Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage

Phong TrầnMay 18, 2024 at 16:51

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After a broken marriage with businessman Buu Loc, Nhat Kim Anh focused on his business path. Occasionally, the star of the movie Net of Heaven returns to Can Tho to visit her son, who is staying with her ex-husband and paternal family.

Recently, in a talk show, Nhat Kim Anh shared about her broken marriage. Accordingly, she admitted that she regretted not having a perfect family.

"What I also regret a bit is that I don't have a complete family with my husband and son. But I think I will gradually find a strong shoulder for myself." , Nhat Kim Anh shared, and rarely mentioned her ex-husband.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 1

Nhat Kim Anh said that currently she feels satisfied with everything she has, "even though she is not famous, is a very h.ot actress or singer, or has a very successful career."

"But when you're in a position like this, that person has to be a head older than you, or that person has to be something small in your heart.

That means tall must be completely tall, short must be completely low, but not equal to you. That's what makes it difficult for me to find a common ground, a happy family," Nhat Kim Anh stated his opinion on choosing the next "partner" after a broken marriage.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 2

Before opening up about her criteria for choosing a boyfriend, Nhat Kim Anh once attracted attention when there were romance rumors with TiTi (HKT). The couple has been together for a long time in life and work.

However, at the end of April, TiTi held a wedding ceremony in her hometown and Nhat Kim Anh was not present.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 3

Nhat Kim Anh and businessman Buu Loc got married in 2014. After a few years of living together, they both decided to go their separate ways. After the divorce, Nhat Kim Anh and her ex-husband went through 2 years of litigation over c.hild custody, "fighting" each other many times.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 4

At the end of March 2021, Nhat Kim Anh fans happily announced that they had won custody of their son. However, the actress still lets her husband take care of her c.hild and always finds ways to nurture the c.hild's affection, often returning to Can Tho to visit the c.hild.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 5

After 5 years of divorce, Nhat Kim Anh and her ex-husband now have a peaceful private life and respect each other.

At the age of 39, Nhat Kim Anh said she prioritizes her career over love.

In addition to singing and acting, Nhat Kim Anh also runs a company specializing in beauty products and functional foods.

Nhat Kim Anh's real name is Do Thi Kim Hue, born in 1985, in Thanh Hoa. She was born into a poor family and had a difficult childhood.

At the age of 13, Nhat Kim Anh went to Saigon to work as a maid and was accidentally discovered and trained by a vocal teacher. At the age of 16, Nhat Kim Anh started singing backup at music venues in the city and gradually became loved and accepted by the audience.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 6

Besides her singing career, Nhat Kim Anh was also invited to act in movies. She left an impression through the movies: Long Thanh holds a fake song, 39 degrees of love, Trap - the devil's breath, Sow the wind, Thunder in the rain...

After her failed marriage, Nhat Kim Anh revealed that she has not yet entered a new relationship. She confided : "I've already fallen once and I don't want to fall again, so I'll just take it slow. When fate comes, I can't stop it in time, I can't run away."

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 7

The actress "Thunder in the Rain" also said that the man of her dreams is someone who loves her family, understands Buddhism, has a compassionate heart, and is loyal. Nhat Kim Anh does not care about appearance because she lives by her emotions.

Besides, she also doesn't put much emphasis on her lover's assets: "Kim Anh herself has been independent since childhood and made her own m.oney, so she doesn't care about her neighbor's assets."

Nhat Kim Anh confided that her current concern is trying to make up for her son. She takes advantage of every opportunity to be close to her children.

Nhat Kim Anh rarely mentioned her ex-husband, regretting the broken marriage - Photo 8

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