently the actress "King of Comedy" suddenly made a new move that surprised many people. On September 30, the Hong Kong media suddenly exploded when it was revealed that Truong...

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Ta Hien sighed, waiting to die in the last days of his life, Tse indifferently said a heartbreaking sentence

Yang Mi15:43:43 14/12/2021
It is very rare to talk about his father Ta Hien, but recently Ta Dinh Phong has shared a lot about him and his past for the first time. Recently, in the program Because we are friends , Nicholas Tse and Dung To Nhi, Twins group (Chung Han Dong - Trac Thai Nghien) had...

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